Friday, February 02, 2007

Jersey Devil?......2/15

Hammonton, NJ is the next target. The Kessler Memorial Hospital has been losing $60,000 per month in their dialysis center, which, in comparison to some of the Essent attempts, doesn't seem that much. The forclosure hearing of their center is scheduled for Feb 13th, possibly taking a facility valued at $733,000 out of play.

But, they're getting ready to close...the hospital filing for bankruptcy in September...and have to make some serious decisions. One would hope that of the three other suitors, one would be a better choice.

Someone from Cherry Hill, NJ has been keeping an eye on the blog, but who knows, they might be from Essent. In any case, the fix-ups in the hospital were for a dog-and-pony show. Personally, I'm just looking for the pony.

Some news articles:

Seeks relief....

Undisclosed suitors....

Increased useage of facilities....


Anonymous said...

Yeah, Hud probably is over qualified for the part--of Jersey Devil. Now he can earn his pitchfork.

CHS in this bidding war?

fac_p said...

One wonders what changed, because the previous year, they made $745,000. Cleaning bills? Who knows, but yeah, this is ripe for an acquisition. Too bad about the staff and what they'll have to endure. We already have.

For the folks from Hammonton that end up here, peruse all you want, you'll find that Essent is handing out apples in the Garden of Eden....frank

Anonymous said...

OMG Frank!

E$$ent makes the REPTILE look good!

Anonymous said...


I know the joke you refer to, and I think it's a funny one.

However, methinks you're thinking about the wrong species. Horses don't put out bull****......

(sorry, couldn't resist, lol)

I'll shut up & help you look for the pony now.... :)

fac_p said...

The bank sounds like a real gem--they want to forclose on the dialysis center facility, but make the operation move someplace continue their loss (and increase it? Have to lease more space....)

Hud's cousin, maybe???

Anonymous said...

I about fell over when I read the blog. That hospital is just a stones-throw from where I'm from (Vineland.)

You poor SOBs if you get this group in. You had reservations about it the way it is now? --just wait! It gets worse.

With this group from Nashville, it's their way or the highway. I highway'd. Two and a half years between raises, and I got more from the hospital I went to during probation than I did for the raise.

Equipment maintenance is pitiful, management is poor (but they think their God's Gift to healthcare), and they have about as much reguard for staff as the mud on their shoes. They don't listen to anyone.

If there is a hospital board that's part of the decision, get in touch with them, 'cause you don't want these ridge-runners in your hospital!

Anonymous said...

Well, if the story reflects an offer that Essent has made, they might get it by default.

Apparently, there is only one offer to consider, and that's for a hospital that has lost $4Mil since filing for bankruptcy in Sept.

The folks that work there are about to lose their healthcare benefits because the hospital hasn't paid the insurer.

Which is better: Going through what we've seen in the last few years or being unemployed....let me think....frank