Friday, March 02, 2007

Checking the Pulse...3/7

A long awaited face to face with Dick and Dud. Here's the short version:

Attending the lunch with Hud and Rich were (one each) employees from Supply, Aerofit, Radiology, Cath Lab, Pharmacy, ER, Cooper Clinic, 5A, and a person from either CardioPulmonary or RT, not sure which she was from.

The "royalty" attending were Hud, Rich S. and Stacy Etheridge... taking her lil lap dog notes...LOL. Besides the wonderful fast food (hamburgers and chili dogs) the subject was "who wants to rat out their managers and/or co-workers".

The other part was about how Essent saved the day by coming to Paris... with all the $$$ Essent has put into PRMC, why would anyone get the idea that Hud was a flipper??? Besides, "it's these dang rogue physicians that are the real problem...shame on them for not doing enough elective procedures (caths) to pay the bills".

What a relief to know that Dr. Hashmi and Dr. Bercher will be the playground monitors, keeping them kiddiegardners from staying at recess too long...:)

Remember the statement at the beginning of the blog? Something about Stalinist Russia? Looks like chili dogs and burgers were all it took to turn some into informers. The KGB didn't die, it just moved to Paris....frank


Anonymous said...

hambugers and hot dogs yum, yum. They are throwing a lunch for the graduating nurses next week. Wonder if they will bribe us with such tasty fairs.. Course the bribe may be in the gift bags they provide.

Anonymous said...

The burgers & dogs are nothing. The real story is what Hud & his harem are up to.

Hey Connery, it's one thing to actually listen to employees (and if you think you're going to get any honest comments from them you're nuts- they don't want to be fired for saying anything negative), but doing somehting proactive for the staff (not, I repeat NOT the "bottom line") is a whole 'nother breed of cat.

Personally, I don't think you have it in you.

Anonymous said...

Huddie must be really worried to spend this much time in Paris. You wonder when in the last three years he made this many trips west of Nashville....

Anonymous said...

There are rumors that Dr Hamsis brother is comming to Paris and will open the old outpatient building as a GI center.Any truth to that ?
Also there has been some one approching building contractors in the area about constructing a Radiology center;Whats that about?

Anonymous said...


As I alluded to in another thread, his prize cash cow is drying up- once it stops giving milk, he's screwed. Investors like to see some money coming back out of investments, and the song & dance routine the Pimp is doing won't play for long. I'm not sure how much power the Essent board has in getting rid of the Pimp, so we may be stuck with him for a while.

Anonymous said...

Well Huddie's biggest problem is the moneylenders. If they peruse this blog, they gotta know there's trouble afoot. And not just here, across the board in the land of E$$ent. So I would imagine that the noose is tightening, and the knee jerk antics of the E$$ent goon squad is only digging the hole deeper. I am content to sit back and watch the play to the bitter end. It's obvious that not much is going to be done here, until the last chip hits with a resounding THUD.

The dominoes will fall, and Paris will become second cousin to Clarksville...........ghost town USA!

Anonymous said...

HA HA. It all reminds me of the line from Hitchhiker's Guide to the entry in that wonderful book describes a certain corporation as "a bunch of mindless jerks who will be first against the wall when the revolution comes" later an updated version of the HGG falls thru a wormhole from the future where the company is described "a bunch of mindless jerks who were first against the wall when the revolution came..." I think we can use that definition for Essent!!