Monday, December 21, 2009

Funny Thing Happened....3/12

A lot of people wonder why the posts have dried up. It's not that there isn't anything to discuss or cuss, it's just that the discussion seems rather futile. It doesn't change.

The ER loses good staff, and they hire locums. Clinical or nursing loses staff, and locums replace them at twice or three times the cost.

The spread-out services continue to make it difficult for Essent's showplace to be truely functional.

The 401Ks go begging for a second year, but a new hospital is acquired.

When ever you ask someone that works here how things are, the first thing they do is look over their shoulder...that says a lot. (Try it sometime, you'll see what I mean.)

But, apparently the only thing we lose is customers. Paying customers, that is.

Maybe it's the wave of the future, but this is a future that doesn't float my boat. I think it's about time that I plot a different course. There are enough locum jobs that don't involve Essent and provide a safe way to evaluate an employer--and an area.

There are a number of former staff that have made the move--I'll probably have mates to commiserate with. I just hate the idea of the bad guys default.