Thursday, March 22, 2007

PSAs (Public Service Announcements)...3/27

There have been several organizations that have had what I would consider worthy causes to promote, and would like to take advantage of the popularity of the site. I don't really want to get off focus, but I will place time sensitive messages and links if they are sent as comments to this post.

I'll try to keep it within a month of the current date so it is fairly high on the list of posts.

Dated material I will delete.

I'll probably put up a different graphic if I think that it could use it, or I do take submissions by email (logos or appropriate links--keep it clean, boys and girls). All this is subject to change, if change is needed, something like our hospital....

The Powerline195 folks get the next spot.


Anonymous said...

I hate to change the subject here, but I would like to tell people about the 6th annual Sweetheart Soiree coming up Feb 10th here at the Love Civic Center. Tickets can be purchased at the Chamber of Commerce.

Entertainment will be provided by the Blandells, catering by Mike Wright and Catering 4 You.

The money from this event goes to the Child Advocacy Center of Paris. They have purchased colposcopes to help identify injury in children, and have paid for education for SANE nurses to be certified, and education for Law Enforcement, Child protective services, DA, forensic interviewers and much more.

They have made great strides in keeping child molesters off of the streets, and we want them to continue the great work that they do. Please support them in this great event.

A good first example, and worthy of support....frank

Anonymous said...

You know, this blog and Paris needs a super hero, were created to talk about the needs of Paris.

I think it is great to give Kudo's to the people that deserve it, and keep the good things of this town going strong.

There are some awesome people in this town and sometimes people looking in might think we can't be pleased. But I don't think that is true. We know good when we see it.

fac_p said...

This a link to a description of the previous year's soiree.

While you are thinking about last year's charitable deductions, why not start this year off right? It's never too early...or late....frank

Anonymous said...

I think this year was a great success.

Anonymous said...

This is to let you know that Brazos Electric, pending withdrawal of their application, has suspended administrative hearings with the Public Utilities Commission.

The formal notification of withdrawal will be voted on with the Brazos board of directors tomorrow, and results will be posted when the PUC notifies us of the action.

The Powerline195 blog will probably go dormant, but I hesitate to remove it entirely as it can be an example to others on how to contest a similar infringement.


Great news for Paris, glad for your success...frank