Friday, October 02, 2009

Ya Wonder....2/11

By now most know that Essent is in the due-diligence phase of the Brown County General Hospital in Ohio. It is also noted that they didn't bring the commissioners to Paris....

I particularily liked the quote in The Ledger Independent:

"Essent will breathe new life into Brown County General Hospital," Edwards said.


Essent will also provide capital for facility and equipment enhancements and
proposed to invest "significant amounts of capital over the next three years to
include the construction of two new floors with approximately 50 private
inpatient rooms," according to a press release.

Wonder how that plays in the new hospital in Ayer, MA--Oh yeah, they decided not to build that one. And when was that move to the North Campus taking place...let's see now...Oh yeah, in the beginning of the year. This year or last year?

Must be a real good price, and who in the organization is getting their raises and matching funds? Divide that rumored bonus by 2000 hours to find approximately what your actual hourly bonus is.

I'm just waiting for the naming contest. Bet Georgetown Regional Medical Center takes the prize.... Has a ring to it--like the Gong Show....