Thursday, March 22, 2007

Who's Holly?....4/5

Holly is apparently a very caring individual. (You don't get into healthcare at the paramedic level unless you are.) She wanted to help her city, her hospital, so she emailed the interim CEO (feeling that she had somewhat of a connection with him, having worked in a previous position in Austin when he was in charge) offering what help/insight that she could give. She was offering--volunteering--to help.

-----Original Message-----From: HOLLY PETERS []
Sent: Friday, March 02, 2007 3:07 PM
To: Salerno, Richard
Subject: Welcome to Paris
Hello Mr. Salerno,

My name is Holly Peters and I worked with you on occasion, at the Austin Diagnostic Clinic and Medical Center under Jim Thomas. I was a Team Leader in the Clinic and my husband actually worked in the Radiology Department and the Nephro-vascular Lab.

I have to say that I have been very troubled with what has been going on, at the hospital you are now managing, since we moved here four years ago. Because my husband did at one time, work there in the cardiovascular lab, I am all too familiar with the problems you face.

My concern is, of course, for the community as a whole and my family's need for future medical care. I want to see you achieve the greatness, I believe the medical community of this area is capable of and deserves. I will tell you, that based on my experience, I believe management, insurance contract negotiations, as well as improper coding for services are ultimately the cause of the dilemma the hospital is in.

I would be happy to help, in any way I can and provide you with my honest opinion regarding a number of challenges you face, if you are interested. I am sure my husband would also gladly provide you with any knowledge he may have too.

Holly N. Peters

When it was clear to Salerno that she was not a consultant, person of influence, or consequence, he emailed her to not contact him again--I wish I had a copy of that email. It was apparently at that point she emailed me. I dropped the ball.

At that point, the vindictive nature of Mr. Salerno came out. He called Holly's husband's employer, and banned him and his company, from the hospital. He may lose his job.

This exposes Mr. Salerno's (and Essent's, apparently, he does represent them, after all) opinion of women: Pre-suffrage, women are chattel, unable to think independently of their husbands. James Carville might disagree, being married to Mary would many husbands....

But, what does this say about Essent? Or the company that Holly's husband works for? The sins of the fathers--or in this case, those of their wives? Hardly seems fair, when the intent from the beginning was to help.... But Essent has hardly been accused of being fair...and Dick, well, he's just being himself....


Anonymous said...

After reading this latest post, it's clear that Big Dick needs his nose reshaped back to normal (without benefit of painkillers). How such a classless, principle-deficient waste of DNA slithered his way through the administrative field amazes me. And yes, I'm talking about Salerno- I could be talking about Kreye, Dud, or any of the mushwits in "leadership" positions at E$$ent.

I have no connections with either of the properties, and no ties with Paris. So if Big Dick takes offense, he can't do- well, you know.

What happened to Holly and her husband is just another example of the "leadership" one can find at PRMC.

Let's have the apologists respond to this one, if you have the stones.

Anonymous said...

if I understand it correctly, his company invents and produces products that not only save patients lives,(literally) but also their limbs from amputation. Another much needed and lifesaving service that will not be available to our community because of someone's personal vendetta. Thanks PRMC for having our communtiy's intrests at HEART. Essent's actions never cease to amaze......

fac_p said...

There are at least 30 healthcare agencies/entities that log to this blog every day from not only this country, but worldwide. Every area hospital logs in daily. Dallas hospitals almost as much. We have a big following in IL, CA, NY, NJ, MN, as well as all the players (TX, TN, MA, PA, and CT.) All those involved are getting widely known. Welcome to the internet.

It's priceless...frank

Anonymous said...

As the saying goes..."The beatings will continue until morale improves." This should be E$$ent$ new slogan. It fits each and every hospital and encompasses corporate as well. Shame on you Dick. I guess your mother named you aptly. I hope she never learns of this because if she hasn't disowned you already she certainly would want to now.

Anonymous said...

Hud should have Dick escorted out by security but he won't because they're cut from the same cloth.

Anonymous said...

I don't know Mr. Dick, but I know trying to help this hospital is impossible. They don't want opinions. They don't want anything but money, and they have got to be loosing it by the truckloads.

They seem very insecure. I don't know if its a Freud thing--or if they are hiding something or both.

Anonymous said...

OK Let me if I have this right. Some good hearted soul - one who really cares for the community - volunteers to be an asset to the CEO of PRMC. Perhaps she read one of signs in the hosppital - or even had an opportunity to view PRMC's Homepage. Now this is not some beat up former employe, but a thinking. rational, educated person who offers her assistance if it can be used. The response is - "No thanks! not interested - I will do it my way!" Classless, principle-deficient is not adequate to describe the real issue.
For if this is true - (and it probably is) I again believe physician recruitment needs to step up a search for a proctologist. Something is truly bad wrong here with this sort of diarrea.

Anonymous said...

It seems like I read a piece of paper posted in an elevator message board by salerno , that he wanted input from staff and employees about anything they see thats not being done correctly , or if they have any suggestions to improve things at PRMC," please e-mail him at the address listed".Many years ago , in the army I saw a colonel do something similar. Those poor fools that responded simply identified themselves as "troublemakers"
and were systematically eliminated or transfered to Guam!
One dosnt have to be synical or jaded to see that this administration; from HUBILLA THE HUN allthe way down the sewer pipe to this Mafia-type salerno, dont care a farthing about your input, so save yourselves the misery and give salerno what he deserves ; nothing!
Take heart; this is a failed institution, it is not going to make it. The main reason ,is their attitude toward the medical staff,but one might also mention their penchant for blowing their feet off on a daily basis.I for one, have come to this conclusion after simply watching them steadily unwind over the last year; Its just ashame tht when they are gone they will leave behind a mess that may not be repairable.
Pray for our community to somehow find a way to get back what these mergers have destroyed.Perhaps the pain of our present situation will bring to the fore men and women who will have the courage to return local control to our community hospital.

Anonymous said...

For the last twenty years or so, Guam has been a really well kept secret for the AF assigned there: Pretty beaches, friendly people, and nice quarters. Plus a PAX that could put you in dozens of places at no charge.

Kind of the opposite of the hospital: Administration that will knife you in the back, fearful personnel that are constantly trying to stay under the radar, and rooms that are pitiful.

Nobody wants to come here, send me to Guam instead!

Anonymous said...

Well I'm sure Dick had other things on his mind. Like maybe his new Porsche? I don't know if it was him only got a side glance this morning but I'm 90% certain it was him. Nice car.. So you layoff 25 hard working employes, what are you going to do now?? Get a new Porsche Carrera!

Anonymous said...

I was assigned to an AF calibration lab years ago. When I arrived, the personnel were working 12hr shifts, six days a week and had a 15-day backlog of equipment to work on.

When I left (retired after 18 months on station), we were working 6-hour days, four-and-a-half days a week, and we had less than two days of backlog. Plus we had increased the amount of equipment that we calibrated.

I did several things differently than my predecessors: I treated my personnel with dignity. I set goals that were understandable and attainable. I listened to their suggestions. I demonstrated that I would not ask them to do something that I would not do. And I kept my word.

BTW, when they were working 6-hour days, I was working 12s. This hospital could use a change for the better.

Anonymous said...

It's as they say, you can put a crown on a pig, but all you have is a crown pig, not crown prince.

The post was succinct in the last sentence, "he's just being himself..." but they left out the end: "...a dick!!!"

Anonymous said...

Looks like Dick went hunting and shot his dog.
What a jerk! If you don't want honest opinions don't ask for them, DICK!!!

Anonymous said...

Hmph, are we surprised at the cold, uncaring blatant reaction of one of Hud's Neanderthals? No, it was expected, and am surprised it didn't happen sooner. But see, that's the problem with dog packs, the leader is usually ferociously deposed by the underlings, and that stray pack in TN will be his undoing. No love lost there for sure, so Huddie's having to keep a watchful eye in ALL directions. Don't know what would be worse, the strays in TN, or the "youse guys" gang in NY.

Anonymous said...


Your post reminds me of the old joke about the difference between a porcupine and a for decency's sake, I won't tell it here.

Anonymous said...

Cleanliness!!! This is one of the nastiest places I think I have every been in. The housekeeping staff with the exception of about three just go through the motions and move the dirt around instead of actually cleaning. I have never seen a hospital that is this dirty. Come through the ER entrannce and check out the floors on the 1st floor. Wow can it get any dirtier. The only thing that shines is the FAKE wood floors in the lobby. Is this the only place the excecutives see. I wonder if the floors have seen wax and a buffer in the last year. Appears not. I hope surgery is cleaner than the rest. Guess they can start painting the tile on the floors to cover the dirt. Seems painting solves everything.

Anonymous said...

Last time the wife and I had to go to the ER, the first room we were placed in had drops of blood on the floor and bed rail and dirty bandages in a pail next to the bed. After getting our xray taken of we were placed in another room, this time with drops of DRIED blood on the floor and another pail of dirty bandages. If I can help it, we will never EVER be back at that ER again.

Anonymous said...

Well one of the hardest depts hit by the staffing cuts was housekeeping. Hard to keep the ER clean when you've got two people do clean the whole dang hospital. Granted the nurses can do so much but they are short-staffed too. So we need to hand the patients and their families some 409 and some handi-wipes!

Anonymous said...

Apparently someone in the "EXECUTIVE OFFICES" must be reading the blog. Housekeeping was actually mopping with a mop not a swiffer. They even broke out the buffer. Looks better in spots but really needs to be stripped and rewaxed or just painted over.

fac_p said...

Funny how that happens. They try to ignore the blog...and it comes back and bites them. Too many people know too many things about this hospital for any secrets to be kept. It's only a matter of time. Their only recourse is to acknowledge mistakes...or they'll see them here!

I know a lot of people (insured!) that would not be caught dead here--because they feel they would be--caught dead, that is.

Until Essent takes a reversal in direction, or just sells us, I'm going to burrow through their garbage and show it to the world.

So, Dicky, get ready for a rough ride. You and your bud better have some deep pockets....frank

Anonymous said...

2:20 post

The ER nurses have to clean their own rooms, draw their own blood, ABG's, Resp. treatments, meds, codes, you name it, they do it.

One bad pt. can take 3 nurses away from 12 other patients. Do you see where the problem is? When their is a blood bath in the ER, the nurses have to clean it and move on, when the pt. is gone, so they can get another back.

Do you see where the problem lies?

Administration don't. That's why I've been gone from there for a while.

Anonymous said...

Well, they are stipping and rewaxing the floors in the ER entrance today. Guess they are still reading!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I was just wondering, considering Salerno's salary, how much did Hud the Dud pay for Salerno to harass the family in this situation.

Is this not America? What happened to freedom of speech. Or is the truth so painful, that e$$ent would rather shoot themselves in the foot than do anything ethical or moral.

As the old saying goes, what goes around comes around, now it is Dud and Dick's turn to BEND OVER.

Anonymous said...

If dick is so useful and worth what he is paid, he should be cleaning the hospital. Let's see Mr Fancy pants mop up some vomit, or clean a bed pan... Hud when was the last time you picked upa broom, and Im not talkin about handing it to the maid.

Offer up 1/5th of your salary, dick, to pay for those who actually make a difference in the lives of someone besides themselves.

Obviously this would take integrity, honor, decency, not to mention concern for others and you apparently have none of the above.