Friday, January 12, 2007

A Reminder...1/18

How soon we forget.....McCuistion used to be a locally-owned hospital before the sale to Presbyterian/Texas Health Resources.

Sorry you old St. Joseph hands, but the south campus has run out of room to expand--no more retail store space to acquire, and that Brookshire's isn't going anywhere anytime soon. Also, the ER was, and is, a cramped affair, as is the waiting area. At least the "Mac" had more ER pt. and waiting area space. There is scads of space on the north campus.

E$$ent claimed they were going to build new on the north side, but with the way they've FUBARed things, I'm not holding my breath. It's time to either return healthcare to local control, or get new owners. I'm not bagging on the old St. Joseph folks, because now you're all in this together- it's an equal-opportunity screwing.

Census will not pick up until after several things happen:

  • New ownership by a consortium, company, etc. with deep pockets.
  • Purchase of the equipment needed to do the job right An environment that
    empowers employees (trust me, there is such a creature.)
  • Refurb/remodel/redo what is needed (I mean really, that cheesy-looking
    floor in the south campus lobby.......the faux-wood look is trashy.)
  • Get the docs on board for proactive measures.
  • Involve local media, conduct tours, etc (put the fishwrap Snooze to work) to instill confidence.
  • And finally, positive word-of-mouth from satisfied customers who were served by folks who were not only proud, but committed (as they are now, but in a negative environment) to pt. service, with the stuff needed to do the job.

Maybe not in order, but task number 1 is to dump E$$ent, or force them to sell.

First tip of the day, thanks....frank


Anonymous said...

Just in... Chris Cheek got the axe today in an emergency meeting held at 11:00a.m. So Sorry Chris Baby.

Anonymous said...

Hey Cheryl, ya packin' your bags yet?

Anonymous said...

The Cheryl Perry Death Watch must be in session.....any bets on when she gets the pink slip? And I'd like to be there when she does, offering some words of encouragement & advice (none of which I can say here)

Anonymous said...

I was the writer of this original comment, and was kinda surprised to see it publshed as it was (but not offended at all).

One thing I want to comment on- any differences between the two formal facilities should be dead & buried. What is needed is a united front against the common adversary- the idjits in E$$ent.

fac_p said...

Appreciate your support. Had three comments about Chris within 20 minutes of yours.

A lot of posts are from comments that I've received. And there have been a lot of suprised people when their comments hit on a post seen in about 15 countries, as well as all over the US....frank

Anonymous said...

i worked at st joseph years ago when we were all proud to be a part of a caring "family" - i am sorry to hear what has become of the place that i loved.

Anonymous said...

Is it true that a 10% cut in jobs is coming?

Anonymous said...

I remember when :

Cheryl Perry was hired on as a second string typist.
It is unbeliveable that she now is the personnel director!
What qualifications or training has she had?
Did she get the job by just surviving the various mergers?
she certainly lacks even the most basic human compassion and makes no attempt to think about the implications of the assinine decisions she has made.

I doubt that she has acted by her own initiative, but ;one would think ,when a decision that affects the entire RN/LVN
staff is made; she would at least stick around to face the music instead of taking a vacation and leaving a secretary who can give no answer or explaination except"wait till Cheryl gets back"
One would hope that she does get the same "compassion" that she has delved out over the last two years.
Sadly ,the damage she and the other idiots that run this place have done may never be able to be undone.

Anonymous said...

11:40AM - Using hospital equipment to post to this blog is not recommended.

Anonymous said...

We all know what a .......(fill in the blank) Cheryl Perry is, but who is Chris Cheek

Anonymous said...


If this is one of the E$$ent thugs, (censored).

If this is a concerned employee/serf, thanks for the reminder

Anonymous said...

I'm watching the weather having flash backs from the scene that played out a few years back, with the power outages.

I was working at the hospital, on back-up generators, no power in my home. ETMC's generators were about to play out, and they were fixing to start sending pt's from there to us.

Does anyone remember this? It was a bad situation, but we all worked together to get through it.

Anonymous said...

1:40PM - It was just a reminder.

Anonymous said...

Wasn't he in charge of housekeeping?

Anonymous said...

I have never worked any place where the HR director had such power. In most hospitals, while HR is a necessary dept, it is not a majorly important one. Yet Cheryl Perry has risen to new heights. Rather like Napoleon.

Consider: A applicant for a job was interviewed by the dept director. While the applicant did not have experience in the exact position, the applicant did have an excellant grasp of medical terminology, several years experience working with Meditech and in hospital settings and many other advanced clerical skills.

The director felt that the applicant would easily learn the new skills and make a great addition to the dept. When told to hire the applicant, Cheryl Perry informed the director that because the applicant did not have the necessary skill for the job the applicant could not be hired.

Did I mention that the applicant was a former PRMC employee who left on good terms? The Texas Workforce Commission when told informed the applicant that to be was expected. "PRMC never re-hires anyone except RNs."
Problem 1: Since when does an HR Director have the authority to over rule a dept director?

If the applicant had failed the drug test or had major red flags on the application maybe. HR does not know what is needed for a specific job. That's why the director interviews!

Problem 2: PRMC never rehires anyone except RNs. Is this legal??? What's the matter, Cheryl? Afraid that a rehire might question your authority after having worked elsewhere?

It is ironic that hiring a person was based on "fully qualified", when Cheryl was put into her position...and definitely not!

More than likely, the applicant had some gumption, a quality that they hate to have at PRMC.

They probably call it 'divergent opinions', or some such thing. Definitely a down check....frank

Anonymous said...

"PRMC never re-hires anyone except RNs."


guess that gives me more options huh....... its good to be a RN everybody wants us!!!!!

Anonymous said...

We might be suprised, after all, they 'brought back' a CEO that used to work for Essent!!!

Maybe times have changed, and pigs will fly?

Anonymous said...

Remember Joe from x-ray and his checkered backround, (Freudian slip), he was hired because they needed a CRNA, and that was the only way to get one. While a new grad applied was x-ed by HR for past rectified problems.

Anonymous said...

"Brookshires isn't going anywhere"...what happens if the South Campus closes? What percentage of their revenue would vanish?

Better dig out those market surveys, guys!

Anonymous said...

When I said that "Brookshire's isn't going anywhere", I was referring to St. Joe's purchase of the old Brookshire's and Sears buildings for their own use. Unless there is a drastic down- turn of business (which could happen if the south campus closes, which ain't gonna happen until either a new facility is built or the north campus builds on to the existing old McCuistion building), it's there. OK, if the grocery chain goes the way of Winn Dixie & Kmart in Paris, you have an empty shell, but don't hold yer breath, Hud.