Monday, January 08, 2007

Hud without Bud...1/10

If things were so good between Hud and his bud, wouldn't Knizley have been giving the tour that the Paris Snooze showed on their front page? Instead it's just Hud and his roomy, walking the halls.

And why would anyone say that comment about him not having a position to move into. One could almost feel sorry for bud...almost.

After all, wasn't it also under his tenure that the cameras went up? The liens against patients? More than two years without a raise (and some getting only a nickel after that!) The debacle with the cardiac monitoring? Multitude of dismissals? The attempted eviction of Red River Radiology? (And subsequent departure from the hospital. But that worked altogether too well for RRR, as demonstrated by their continued success.)

But, don't feel sorry for bud, stock options and profit sharing lured him over to the dark side, and as ye sow, so shall ye reap! Besides, the blog didn't fire him, it just accelerated the process a bit.

Take a tip, Dick: Clean the building, put suggestion forms in the holders, hire more security, and give out the raises that the evaluations say the people deserve. Then, allocate the funds to fix the equipment. Finally, set up a system to log any patient light that isn't answered in an appropriate period. Then do something about it.


Anonymous said...

I kind of liked that look on Connie's face in the picture with Hud strolling the halls of 5th floor. She looks like one of those cartoon characters who's trapped lost and in fear of their life.

Anonymous said...

i for one am ready for a change. maybe with the changing of the adminstration life at the hospital will get better, for all of us. i need my job but paris needs a good hospital even more.

Anonymous said...

Beware interim CEO's with well practiced grins and promises.

Been there, done that. Just waiting to see what brand of hooey this guy is gonna spread for the masses.

Anonymous said...

I just say "Praise be to God that the atheist is gone!" Maybe with God back in the hospital things will look up.....