Thursday, January 04, 2007

...But We Aren't Laughing...1/21

No matter how you slice it, dice it or saute' it...Hud is a dud. So, consequently, Essent is a joke!

Management,...what management?! PRMC could not possibly be handled any worse. Where is our fearless leader, Andrew? How come the only person we ever hear from is Cheryl Perry? Is anyone at the helm of PRMC or...are we just drifting with the tide?

PRMC should be the most updated and profitable hospital in the N.E.Texas area. Instead, it is the least likeliest place preferred for treatment. Our own Paris community shuns us!

Someone once commented that the blog is just a place for gossip. NO! It is a medium for expression of legitimate concerns and/or problems by both staff and concerned patients and community members.

If, indeed,Essent management is listening...Please express your concerns! Does Essent really expect to profit --
  • from a facility with a constant turnover in staff?

  • from a facility with out dated equipment?

  • from a facility with no permanent Doctors/Radiology?

  • from a facility that does not pay their employees/no pay raises?

  • from a facility that has no reward or incentive program to maintain a "higher standard"?

  • from a facility that does not help employees maintain licensure that is needed to be employed?
  • from a facility that does not listen to employees, pt family members, or patients?
And this is but a few concerns. I love to care for people. It is what I do for a living.

Yet, at this facility I am held back by either too much politics or dunder-headed policies made by people who have no idea what they are doing! At one time people wanted to come here for treatment and care...not anymore. Essent is capable of turning this place around. So, either spit or get!
(From the mailbox, and get might be the operative...stay tuned!...frank)


Anonymous said...

Just thought you would find this amusing.....after handing down the new policy of not being paid for sick days unless you had forty hours accrued, there was a lot of objection.

So the powers that be passed down the message that they would be deciding on a case by case basis who got paid for sick time if they did not have forty hours accrued due to using FMLA, etc. How sweet of them....So, I don't know, I guess you have to get shot in the parking lot or something. See ya.

Yep, hard and fast that the smell of management on the soles of my shoes???....frank

Anonymous said...

For a company with as high a turnover as this one has, I'd expect an exceptional orientation/inservice training program to be in place. If anything, it's been mis-placed!

New temps have to guess at equipment controls, location of supplies, and what's working and what's not.

What we expect and reality are at serious odds. Between that and the lack of supplies, you just have to cross your fingers and make it through the night.

Anonymous said...

To the 9:57AM post.............yeah, right, to me, it's just another tactic by Admin to get you to see daylight out of THEIR belly buttons! We'll decide if YOU are sick enough to use YOUR EARNED sick hours...........what a load!

Guess all of Admin went online and got their sheepskin that says"DOCTOR"!!! God forbid any of the Docs in Paris have enough sense to write that excuse most of us have had to have.

Little Tin Gods, Little Tin Gods!!!

Anonymous said...

Frank, I just love that cartoon, and how appropriate!

Be careful tho', it just may give Admin more ammo for their "play by ear" policies. They'll probably start giving us toilet paper allottments when we start our shifts...............bwahahaha! Hey every little square counts ya'll!

Anonymous said...

It's hard to be an updated and profitable hospital when you have equipment that doesn't even get accurate measurements! It's pretty pathetic that you have to decide which patient gets the "good" machine and which one will have to suffer and get half a** inaccurate measurements. Can you say lawsuit????

Anonymous said...

It is really sad when a supervisor tells you that your yearly review is just that and it has nothing to do with your pay raise. Guess you don't get one. I even asked one of the supervisors how we know if we should expect a raise or how much it will be and they don't even know. Or do they. You would think that a supervisor would just fess up and be on the up and up with you. Not at PRMC. I guess integrity is too much to ask for. While we are on that subject, lets talk about what that is since administration doesn't know.
Integrity is doing what is right and fair to all involved all the time, even when no one is there to see that you are doing it. I think that pretty much clears it up.

Anonymous said...

Cheryl Perry should've been fired ages ago. Since she lost her darling Monty why is she still here? Is she offering the same services to current admin?
I used to laugh at the "Evil HR Director" in the Dilbert strips...
But we have our own and trust me, Catbert is way sweeter than Cheryl.

Anonymous said...

What the "case by case" means is: if we like you [rare] you can use the benefit that you worked so hard for. If we don't like you [most likely] you're SOL.

Anonymous said...

Thought you could use a laugh.

Seems safe enough, and is funny...need a laugh after living in a joke....frank

JaysonLH said...

I think a spotlight should be turned to Anna Gene O'Neal in Nashville. She is totally incompetent and is more involved in hospital decisions than most think. She is over areas covered by the state fines and maybe this should be a wake up call that she is not the genius "she" thinks she is.

fac_p said...

If this is referring to the fines incurred, Compliance is someone's responsibility, but most should have been accomplished at a local level.

One thing Essent has a problem with is delegating--numerous trips to Nashville have proven that.

The consequences are few willing to make decisions, and blame becomes a game of dodge-ball, the losers featured in these pages.

The larger corporations have gotten past that, and by virtue of their size, have to trust those in place, with intelligent review procedures.

Anonymous said...


That is funny, aint that the truth.

Anonymous said...

I think the idea is to blame it on middle management. The high paid guys don't want the responsibility, they don't want you to come to them with problems. They want you to smile and say everything is GREAT.

So here is middle management, putting out one fire after the next. They don't have the support they need to help with the fires, let alone work on compliance issues.

So when it comes down to it, middle management ends up being the fall guy. Administration just points the finger and says you dropped the ball. And yes you may have dropped it, but when your juggling 5 fire balls, you can only keep them up for so long, and if there are a few regular balls on the floor- well at least no one died.

Been there, done that, need to write a book, but I don't want to relive that experience.