Tuesday, May 13, 2008


A comment caught my eye, and I thought it was worth sharing:

What's going to happen to all the loyal employees when the consolidation takes place? I don't see tons of earth being moved, and the reason for the main business of the hospital being at the South Campus was the facility's size: More OR suites, more rooms, larger ER. If we all move to the North, how is everyone going to fit, especially after redesignating part of it to the "Heart Center"?
Probably the same way they handled 'right-sizing' before. So, you will see less agency personnel and the rest will come out of staff.

What will they do to accomidate the ER traffic? Rack 'em and Stack 'em. An ER is a losing proposition anyway. Why make them want to come? You want the insured for high billable procedures, not self-pay/no-pay ER visits. Hence, the Cardiac Center for Excellence .

As the Snooze might say, "Don't you worry your little head about such things...." Or, in their own words:
The Paris News also pledges to continue to worry out the details, and to bring our readers all the news of these changes.

This is a Six Sigma innovation which they might take a hint from:

Friday, May 02, 2008

Questions from the Top....5/4

I almost said from administration, but it's just the cousin formerly known as Matt:

I need a quick primer.....on the one hand Essent is criticized for being money grubbers, putting the almighty dollar ahead of patient care. Then, when the hospitals show losses, they are criticized for not making a profit.

I am quite sure you can reconcile these apparently opposing conclusions.

Guess they're doing a poor job of money-grubbing?

Actually, the two opinions are not mutually exclusive. A hospital can be fiscally responsible, without covertly spying on staff. It's all in the how.

It can monitor the orders so as to have justification for tests run, rather than rejections. It can set specific goals...rather than wavering in the wind...and invest its employees in the process.

Essent jumped in with both feet, not just discounting suggestions, but ignoring them entirely. "We're from Nashville, and you poor hicks ought to worship at our feet." Well, the feet have been proven to be of clay.

Obviously, strategic plans have to change, with the change in the top. But, beware boys and girls: the shifting sands might get you...or possibly the red ink....