Monday, January 01, 2007

Giving Thanks in the New Year...1/3

I received this e-mail the other day. I do spell check, and in some cases reformat as needed.

I never realized what all I had to be thankful for, until I started my new job. I was in shock when I was terminated from PRMC, having worked there for a number of years. You get into a rut, not wanting to make a change, and you find all sorts of reasons to not hop the fence. They made it for me. And, because I was there so long, I had no other history that a new employer would verify. The flighty might have an advantage.

I would say the main reason I got the job is recommendations that former co-workers had given me (they had wanted me to switch years ago, but I thought that things would 'get better') and they now worked here.

But, I was hired and immediately started seeing differences: They actually solicited my opinions! They were happy to see me! I was made to feel I had worth! And they checked back later, to see if during my initial time I had seen anything that they could do better---I was blown away. And the people were so darn cheerful, and so am I, in retrospect.

I see more and more people here that used to work at PRMC, and while I welcome those who join me, I worry about those that are left. Make the move before the move makes you!

There's at least one more of my fellow co-workers joining us, and the commute gets old, but maybe we'll start a Paris expatriate community.
(There would be several, I would imagine....frank)

Another, which was quite similar, gets added:

The expatriate mentioned in your newest article is me. I couldn’t have written a better explanation of how welcome I’ve been made to feel, and I haven’t even started my new job yet!! HR at PRMC could learn a thing or two about how to treat people.

Disclosure seems to be their forte rather than cloak & dagger politics. Not to mention department heads have exactly the same attitude. The motto seems to be “We want you, are extremely pleased you accepted the position and we are behind you 200 percent!” After trying to relearn how to live in the normal world, the attitude seemed unreal, and once again I am looking forward to working in a hospital atmosphere.

I grudgingly admit that PRMC put such a damper on my outlook of things, it was hard coming back from all of the disillusionment forced upon me by Essent's policies. I thought I had lost my desire or capability to function in that environment ever again.

But with the New Year, fresh starts do happen. As mentioned in the article, I was forced to leave as well, but not through blatant dismissal, it was more insidious, it was through position elimination and an offer to continue at a much lower level, all the time requesting that it would be appreciated if I would use my licensure for the benefit of the department. Certainly I should have no problem with that. How demeaning!

Pretty much the credo of a now ever present problem in Paris. I tried moving onto other things, but apparently, healthcare is in my genetic structure, not to be denied. I was terrified that I would not be able to land a job at any other healthcare provider, as the referrals, again, would only be through fellow co-workers and contacts made during my position at Essent. It truly was a worry on my part. However, happy endings do exist, as the position was offered and I was ecstatic over the prospect.

So I happily start my New Year, with a fresh and upbeat state of mind. Much engendered by a company and Administration that practices what they preach. I still hold a great deal of resentment over the state of affairs here in Paris, and probably will for a very long time. And I will fight to be the first in line to cheer Essent's departure. Hell, I’ll even learn to play drum cadences to help them march out of town! Again, thanks for a much needed vehicle for folks to voice their opinions and vent.

I have no problem in your use of this email, edit as you wish. At this point I would be willing to get a magnetic sign to put on my car extolling the virtues of Essent/PRMC, just not sure if I could get the print big enough! HA!

However, don’t use the name, I still have great friends that work there, and would be afraid Essent would vent on them as a result of my opinions. Truly a sad state of affairs!
Happy New Year, and please continue the blogsite, it is good for our souls!

This was sent by a blogger, which kind of represents our reaction towards PRMC:

I guess we r stuck hear with E$$ent!

The New Year has a tradition, that being resolutions. I hope this year Essent resolves to re-evaluate and move on--without us!


Anonymous said...

Hey Frank!
Lookin' good in the new year: Over 100,000 hits! Would be nice to see some more pics in the last post, but otherwise A++++++++.

will see what I can do....frank

Anonymous said...

As a fellow expatriate with good friends still at PRMC, I wish to commemorate my second year since being bum-rushed by Hud's drones. I've been in the healthcare field for 27 years, with 12 1/2 spent at McCusition and later the Christus and E$$ent mutation.

At first I thought being shoved out the door was awful, but over time I found out it was the best thing that could have happened to me. I'm presently working in a facility with folks who are appreciated, trusted, and given the stuff needed to do the job. We have problems, sure, but we don't have folks spying on us from smoke detectors or following policy derived from "Dilbert" or "Brave New World".

Lamar County, Texas and the surrounding area deserves much better than the mess Hud and his cast of idiots have given them. Hopefully 2007 will be the year this facility goes on the sale block and goes to someone who actually gives a rip about not only fine patient care, but employee care as well.

A big extended middle finger to Hud and all his supporters.....