Monday, January 29, 2007

Lights, Cameras, Action......2/26

When Essent spends an hour flipping through the blog pages in the afternoon, they're generally checking to see if I've guessed/discovered what is going to happen next...lousy tell, guys. Then Connie Murchison was slinking around north campus all weekend. "When she showed up on Saturday, we just figured, hey, spot check....but then she did a walk through on Sunday too...hmmm"

Could it be another dog-and-pony show? Columbia Healthcare checked the blog as well, but so did Christus, ETMC, and Hopkins County. Who knows, maybe the hospital is back in play...or maybe Essent is trying for another poor slob....

If so, the walk-through will probably be today or tomorrow. Anyone have connections at the motels? Hampton would be my guess. Or they'll bring them in early, blow and go, and all we'll see is seat-of-the-pants and elbows.

Well, if we see a single group of slightly bemused people that are dressed funny on a tour (at this point, anyone in the market for a buyer and considering Essent would have to be bereft of an internet connection, and slightly addled, hence the 'dressed funny'), then they're trying the Muskogee routine, again. Multiple groups--they're selling.

Hopefully their medical Chief of Staff has the same skepticism that Muskogee's had and does some calling outside the tour.


Anonymous said...

I don't really know how to say this without sounding like I'm having a pity party. I am having a pity party, but I'm wondering how many others feel the same way.

I've always been proud to be a nurse. I've taken pride in my work, and making people more comfortable, and doing what I could to make bad situations better.

I feel like there is not a branch of nursing now, that is not about DRG's, ICD 9 codes, and how to get the most money. Making pt's go home sick, and it won't be long until home health agencies are going to be letting go of their sick patients, or not picking them up because of poor prognosis, and that lovely evidence based practice.

They won't be reimbursed very well if they don't show an improvement, and let them go. If they get worse through the normal aging or disease process, stats will look bad and people will be shown these stats, and not choose your agency.

I feel like there is something that should be done on a higher level. I almost feel like the only way I can help pts. now, is to get into politics. Real politics (not the local stuff)!

I've watched technology explode, and health care implode in the last 15 years, and it just sickens me. I want the public to know what it is for the patient that leaves the hospital a few days after bypass surgery, with no family.

I want to show them how the almighty dollar has produced MRSA rampid due to lack of staff, and the same people taking care of infected patients, that are taking care of surgical patients.

I want the public to know the choices that we are forced to make, to put food on the table.

I want the public to know how much CEOs are paid for making decisions that affect all of our lives, and the choices that they are making that pad their pockets---it doesn't matter that it is killing our loved ones.

I want to personally meet the people who make the medicare decisions, and if they have a clue how people have to learn to work around their rules, to get money to keep hospitals running.

Ok, so maybe I'm being dramatic. But today, this is how I feel. I won't swear I'll feel this way tomorrow, but---does anybody just feel like you are riding the waves on this, and allowing it to happen?

Anonymous said...

Well the tell will be if housekeeping is given "new" Swifters to move around all that dirt, and then cover it with wax. Yep, sounds like a "dog & pony" show for sure. Ask if we are impressed, we've gotten so acclimated to E$$ents' and Hud's "dog and pony" shows, it's not funny. Little Man Hud needs a new game, and hopefully not here in Paris. His game's played out! Wish Burma Shave highway signs were still in vogue, love to plant a few of 'em along I20, I30, US82, etc, etc. All the way to TN!

fac_p said...

Okay, Radiology is getting a paint job, it must be true.

What's scarey is that they probably feel that takes care of all the upgrades they need to do.

Seems like I heard it bandied about in 2003 that they needed in the neighborhood of $6 Million in updates, not including that 64-slice CT they've been talking about.

With the ensuing three years, plus, they could probably round it up to about $9 Mil.

But, paint will be good, and if they take off the baseboards, they can paint the cockroaches as well.

Anonymous said...

Hmmmmm, yeah, paint seems to be the answer for many problems in both facilities for E$$ent. Their standby bandaid for all problems! But, paint is getting old Hud and Dickie................think you need some new material. Of course the moronic statement about "hospitals not giving raises" was sooooooo very E$$ent of you!

But, then again, parroting has always been a survival tactic for the inept.

Anonymous said...

I think that Hud & Dick have forgotten a minor detail- how to explain the empty beds a sharp-eyed tourist might spot if he or she is aware enough.

I'm not about to offer any suggestions here- let them figure that out for themselves.

Can you say "Potemkin Village"?

fac_p said...

Now it's getting funny...Essent is trying to avoid hitting the blog. Of course, when there's a hot-button item, there's three or four hospitals that are emailed about it. Huddie, you're too obvious....