Saturday, January 06, 2007

Moving Out...3/10/11

Well, there are two moves happening this weekend:

  • Knizley out of his office

  • Richard out of Hud's house (how long has he been staying there, anyway, and did they carpool?) and on to Paris.

It wasn't as if this move was a secret--except for those in Paris.

Now, on to the search for a real CEO. I imagine that the timetable has been moved up a bit, but it's all good. Just read Hud's letter.

That must have been a scramble, in fact it was...don't you just hate to be scooped? By 16 hours, by my count. The letter from Hud extolled the virtues of outgoing and incoming CEOs, I guess Knizley's wife just had enough...but maybe she didn't know either??? I guess it's better to resign than be fired, even as you're being walked to the door....

Hey, even Vestar Capital Partners is getting concerned...about time! That call was a doozy!


fac_p said...

If Drew quit, without prospects, maybe he was showing character and saying goodbye to Essent....nah.

I'm for the model that Hud was canning him because he couldn't keep Paris under control.

Locum doctors, now a locum CEO, when does it get better???? frank

Anonymous said...

Help me understand this:

In a letter, Hud claims "Andrew Knizley has resigned from Paris Regional Medical Center to pursue other career interests."

Quoted in the Paris News he says "Knizley does not have his next job lined up yet."

What are we to believe from Hud. The statements above are not consistent with each other.

Oh well, who cares about little "inconsistencies" anyway.

If it was my capital, I'd put a leash on Hud.

Anonymous said...

There is no way Andrew resigned. He wouldn't have bought the big house, or recruited Hashmi and Salas. They have to feel as if the rugs been pulled out from under them.

Anonymous said...

As if no one saw this coming...duh?! What did Andrew do for you(PRMC)? He did a lot of window dressing and left policy and procedure to Cheryl Perry,head of HR. That's it. He didn't do a thing about the MASSIVE loss of revenue in radiology,nothing for out dated equipment,failed to see the difference between seasoned nurses and students,and with the decrease in patient volume,obviously he didn't listen to patients or family members about the level/quality of care that was received at our hospital.
So,good riddance! Just because Andrew and Cheryl knew which end of the pencil to stick into the pencil sharpener, that did not make them quality managers. As for the 'Perry''s pick and choose as to who has to own up to her version of hosital standards. That is one reason why she needs to be gone! This facility(PRMC) takes care of families. Consequently, we need to be a family. Not a bunch of individuals with his or HER own game plan. As soon as everybody gets on the same page, maybe we can start to do some serious damage control.
And this is why we have this blogspot boys and girls....To try and let someone know that there is no leadership at PRMC,effective or otherwise. As a consequence,the community suffers,patients suffer,employees suffer,indeed the whole medical community suffers.

Anonymous said...

Hud, if you want to perform seppuku, I'll be your second, if I can make it in line before Andy....

Anonymous said...

Hud thinks seppuku is a brand of Japanese

Oh yes, that "to pursue other career interests" line by Dud? That's corporatespeak for "get your resume out to as many places as possible and pray like hell you get a job soon".

Anonymous said...

Ya know, a lot has been said about the woes in nursing and radiology- what about some of the other departments, say laboratory and respiratory therapy? Both have stakes in patient care as well. I wonder if their departments are suffering from the same malaise as the rest of the hospital? I've alread had a couple of lab techs there contact me about the advantages of working for a travel healthcare agency.

It kills me to see folks who have worked thjeir entire lives in healthcare in Paris and who have deep roots in the community have to deal with the mess that palce has become.

Anonymous said...

For everything Andrew put people through here, I hope it comes back to him tenfold. It is deserved. And with regards to Perry, she has well earned the same fate in my opinion. Perry hopefully will experience the true job market here in Paris, and it can't happen soon enough for me! Hope you're reading this Cheryl, your fifteen minutes of fame is here, and don't think anyone will let off on ya' honey! Your Hud's next problem, you are to visible and create too many comments. So hang on to your pantyhose Babe, you won't see it coming!

Anonymous said...

The Paris News
Knizley's resignation closes chapter

Published January 8, 2007

The departure of Paris Regional Medical Center chief executive officer Andrew Knizley closes a transitional chapter for the hospital.

Knizley came to Paris not long after the hospital was purchased by Essent Healthcare. Essent assumed control of the facilities in December 2003.

In one of his first public speeches, Knizley told members of the Paris Rotary Club in July 2004 he hoped to make PRMC a highly rated facility that listened to its employees and made patients its No. 1 concern.

Reaching those goals is a "taxing, emotionally draining task," Essent president and chief executive officer W. Hudson Connery Jr. said after Knizley's resignation.

"It's very hard on a family," he added. "This community is better today in its health care than it was prior to Andrew's arrival."
What has Hud been smokin? Patients and employees #1? No, thats Hud's pocketbook.

"The community is better in its health care than it was prior to Andrew's arrival..." Yeah, right, maybe in Huds world. Its obvious he has never been a patient or an employee at PRMC. Health care is the worst it has ever been!

Bring back the Sisters!

Anonymous said...

Not to change the subject, but I've heard talk of declining census at PRMC. Does anybody have a handle on numbers- that is, the average census before E$$ent, and the census today.

I'm not one of the Hud-lovers, nor do I care for the present situation at PRMC. I'm just curious...a realistic number would be nice.

Anonymous said...

Another thought- with the manure being spread by the late Andy and Dud, has Baghdad Bob, the former Iraqi Information Minister, been hired by E$$ent? Sure sounds like it............

Anonymous said...

Regarding the census, under Christus we averaged about 50-60% capacity in off season, and upto 90% in the winter season.... I used to run those reports every morning for several years.

Anonymous said...

Hey 12:51,
Id say frank beat you to it. lol

Anonymous said...

Cheryl Perry was about as useful as windshield wipers on a goats butt.

Anonymous said...

Andrew is
My dad ,
He quit so we could move away

Anonymous said...

Hashmi and salas and my dad are still friends

fac_p said...

Sorry, but the news was published both on the blog and in Nashville before your dad knew. I knew it was happening three days before that.