Wednesday, January 03, 2007


Austin Craun and Greg Schonert may be looking outside the healthcare industry. Rumor mill has Black River Capital interested in the boys. Both had REIT experience prior to Essent, so it isn't too great a it?

Zurich American Insurance has been looking at our Northeastern brethern.

Partners Healthcare Systems Inc and one other has been checking out Dr. Rimas Maurukas. Is he looking for a new affiliation? One would hope that they would be a bit wary, as the investigative process hasn't ended.

I have no idea why so many folks from so many countries are searching for the same string of items: "Paris Essent Hud". But, I've had hits from Estonia, Iran, Vietnam, Korea, USSR, and a great number from the 'west' as well. Someone must be passing around an email that has to be titilating.

Oh, and Vestar Capital has been checking us out. That probably means that Essent burns the midnight oil trying to do a risk analysis...hey guys, it's all at risk!


Anonymous said...

Hmmm, perhaps the aforementioned countries have taken an interest in Hud & Buds and will offer them a position governing their healthcare systems. Not likely, unfortunately, I'm sure Hud knows that some of these countries still practice straightforward punishment for crimes such as thievery, and deception. Of course severing an hand or a tongue might be a deterrent for Hud's brand of despotism.

Anonymous said...

Greg and Austin might be thinking that they are in charge of developing new investment opportunities...and all they get is their noses rubbed in it, with two failures. Come on guys, Baylor is just there for the taking!