Thursday, January 04, 2007

Buffed up...1/9

The new administrator for PRMC is not new to Essent, nor Hud. As a matter of fact, he even fell on his sword for both about five years ago. Essent was being investigated for collusion in the bidding process for property. Richard's resignation was meant to pacify the authorities. Since then his fortunes, or the fortunes of those he worked for, haven't been the greatest: His last position was CEO for a hospital(under Cambio management) that went chapter 11. He was also in the Crossroads debacle, and doesn't this press release sound familiar:

Doctors Hospital To Become Crossroads Regional Hospital
More than 200 entries submitted during name change contest
WENTZVILLE, Mo. - Doctors Hospital will change its name to Crossroads Regional Hospital effective July 1 following a community-wide contest to select a new name for the hospital that reflects its service to this growing area.

Hundreds of entries were submitted for the hospital's new name, 37 of which were a variation of "Crossroads". Scott Schultz of Wentzville submitted the winning name. He will receive a one-year membership to the Greater St. Charles County YMCA.

"We were delighted to see this level of community participation," said Richard Salerno, vice president of hospital operations for Essent Healthcare.

Also about Crossroads purchase:

Richard Salerno, Essent's senior vice president of hospital operations, said
Doctors Hospital's 1999 financial results appear to be in line with 1998, when
the 94-bed hospital made a $1 million profit on $18 million in revenue.
So then comes the question as to what happened to the hospital when Essent got it? Which year out of the five did they actually make money? The first, or the last?

No stranger to Texas, between his position in Essent and lately with Cambio (Baptist and Carraway assignments) and, Richard was CEO of North Austin Medical Center, then senior vice president of operations for Austin Surgical Hospital.

But he and Hud have even more of a history, Arcon comes to mind, his resume reflects ARCON Regional Vice President and that Arcon 'sold off' its outpatient facilities. Possibly so, but under court direction, and the Texas clinics a year after they closed.

In the corporate world, you either progress, or you are sloughed off into a corner. Richard progressed up (and past) the CEO position that our facility would have commanded over 10-15 years ago. And now, going from a 615 bed facility to at best less than might say it's not only his last chance, but PRMC's as well, with Essent.

Eat your heart out, Snooze...and the Nashville Business News....


Anonymous said...

In any other corporation, guys like Dick would have either been demoted or sent packing. Oops, forgot- this is E$$ent we're talking about.

With this guy's track record, I foresee a lot of resumes hitting the market with Paris addresses on the top. Man the lifeboats......

Anonymous said...

Can anyone say "Death Knell" here? And Dick is just the "Igor" Hud needs to depart Paris. A pig's ear is still a pig's ear folks, no matter the language or the finery it is dressed in.

With Andee, it was an exodus, with Dick a tsunami.

Anonymous said...

If we're damned lucky we'll be bought by someone who not only cares about Paris, healthcare and the employees but also has a sound track record with finances.
Am I dreaming? Probably, but it's all us poor folks have to hold on to.

fac_p said...

Rumor has it that Cambio and Essent have closer ties than previously mentioned.***

When Sharon Hospital was purchased, a superficial examination of links between the companies was investigated...but never the bidding process.

However, Hud did contribute to the governor--who later resigned for taking money from a mob family.

***On or about October 2000, Ms. Joan Phillips, a Vice President of Cambio, was named
Interim CEO of Sharon Hospital under an agreement between Sharon Hospital and Cambio.
Before joining Cambio, Ms. Phillips served as CEO of Crossroads Regional Hospital. After that
hospital was sold to Essent Healthcare, Ms. Phillips continued to serve as its interim CEO for
approximately three months during the transition period.
Ms. Barbara Groux, Vice President of Finance of Cambio, worked for a company named
HealthTrust from 1990 through 1995, while Mr. Hudson Connery, Essent CT's CEO, was Chief
Operating Officer of HealthTrust. There is no evidence of a direct reporting relationship between
Ms. Groux and Mr. Connery. Moreover, during that same period, Mr. Richard Salerno, Senior
Vice President of Operations for Essent CT's parent company, was the CEO of two hospitals
owned and operated by HealthTrust.16/

Anonymous said...

From the Paris Snooze.... Hip Hip HooRay!

Hospital CEO leaving

By Jamie Fussell
The Paris News

Published January 5, 2007

Andrew Knizley, Paris Regional Medical Center's chief executive officer, leaves PRMC effective today.

Knizley had held the position since May 2004.

“I am proud of what the hospital has accomplished in the two-and-a-half years I have been here, and I know the facility has a great future ahead,” he said in a written statement. “The decision to leave the hospital has been a difficult one. I have thoroughly enjoyed working with our dedicated employees and physicians, and have deeply appreciated the opportunity to serve the Paris community.”

Richard E. Salerno has been selected to serve as interim CEO while a national search for a permanent new administrator gets underway.

Knizley does not have his next job lined up yet, according to W. Hudson Connery Jr., Essent Healthcare president and CEO. Essent is the parent company of PRMC.

“People with his integrity and experience don't grow on trees,” Connery said. “He's been a successful CEO in three hospitals now. He will find something, but he wasn't looking yet. Nor did I start the search process. That would have been disrespectful of him.”

Connery said a smooth transition period will be important, and that Salerno, who is not a candidate for the permanent position, would be arriving this weekend.

“We are confident we will identify a strong and capable new chief executive to lead PRMC,” Connery said.

Salerno has more than 20 years experience in hospital management, including serving as CEO at North Austin Medical Center and Presbyterian-Orthopedic Hospital in Charlotte, N.C. Most recently, he was senior executive for operations for Cambio Health Solutions in Brentwood, Tenn. He served as senior operations officer for Essent Healthcare from 1999 to 2002.

Connery said the day-to-day operations of the hospital should not be impacted by Knizley's departure.

“Someone coming to the ER yesterday and someone coming to the ER today is not going to see any changes,” he said.

Anonymous said...

Titantic- goin down need help- wait the captain has the lifevest and the life boats- better resort to Cheryl Perriwinkles butt!

Anonymous said...

If I could spout BS like Knizley and Dud did in their statements, I could strike it rich in the fertilizer business.

"I am proud of what the hospital has accomplished in the two-and-a-half years I have been here, and I know the facility has a great future ahead,”

From a decent facility serving the area to a place not too remotely related with the word "quality" in 2 1/2 years- if that's considered an achievement, we're in trouble.

"The decision to leave the hospital has been a difficult one"

For you, maybe- for Dud, it was easy. Your butt got fired. How difficult is that? Welcome to my world, a******.

“People with his integrity and experience don't grow on trees,”

No, it's normally found in stagnant ponds.

“He's been a successful CEO in three hospitals now. He will find something, but he wasn't looking yet."

Yeah, up until he got his walking papers, I'll bet he wasn't!

" Nor did I start the search process. That would have been disrespectful of him.”

Bovine feces. You had Big Dick in mind before you canned Andy.

“We are confident we will identify a strong and capable new chief executive to lead PRMC,” Connery said.

Better expand your search beyond the losers you have now if you expect to achieve this goal. We already know about Igor's track record, and it ain't good.

Connery said the day-to-day operations of the hospital should not be impacted by Knizley's departure.

“Someone coming to the ER yesterday and someone coming to the ER today is not going to see any changes,” he said

Things were sucky with Andy, and they'll still suck under Igor.

Anonymous said...

The Paris News got that right "someone coming into the ER yesterday and today wont see any changes." Yeah, thats right, patients have had the same crappy ass health care since PRMC took over, and has been raped on the billing. I think we need to print up some shirts with the PRMC logo- "PRMC- IBBOD (Id Be Better Off Dead).

It is sad, as I helped name the place! Maybe the Sisters can come "save" us.

How many deaths due to PRMCs medical care has to happen? How many docs, nurses, rad techs have to come and go?

Under Hud's leadership, no one knows.

Anonymous said...

Don't ya just love all that nicey, nicey rhetoric spouted by Hud, Andrew and quoted by the Snooze. Sorry, but the apple is still rotten inside, and with regards to Salerno's arrival this weekend, do they expect us to give a big fat whoop over that? Just means that the head jailer has changed, and the beatings will continue until Dick changes the routine in the dungeons!

Anonymous said...

Well,Richard let's just see if you can do what is necessary! Andrew damn sure didn't but as usual,will take credit for what was done under his watch. First and foremost,FIRE Cheryl Perry! Worthless,troublemaking,and general ill will toward anyone employed at this facility is her by-line. Next,plug the leak in Radiology by hiring REAL RADIOLOGISTS! That will go a long way in recouping lost revenue and lost clientele. Not to mention,regain the trust of our physicians. Just doing those two things will skyrocket this facility financially. Granted,it will not happen over night but it will definitely happen. And you,sir,will get the credit for making it so. Now that will look good on any resume! The question is,will Hud let you do what is necessary?...

Anonymous said...

All I can say is what goes around comes around. The sad part is all the good people he ran off before Hud figured out what a "Blow Hard" he was. Good Luck with the job search Andrew! By the way, are you taking Chris Cheek with you?

Anonymous said...

Yeah, you wont notice any changes in the ER from Yesterday if you walked in today, hell morale is still as low as it was the day E$$UNT took over. Maybe everyone should picket the company across the street or on the sidewalk... an idea...???<<<<<

Anonymous said...

...suggestions to have a picket- wear halloween masks and costumes........... wear paper bags over the head...

Anonymous said...

Why hasn't the Paris News run articles and comments from the blog in their paper? The community would be pleasantly surprised at how well the PRMC employees are versed on the problems we are facing! Indeed, it would make great conversation over Sunday lunch...

Anonymous said...

What, you actually expect the Snooze to expand beyond tea-and-cookie news, the color of the bridesmaids' dresses, or the clown act known as Paris City Council? I don't believe there is one single person at the Snooze who knows what the term "investigative journalism" is, or cares to stick his or her neck out without making somebody mad among the godd ol' boy network.

I'm also surprised that there are no letters to the editor complaining of the service at PRMC. Could it be that folks don't care, or that the Snooze doesn't want to rock the boat?

Anonymous said...

The Snooze DEFINITELY will NOT print anything that might dirty their front pages. Protective journalism? You betcha, nice to view the world through rose colored glasses, don't ya think? And we all know the score there regarding letters to the editor, kinda like the comment about Administration doing a "case-by-case" decision process on who and why sick time was used at the hospital. If they like you, and the letter is not too adamant and filled with nasty facts or damning, they'll publish, if you're not in the "good ol boys" group, OR if you aren't one of the "generational" families, your letter gets shredded! And with regards to Andy losing his job, you lay with snakes, you get bitten. Hopefully Perry will experience that same asp bite (no pun intended) as Knizley got. It couldn't happen to a nicer person, I'm patiently waiting for the seven plagues for Hud, and well deserved it will be. Igor is merely a general in an ill-fated army of the Pharoah!

Blog on ya'll!

Anonymous said...

Wanna place a wager on whether or not E$$ent goes down in flames this year? Chances are good on that, unless they can bamboozle enough investors to toss good money after bad.

Anonymous said...

According to, the last five years have not been kind to Carraway Methodist. But, since last year's data isn't in yet, let's look at the previous three:
6/2005 -18.3M
6/2004 -15.8M
6/2003 -18.6M

Cambio is getting credit for keeping the hospital afloat...while losing $52.7M in a three year period! They could have cut their loss in half by giving away the hospital three years ago! This kind of saving we can do without.

Their total patient revenue was $358.8M--in the same period PRMC had $363M. This is comparing a 617 bed hospital in a metro area to PRMC.

More power to you Dick, we ought to be up for sale next year! I just hope there's something left to sell...frank

Anonymous said...

Speaking of money, Dick, you baselined Crossroads when you mentioned the 1999 income as in-line with the $1M from 1998. By the time Essent was done with it, they were losing $11M per year. You certainly know how to pick them.

Anonymous said...

Always good to see a man multi-task. It must be why he gets the big bucks--since he's still listed as the CEO of Carraway as well!

Now, is he an Essent exec, or a Cambio temp? Only time will tell!

Anonymous said...

Well,well! Andrew gets all the credit for PRMC and all the employees and the community get is "the BIG DICK!"