Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Size Matters...2/7

From some avid readers:
Did anyone really look at that picture in the Snooze?

Dick looks like he was ready to take a bite out of something...

And Hud looks like he's ready to deliver...but maternity is on the North Campus.

Too bad we don't do hair transplants, 'cause Huddie looks like a before shot for Hair Club for Men.

Why is it that most of the people that Hud hires are short? Maybe he has that short-man syndrome, or Napoleon complex. Can't stand to have someone towering over him.

Maybe Hud came to Texas to feel larger, think Geico Insurance commercial--even geckos feel taller!


Anonymous said...

I suppose all blogs are suseptible to the temptation of devolving down into personal attacks upon people that are perceived as the cause of the "problems" that spawned the blog in the first place.I am just as sure that that is a shure fire way to render them less effective in promulgating the changes that are needed to make progress toward solutions. Many people are turned off by the recent tone of this blog and have stopped reading. This is non productive and; although it may get some anger off your chest, it will do nothing productive. If the info promulgated here is truth and takes the high road toward solving the critical dellimma that we find ourselves in ; its worth printing.Otherwise it only leads to making this site another hatefilled tirade.Thats just my opinion,and I would like to see E$$ent out of town worse than anyone.

fac_p said...

A lot of comments come my way, and some I publish, some I don't. There was enough in the backlog to do a post.

As to MY personal feelings towards him, I have no real anomosity...well, almost none.

Mine is more directed towards the attitude: We're from the CORPORATE HEADQUARTERS and WE KNOW WHAT'S BEST FOR YOU, now stay quiet and let us steamroll your healthcare system.

I couldn't care if they brought in Boy George or Twiggy.

What I would like is credit given for what has gone before: Presby management was urban orientated, and had the same effect on the physicians as Essent has had on the staff and physicians. The only difference is that they are currently the only game in town.

That's why both are leaving, and taking the patients with them.

Anonymous said...

The picture taken by the Snooze is supposed to make us believe these is no more than two good ol' boys goin' fer a stroll on th' propitty, tawkin' 'bout how ta git this here hospital a-runnin'.

Smoke, mirrors and BS, presented by the Snooze and Essent. Nice clean hallway, mirror-clear freshly-waxed floor, no evidence of patient care in the hallway whatsoever.

I'm not saying PRMC is a dump at all- on a busy floor, you'll have linen carts, med carts, etc. in the hallways as nurses go about the business of taking care of patients. Not in this sterile picture- perhaps it reflects a decreased census..........?

Their height, weight, etc (or lack thereof) concerns me not. What matters more is how qualified are the big cheeses toward patient care.

I don't see any of that in the picture, either.

Unless these two gentlemen were wearing scrubs, they couldn't look more ridiculous-think the long-ago picture of Michael Dukakis in a tank in the 1988 Presidential campaign.

Sorry boys, you may fool the Snooze, and you may bamboozle those who don't know any better, but you aren't fooling us......

Anonymous said...

I talked with a pt. yesterday who had day surgery in Tyler the day before.

She loved the orthopods here, but she went there, because she had some other health issues that could have landed her in the hospital for a few days.

She did not want to be at this hospital. Essent is not going to be able to get around the bad PR here--no matter what it shows in the paper.

No one seems to be working with them on this situation. It's hard to work with them, when they have worked against us for so long.

The knife wound in my back has healed, but the scar still hurts every now and then. I don't plan to give them the chance to do it again, but I do worry about the healthcare in this town.

The effects of no trust in our hospital, is devistating. It's bad for every health related business in town. When business gets bad enough, they will move out, and then what will happen?

Anonymous said...

The only shot they have at getting back any trust in this town, is to get back some of the old employees.

Statistically (and I hate stats)nursing is the most trusted proffession. Many of the trusted nurses are not in the hospital anymore.

I don't think that is possible to get these people back. The conditions at the hospital are bad enough under good circumstances. Long hours and other factors such as shift work, are hard enough on the body, but combined with the stress of not enough staff, no time to eat, no time to pee, etc.. it not only wears the mind, but the body will give out as well.

To get these nurses back to improve public relations, they would have to offer good money, better working conditions, with more staff, and saftey nets, (such as a pharmacy director)and I just don't think these people are going to fork out the money for a sinking ship.

No amount of pictures of CEO's in the paper, is going to help their situation. Pictures of nurses that the public trust, might. But only if they show the old ones coming back. It would show that they are trying to get back some of the top notch ones that they lost. It would show that they (the nurses)were putting trust back into the hospital.

I don't see it happening.

fac_p said...

Who ever comes in has a crack at bringing some of the 'seasoned' staff back, but they're going to have to show that there is a change...not only in attitude, but standards. What flies for care now wouldn't have cut it with the nuns.

The possiblity exists, but I can't see people moving back, just those that are commuting cutting their drive time.

I can see some of the nursing staff that has gone to working offices starting to pick up some part-time work, to test the waters. That should improve the off-shifts, and it would spread the word.

But it won't happen with Essent here.

Anonymous said...

I agree with what you are saying.

I don't think it would ever happen.

I don't think I would even test the waters right now. They do have one of the best nurses I have ever worked with back in ICU right now, I believe either part time or prn. (She's a brave soul)

You know, its not really hard to know where to find the good nurses. They are the ones who do twice as many CEU's as they need for their license. They are the ones who cared enough to get certified in their field, (even when they didn't get paid for it), and they are the ones who don't mind getting elbow deep in shit, if it makes their patients feel better.

Anonymous said...

How about Richard Salerno's most recent comment that, "most hospitals don't give their employees annual raises". Tell ya what Richy Rich; don't give raises and watch your understaffed hospital become more understaffed. Apparently you don't learn very well. Look at the history of this hospital, and what has happened with the staff due in part to no raises being given to most employees and insubstantial raises given to the rest. Hope you like travelers.

Anonymous said...

So what is the deal with all of the cath lab employees leaving? How stupid can this place be? First they run off xray. Good bye cash cow. Now they are gonna lose all of their cath lab employees. Good bye cash cow number two. How stupid and incompetent do you have to be to run off two of your biggest money makers? These guys are supposed to be for profit right?

Anonymous said...

Right, Dick, they give merit raises, based on an annual evaluation. However, you should, based on the crap we put up with on an annual, quarterly, monthly, weekly, daily, and hourly basis from this system.

Maybe, Dick, it's because you're basing it on your experience...now how much did your last hospital lose per year? Ahhhh, yes, and there was ARCON, now wasn't there.

This hospital made money. We were told when Essent came on board that if we hung in there, and if the company made money, we would as well...unless things aren't so rosey in Nashville. Could it be another ARCON? Maybe they brought you in to sing....frank

Anonymous said...

What happend in the cath lab?

Anonymous said...

11:00 PM,

I am a traveler, and I woulnd't work at PRMC for love or money as long as E$$ent is ruining-oops sorry, I meant running- things. I know how lousy things have become there, and wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy.

News about certain facilities travels fast on the travelers' grapevine. Don't matter if it's good or bad. ANd if there are any travelers whose agencies may be about to assign you here, and you're reading this blog, all I can tell you is this- unless you like beaucoup bullcrap, steer way clear- shoot, lay off a few weeks extra.

I can't talk about how travelers are treated by the PRMC home guard (if they're treated shabby, shame on them), but the garbage coming from Nashville via Big Dick ain't worth the pain.

Anonymous said...

Wonder if Tricky Dick gives himself an annual raise?

Anonymous said...

Ill bet dick does give himself an annual raise. Its paid for by not giving anyone else one.

Anonymous said...

Hey, it's not a bad deal to be able to give yourself a raise. I did it last year. I said, self, do you want a raise, and self said yes--I do.

I couldn't do that when I worked for Essent. Good things can happen when you leave.

But, on the other hand--there are the pts, who need a hospital.

There are people who need good doctors, with a good place to practice. People who need good nurses. I'm hearing horror story after horror story from patients.

What are we going to do? Is there anything that we can do? Any ideas to brainstorm? Anything we say will be seen by administration.

Anonymous said...

Very interesting. Look at the pic> "Good ol boy" has a drink in his hand. Isnt that grounds for termination since staff can be fired for having a drink on the floor? Guess that only counts for staff that actually works huh.

Anonymous said...

To 6:07 PM

Yes there is something we can do. We can keep going out into the community and telling the truth about Essent. We can keep encourouging people to go to Dallas, or Tyler, or anywhere else. We can keep letting our community know that we take our own families to hospitals outside of Paris. We can keep hitting Essent in their pocketbook by doing this. People will continue to believe us because we work for essent and the public trusts us when we tell them not to come to the hospital that we work at. We need to keep letting people know that if they come to PRMC they will get poor health care. Go anywhere but Paris!!! Hell I would rather take my family to Bonham or Clarksville and that is sad.

P.S. If you HAVE TO go to the ER here and you need to be admitted. You have the right under federal law to request transfer to another facility while still in the ER and they must call other hospitals and try to find a doc that will accept you. Dont be bullied dont let your family be sent upstairs to a room for the wait. Once youre admitted your options are much more limited. Dont let that happen. Refuse to be admitted and refuse to leave the ER until they find a doc at another facility to accept your case and transfer you there. Trust me I know from experience.

Anonymous said...


Welcome to the world of double standards and selective enforcement. Do as I say, not as I do- that doesn't cut it.

Not an effective way to get the best out of your employees

Anonymous said...

I guess you don't have to wear a name tag either if you get high enough up the ladder.

I wouldn't wear one if I were in their shoes either. I would be afraid of being identified. Maybe a little ashamed of letting things get so bad. Afraid of the postal employee, and who knows--there may be someone who doesn't know who they are- and they can catch someone else with a drink in their hand and give them the axe, to increase their profit margin.

Anonymous said...

A word to the Anonymous 'promulgater'. Lay off the early morning talk shows before you have you have a 'webster' hemmorhage or worse...you might just go into one of them thar TIRADES! The 'tards are us' squad is out in full force.

Anonymous said...

Well personally, any person that I've known, given care to, etc that asks, I let them know quickly NOT to go to PRMC! I vehemently suggest they take themselves and/or their family members to OTHER more reputable healthcare facilities. And also let them know that they have the RIGHT to request transfer and hold to their guns on that same request. Be it a hospital or doctor, they provide us with a SERVICE, and if that same SERVICE is shoddy, you have the right to question it, refuse it, go elsewhere to acquire quality for the price you pay. The day of being in "awe" of a physician or hospital is over, more and more, both entities are expected to be answerable...........and there is much to answer for here in Paris!