Friday, January 26, 2007

Who Would You Like?...2/28

Time for proactive measures. In each of the acquisitions, Essent has sat back like a big spider, waiting for someone to dangle a morsel in front of it. Most if not all of the hospitals that Essent has tried for have hired firms to search for buyers. Why not get ahead of the Hud some time (and shorten our association as much as possible!)

My proposal is that we limit comments (no, "Anyone but Essent" spikes) to those from former employees that have gone elsewhere, employees that wish they were with a former employer, or patients that have had a good experience(s) at other hospitals.

This might not have an application, now, but it could prove useful in a sale/bankruptcy situation. Look what happened the last time with nothing to go on.

I'll even entertain comments from employees of hospitals that are in acquisition mode, that are not former PRMC employees, if they discuss why they feel their hospital is a good place to work.

If we do get to the situation, we can trot out the list and ask for the negatives. Right now, go positive, folks!

If we have been bought, it would be interesting to see where on the list the new owners are....


Anonymous said...

East Texas Medical Center is a good place to work if you have the right CEO, and DON in place.

With the networks that are in place we would have the possibility to improve health care, expand on services. They do put money into the trauma system.

I'm not a financial wizard of any means, but it would make sence for them to be interested in us due to location alone.

Anonymous said...

I used to work for SJHHC/CSJMC/PRMC. Now I'm at Greenville Presbyterian. There is no chance of this hospital being the purchaser, since it is actually Hunt County Hospital District. Presby is the buying group and affiliation which gives us a lot of benefits, but independent of their management.

What I've seen so far is a totally different approach to everything. They LIKE people. You can tell that from the getgo.

Some of the equipment is of the same age as PRMC, but it was MAINTAINED, and HIGH QUALITY when purchased. As things wear out, they are replaced. Novel idea. We just got a 64-slice CT scanner and they are in the midst of a real building program.

The attitude of management is that they are there for you. There was recently a change in one of the investment portfolios in the retirement package--they put out an email to EVERYONE, explaining the change, why, and alternatives.

If something is broken, they FIX it, process, equipment, whatever.

And, they give bonuses.

I waited two and a half years for a PRMC raise, I had more of a raise in the first two months at Greenville.

Everyone that I see that used to work at PRMC looks a lot happier down there. I'd wish that for my former co-workers.

Anonymous said...

I Agree with the first poster ETMC is a good place to work. They are all about patient care, and they give you the tools needed to do your job. I have never noticed them to be hostile to an employee that did her job. Hell, if they bought the Paris hospital I would be glad work there.

RN said...

I am an RN with > 10 yrs experience. Once, while sick, I went to the PRMC ER. Ended up, I got so mad at their service & lack of concern, I told the doctor I was going to Clarksville to get help, which is what I did.

I know how the system works, and PRMC was unpleasantly falling short of the standard.