Thursday, September 02, 2010

Making Like a Tree....2/16

Funny, as it was pointed out to me numerous times, how one day the Duck is being 'frog marched' to the door, with Essent saying the coup d'├ętat was now...and the next day, he has a month to pack his pencils....


To ensure a smooth transition of the hospital’s leadership, Dux will remain at PRMC until Oct. 1. At that time, current chief operating officer Bill Porter will assume the position of interim CEO.
...and then....

“He is telling his employees now,” Fox told The Paris News shortly before 10 a.m. today.

Bill Porter, PRMC’s current chief operating officer, will begin serving as interim CEO immediately.
Whoever writes the releases ought to learn the meaning and value of consistency.... Of course we hicks can't remember one day to the next, so why bother???
My question would be: Why, with all that time and effort to build a reputation in health care would a CEO of a hospital bail? ...and for an undisclosed endeavor???