Thursday, March 29, 2007

11 Things...4/12

These are patient resources.

Ten Things Your Hospital Won't Tell You
These are some eye-openers, for the patients. Watch the fur fly!

TX Price Point
A listing of charge data on the most common inpatient services, links to quality data and general and contact information for Texas hospitals


Anonymous said...

What an amazing link! If you want to know how Lil Dick is paying for his Porsche just check this out. A pacemaker implanted at Mother Baylor, cited as one of the best hospitals in the world costs an average of $35,000. Other Dallas co. hospitals are into the $40,000 range while if you really want the best come to Lamar co. PRMC where you get the same pacemaker for $62,000. I guess filthy cath labs aren't cheap after all.

Anonymous said...

So, $22,000 extra wonder why Andy-boy had a Rolls...and why the Dick is in a Porsche. Makes me wish I'd never owned one.

Let's get back to cost--50% more to come here? Someone's on drugs--alternative Porsche financing?

Hey, it takes money to get all that filth....frank

Anonymous said...

and the 12th thing PRMC won't tell you...... When they know that someone in their dept is going to get cutt and they act like they dont have any idea who it's going to be, and you just happen to find out accidently on your boss's email who wont tell you even after you have asked them several times, and find out a few days before D-Day that it's going to be you.... Oh well, its all for the better....he he he he he

Anonymous said...

I looked at the cost for a "cabbage" (slang for coronary artery bypass graft, or CABG), and surprise, during this same time frame (Jan-Dec 2005) PRMC charged 140 grand for such a procedure, vs. the Texas average of 105 grand.

However, one must remember that PRMC was graced with Dr. Slipknot, and you almost always got a return trip to OR. Kinda like 2 surgeries in one, so when you look at it that way, 70 grand per trip.

So the E$$ent spin doctors would tell you.........

Not sure about filth, but it does reflect on the skills of the surgeon. Wonder if he's still there, or did he finally get his walking papers as well?

Now in all fairness, it IS cheaper for a woman to have a baby in PAris than elsewhere in the state- thumbs up to the OB crew and docs at the north campus for that.

My point? I'm not trying to apologize for E$$ent at all since they're beyond earthly help IMO, but let's be honest about some things here. Give credit to the employees and the docs where it's due, since they're in the trenches. The positive patient stories when told are the results of employees going above & beyond in a crap situation, not because of Big Dick, Hud, Cheryl, or any of the E$$ent butt-kissers and drones.

The cost in CABG was due in large part to the surgeon (who shall remain nameless to avoid a lawsuit, but who earned the nickname "Slipknot"). Still cheaper to go to, say, ETMC, Presby, BUMC et al.

Anonymous said...

I worked at PRMC for years. Thank God that's over. One of the things that I remember was when we were transfering a pt from an ER gurney to a bed and I untucked the sheet--it came out from under the pad soaked with blood. The patient had not been bleeding, and there were no signs on top of the sheet.

After we wheeled the cart out of the room, I peeked under the pad. There had to have been a pint of blood sloshing around on the pad support.

I had been a bit lax about gloving before that--never again! What if I had reached under without looking?

Anonymous said...

I looked at COPD hospitalization, since my father was in PRMC with it. $21,687 was the average for here, $14,070 was the average for Baylor, both with 4.7 days stay.

I visited a friend that was a patient at Baylor last week and the contrast is astounding. Cleanliness, facilities, and availability of staff, as well as food for visitors on the weekends.

Dad is not coming here the next time, if we have time. If we don't, stabilize and transfer. They can't deny it.