Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Cleaning Up??....9/6

A different perspective:

You have to wonder what is going on. Apparently they are cleaning the place up in Paris (the fountain even works!), over-staffing in non-critical areas (2 nurses for 3 patients in some areas) and even Ducks and the Connster were seen roaming the halls "inspecting" everything this last week. Looks a whole lot like a potential buyer is looking to view the place or else they are expecting a "surprise" inspection from a state agency.
I think I would go with the former.
Cleaning up, or ride-sharing....

Thursday, June 10, 2010

No News is Good News....7/4

Is Essent for sale? Maybe pieces of it. The Lowell Sun's article left a bit to interpretation. "...possible joint purchase (of the hospital) of some kind." could mean anything, including a management deal, or a trade out for the newly acquired facilities. But wasn't the one facility pledged on that loan????

Since the fall through of the Brown deal (number 4, wasn't it?), Essent's stock is probably at a new low--or would be if it was a publicly traded company. A pay
freeze for the third year doesn't indicate any good news, as well.

Time to use the motivational fairy....