Monday, March 12, 2007

10 Percent...3/6

The original post came out on 1/16/07. The meeting with directors/supervisors was the 12th of Feb, with the RIF (reduction in force) news distributed to the personnel on lucky 13th. It goes in two phases: Voluntary--with severence, and involuntary. So you can do it to yourself, or have it done to you.

I'll make the next prediction: That new grads will be hired to replace those RIF'ed out at lower wages. These people are obvious....frank

Rumors fly, and 10% seems to be the most consistant number quoted for cuts in personnel. But we already have taken cuts, and service has suffered because of it.

Floggings will continue until morale improves. How short-sighted can we be? Apparently far more. Essent has implemented cuts at Merrimack Valley Hospital, and it doesn't seem to help in the long run...but then I forgot: Essent works in quarters! Longterm is not their middle name! So, if this next quarter is fine, but the ER will be short of nurses again during the peak months, but low census, tough Wendell! But Dick gets his bonus!

Right now would be the time to have the staff get up to speed, since attrition will take its toll. As it already has with the people that dropped their notice right before the holidays. There are around 35 nursing spots open--a couple haven't made it to the list. Merry Christmas, Cheryl!

These aren't just the run-of-the-mill positions, either. 2-surgical, 7-CCU, 11-ICU, including a clinical supervisor. And you wondered why all the agency nurses were here?

So, as a patient, I can expect to have completely trained personnel caring for me? Yeah... R-i-i-g-h-t! And there's a reason that I want to come here, rather than go to Dallas? Well, if proximity counts over keeping dear old dad alive, I suppose it's better than having to take off to drive to see him...let's see, with all the gas I save, I can have a heck of a furneral.

And maybe those last 10%, you know, the ones left from the original staff...maybe they can attend as well!


Anonymous said...

Apparently the floggings are having their toll........

In visiting the hospital this past week, it would seem that morale is a thing of the past. I have never, ever seen so many downtrodden, unhappy folks in my life. Smiles are non-existent, caring attitudes are totally gone, service, well it can't even be spelled let alone practiced. And I attribute this all to management practices or lack thereof. When people are merely slogging through their day, keeping their heads down to protect their income, the demoralizing affect is extreme! 10% cuts you say? Personally, I think they'd be doing the remaining employees a favor, as they would be forced to enter a more realistic job market. Think they'd find that the problems at Paris Reg. ARE regional, as other healthcare orgs (e.g.; Baylor, Methodist, Presby, etc) don't suffer from this all encompassing malaise generated by pi$$ poor management. As we all sadly watch our community become MORE bereft of effective healthcare.
Hud and Buds are well into the "criminal care" arena in my opinion, and should be held accountable!

Anonymous said...

Ever hear of the quote,"s*** rolls down hill"? When admin starts losing money everyone is fair game...beneath them. Ergo,PRMC medical staff. It seems that no one wants to address the problems at hand...Or no one has the mental caliber to do so. Everyone seems to think that this blog is devoted to radiology. Partly so. And why is that? Because Radiology is one of the cash cows of the hospital. And lately, it has been losing money like a bucket with a screen bottom.
Hire radiologists and do away with locum tenems. Update the department with badly needed new equipment. Oh,by the way, ever hear of "you have to spend money to make money?" It's a novel idea.
PRMC cutting staff to stem revenue loss is like putting another whole in the bucket to carry water. The quote about Andrew remodeling 6th floor and spending millions on badly needed equipment is priceless. It only exaggerates his incompetence. First off, why remodel any floor if you don't have the equipment needed to perform the services demanded by the clientele? Why stay in a nice room when the service or procedure needed is not available at this facility? But,but the room comes equipped with a flat screen color TV! Whoopee! For those of you still in denial, Red River and company have the latest and greatest equipment to perform radiological,nuc-med,mri,ct,and sono procedures. Plus, they have the radiologists to read them promptly and have the reports for said procedures available promptly. Something that used to be a hallmark of this hospital. Why is this debacle continuing? It is absolutely amazing what happens when loss is replaced with profit. New stretchers,wheelchairs,beds,IV poles and IV pumps...all sorts of badly needed NEW equipment to better facilitate care of and to attract clientele/patients. The laboratory has been updated to better perform "blood-work." Laboratory is a cash cow of any hospital. So, let's catch the other departments up and get back the lost clientele. It really is a no-brainer. And as for reductions in staff...get rid of that useless head of HR,Cheryl Perry. We do not need a staff reduction at PRMC. We need a staff INFUSION! HELLO ESSENT! ARE YOU LISTENING? The staff of PRMC is quite able to turn this ship around, if you will give us the tools we need...After all, who is it that does the work? It damn sure isn't you!

Anonymous said...

If you haven't checked out these two sites you might find it interesting:

You will find Paris RMC rung up 69,900 dollars worth of administrative fines from the state in the last year. More than any other hospital in Texas--and still stayed open. No wonder there is a changing of the guard going on.

Most of the violations are in procedure...such as having one.

Ever since Essent took over, documented procedures have been lacking. Apparently the state takes exception to "flying by the seat of your pants", or "we'll just handle it" responses....frank

Anonymous said...

Ok people, we've gotten rid of two of the dummies. We all know that we will not see real change until it reaches H.R. Here is a hint...Cheryl Perry! Hello.

fac_p said...

Apparently Chris couldn't chop the 10%, so he became one of the percentage. Essent takes no prisoners.

My question: If housekeeping already can't keep the hospital looking clean, how is it going to happen with only 90% of the staff, Dick?

MBO, loosely translated: Motivation By Stick.

And the hospital personnel have that shell-shocked look (PTSD), wondering who is the next to fall. Get a clue, folks, NO ONE IS SAFE!

Anonymous said...

I truly believe that until PRMC is sold to another entity, and same entity has the staff to TOTALLY replace current management here at PRMC, our problems will still be there. We have some managers and supervisors that have endured under Essent and have learned to "play" the game well. Yes, truly, Cheryl Perry needs to be ousted with due haste, no disagreement there. However, we are still under the Kamikaze rule of Essent. Pure and simple, when THAT Mad Hatter regime is gone, hopefully we can rebuild what we've lost..........a hospital!

Anonymous said...

I wish CEO's had to be doctors, that had actually had to practice.

I wish they had to have some clue about what is going on.

They can sit back and make decisions from their desk, with no clue how it affects the pts., and the staff. They can actually sleep at night because they are so clueless as to what they have done.

The ones that are working in the real world, however, can not sleep at night because of the choices they had to make, or the meds they didn't get to second check because of the short staffing.

Anonymous said...

Wonder how admin would respone if EVERYBODY called in sick on the same day?????? Hmmmmmmm.

Anonymous said...

If someone does buy the hospital, there are going to have to be major changes in personnel.

All management should be purged.

The only companies with that kind of resourses are the biggies: HCA, CHS, and the like. It might not have to be permanent, but middle management has been passing along whatever comes down the pike, and some residuals are bound to stick.

They'd better implement a program like 'The Customer' to set the tone as well, or the monkey mentality will be back.

Your reference to "Company Policy" was too long to leave like it was. Had to create a link.

I'd have to agree, "the way it's always been" is a powerful force. But I just keep getting a vision of the little old Frech woman yelling "The guillotine, the guillotine...."

Hopefully there will be some that have been less of the problem than the solution, but who can say, peer review?....frank

Anonymous said...

I wonder about shell shocked employees.

I'm thinking it is kind of like Pavlov. If you hit a dog everytime he brings you the paper, he will eventually stop bringing you the paper.

If you crush an employee everytime they do a good job, they will eventually stop doing a good job. I've seen many cases where the boss thinks your showing them up to get their job--so they shove you down, when you go above and beyond.

How can things improve when you have endured years of that? Will anyone ever be the same?

Anonymous said...

The last comment is very true. I have experienced that personally. I do not like the person I am becoming. A little hardened. Every so often, I have to do an attitude check and remember that I do what I do because I love it and the people. Choosing a positive attitude daily is difficult at best under the current work circumstances. Some of us will never get where we deserve to be because of those holding us back with deceit and lies. It must be sad to be that insecure in ones position. I still believe that one person can make a difference and there are quite a few ones left. We can not let Essent steal our Dreams for a great Health Care Community.

Anonymous said...

Has anyone noticed the numbers in Nuc Med lately? Ooooops, better watch out or the PC-BC (Profit controlled bean counters) will get you!!!!!!!!!!


Anonymous said...


Yep, it's going to be hard to repair the damage. The only ones not affected by the treatment, are the ones that had a hard heart to begin with.

I don't know how you get over fear of giving 100 percent. (I wonder what the name of that phobia is?)

It reminds me of the Tom Hanks movie Big, where he is working in data entry, and his co-worker tells him to slow down, pace your self, your making me look bad.

Anonymous said...

While I appreciate the dedication of our volunteers I thought it kinda odd that they got Dept of the Month. I guess the higher ups were saying that the employees suck so we're voting for people we don't have to pay!

The new insurance for the PRMC employees--Blue Cross of Tennessee--I pray none of the employees have serious illnesses. BCofT won't pay for several medicines--especially several heart and blood pressure drugs. They insist that employees can use the older, less effective drugs that are now available in generics. Rather cavelier with folks' health, eh? They also recommend OTC drugs instead of several prescription drugs (whether they come in generic or not) Forced to buy OTC means the employee pays for the meds not the insurance company. And trust me, OTC can be even more expensive than some prescription drugs! Ah, Hud you devil! Revenge is a dish best served cold and you got back at those evil employees with BCofT! I wonder how the docs feel knowing that their judgment doesn't count. The only thing that does count is the bottom line. Nothing new there!

I heard that due to the recent bad weather two out of town nurses decided that they should stay overnight. They asked for a room and were told that there were no rooms for employees. Jeez with the census down I'm sure there were plenty of rooms available....The powers that be should've been glad they still have dedicated nurse-types like that!!

Anonymous said...

What happend to the guest house? The nuns let us stay in a guest house when we had weather problems during the Christus era.

Anonymous said...

The nurses should have told them to "STICK IT WHERE THE SUN DON'T SHINE!!!!!"

Anonymous said...

Well, I just want to add a comment to the PRMC insurance with regards to getting prescription medications. This is just another f'd up benefit that this company has to offer. We have had an increase in our insurance packages, but we can't use our benefits to help keep us well. Wow what a mess!!! Another something that our wonderful employer has offered its employees. How dare the insurance company have that kind of power and how dare the powers to be make the decision to take on a company that won't provide us with appropriate benefits. If you can't get the medication that one needs, what is expected when you become ill because your medication didn't work? Ooops, don't forget that you have to have 40 hours saved up in sick time before you can get sick!!!!

You know if you have the opportunity to leave, run for your life. It's no wonder that people choose to take their healthcare needs elsewhere. This can't be about anything other than the bottom line.

Anonymous said...

That number 10% sure is popular. I wish we could get a 10% raise. CP would get her panties in such a wad that she would probably have to get them surgically removed!

Anonymous said...

The nurses were told "no go" on the guest house. No reason given. Just another slap in the face that's all.

Anonymous said...

Even if we could pay a nominal fee to stay there, or do it with a percentage of the empty rooms, it would make sense--to us, not Essent.

Anonymous said...

Well Frank, you called it! X-ray just got their notice to look for volunteers for a RIF (reduction in force), after which they'll look for those that are going in a 'different direction'.

I imagine it will be put to all departments the same way, and if your numbers are low, like nuc med, time to look on

How many new techs can they hire for what they pay some of the "old hands?" $11-15 p/h vs $26? It's like a two-for sale!

And what about the ICU nurses that have been here for ever? And other departments? It's going to be mighty lonesome at the awards dinner.

But, it gets them what they want--low-paid staff that won't question authority (because they have no experience base to do so). The main ones that suffer are the patients! and the RIF'er in the second stage!

Anonymous said...

Today is Valentine's Day, and it is appropriate that we talk about the heart--or at least something which helps it--the wellness centers.

If you've noticed, the facilities have gotten more crowded in the mornings--yet people are sent home for low census? Hours of operation are being cut, which makes it less desirable to new members.

Richard runs with a blanket solution that has no rational basis in some departments, and justifies it by saying that it is a burden shared by all.

Maybe so, but you're right, Frank, it's the easy way out, and easy doesn't fix problems.

Also, how did you like the letter Richard sent out to all employees? I have to wonder how many employees stuck their necks out to identify problems,when Cheryl Perry was listed in the letter as administrative leadership that would be one of those seeing the letters written.

I'll answer that one for you....ZERO!

The people that are thinking are reading the blog. Maybe Dick ought to do the same. There are hints and outright suggestions of what to do, or where to look all through out the comments...but then that would be an admission that they're doing something wrong--and that we're right...not a Hud-like trait....frank

Anonymous said...

Why on earth would anyone offer suggestions, or notify of problems. That's a pink slip, or at least a green light to tourture someone until they either say they were wrong--that is working perfectly, or quit in disgust.

Anonymous said...

I am reminded of Career Builder's latest Super Bowl commercials--they of the "I work with monkeys".
These had office people in a jungle having to walk over hot coals for their performance evaluations, etc...the tagline was "if you want to do more than just survive the workweek...."
I can see the next wave of reality TV: Survivor: PRMC!

Anonymous said...

Okay,fellow readers of the blog and 'still' employees of PRMC...I have a question? Why is Essent trying to cut ten percent when there is a 1000 dollar reward for RN's to come to work here? And
according to radiology there is a deal in the works to hire a permanent radiologist group. So,tell me where 10% reduction in staff is going to make a dent in that?! If Essent really wanted to make a dent in reducing spending they would get rid of some of those high dollar managers in Admin. But we all know that won't happen because then they won't have a golfing partner. The bottom line is that they are going to get rid of people who have to work for a living,that really need this job. And in case you have'nt noticed,Paris is not exactly a mecca of job opportunity. This is not sound decision making,it is a blatant disregard for the people who are working hard to take care of the people in our community and or/the facility that provides that care.

Anonymous said...

All this talk about Cheryl Perry. What about the biggest ass of them all?? Ken Miller??

Anonymous said...

1:22PM is exactly right...

The only thing the 10% is going to do is hurt the very people who depend on these jobs just to make ends meat.

Anonymous said...

AMEN! 1:56

Anonymous said...

Permanent "CONTRACT" Radiology Group. Not a permanent "LOCAL" Radiology Group. So it most likely will not be much better than it is now.

Anonymous said...

Mark my words,this hospital is going to close sometime this year. Due to monumental mismanagement and/or stupidity. Maybe,from the aftermath we can start to rebuild.

Anonymous said...

That last post I made about when the cuts were gonna happen. Never's the latest screed from the Snooze. PLease have your BS filters on and Dramamine taken before you read it:

Hospital plans to cut staff

By Sally Boswell
The Paris News

Published February 18, 2007

Paris Regional Medical Center’s interim chief executive officer says rising costs are prompting the hospital to cut staff.

Hospital officials met with department directors Monday, Feb. 12, to inform them the hospital plans to implement staff reductions March 3 that will eliminate a number of positions throughout the facility. At the meeting, department heads were told to begin identifying positions that can be eliminated based on the hospital’s reduction in force separation program.

PRMC employees were notified of the pending staff cuts Tuesday in a memo from interim CEO Richard E. Salerno.

Citing rising costs and “an increasingly difficult reimbursement environment,” Salerno advised employees the hospital’s net revenues are behind budget and admissions and emergency department visits are below figures from prior years. He also noted expenses at the hospital in the first five months of the current fiscal year are up more than $650,000.

“We cannot continue to spend more than we’re taking in,” the interim CEO said in the memo.

Salerno went on to say hospital administrators had recently conducted a review of PRMC’s operations and concluded that, while many of the departments were staffed at appropriate levels, the review had indicated a need for adjustments in staffing in certain areas of operation.

“At this time, we do not know how many positions or individuals will be affected,” Salero said in the memo. “What we do know is that staffing changes will be made in selected areas throughout the hospital and will not have a large impact on any particular department."

Asked about the staffing cuts, Derald J. Bulls, director of physician recruitment/public relations, issued the hospital's official statement.

"Paris Regional Medical Center is undertaking a restructuring of operations in selected areas of the hospital," it states. "As part of the restructuring, the hospital will be implementing staffing reductions that will eliminate a number of positions throughout the facility. In addition to staff changes, we will be working with our managers and medical staff to make sure we are providing care in the most cost efficient manner possible and to carefully look for any improvements we can make there."

"At this time, we do not know how many positions or individuals will be affected," the hospital said in the statement. "The staffing changes are being made in selected areas throughout the hospital and will not have a large impact on any particular department."

“'These are never easy decisions to make, but we are confident the staffing changes will not impact patient care,”' Salerno said. '“The hospital will continue to deliver the same high quality, compassionate care that our patients, their families and the community have come to expect from us.”'

According to an agenda from the Feb. 12 meeting, administrators also directed department heads to institute sound management practices and urged "100 percent productivity" from all departments, effective immediately. The agenda noted that all overtime must be approved by the department director and a senior management leader.

Extra shift bonuses also come to an end March 3, and the agenda outlined measures to tighten the hospital's policies on incremental overtime; call back, on-call and duplicate pay; lunch breaks; clocking out when work is over; and accruals.

According to the hospital's reduction in force policy, the first step in the staff reductions will be through voluntary measures, and each affected employee is to be given written notice prior to the position being eliminated. The employee will continue in the position while pursuing other employment opportunities.

The RIF policy also offers employees the chance to secure other positions within the facility, according to qualifications; the possibility of severance pay and continued participation in benefits plans; and outplacement services.

Anonymous said...

Watch out bloggers! This is their legitimized way of "dealing" with those who complain. And wouldn't you know it, but Dickie now has a list of those silly enough to email him directly.

The others in danger are the ones with seniority: Why pay more than the going rate?

Frank, you should put a list of recruiter links and resume services on the site, 'cause we're going to need 'em!!!!

was actually thinking about it. Send in some good ones, if you found them to be so....frank

Anonymous said...

Ok, so who else has filled out online applications this weekend? I am an RN and have the capability of driving an hour or more three days a week, but what about the housekeepers and support service people? I guess Wal-Mart will find themselves fully staffed. There is not a single day that I can do my job that a support person doesn't help me accomplish doing it. If my housekeeper can clean a room..that frees me up to double check charts for permits and antibiotics. What will suffer when we don't have that support staff. It makes sense to me to pay licensed staff do "take over" the support staff's job...but what corner will I have to cut to do it?? I'm afraid that the patient will be the recipient of the cuts made at this facility. There has to be other ways of saving money, other than cutting staff. I had a member of this community say to me in a public setting this weekend.. I was scared to death that something would happen to me and that I would have to go to that hospital before.. but now they aren't even going to have the staff to take care of me if I do. This is a sad state that we have found ourselves in. Community confidence at an all time low and what are the doctors thinking? We were told by our director that it was the doctors' fault because they are sending their patients out of town and not using our radiology department, etc., etc.. Blame game is no solution, but then again, it seems to be the most popular at this facility. I want to work where people smile and aren't living in utter fear. I have found myself becoming one of the head down, don't look at anyone, just make it through today, drones and I don't LIKE it at all. I love what I do.. I just can't do it here much longer.

Anonymous said...

Anyone that would email Dick directly must be a blooming idiot. That is like putting your head on the chopping block. So when are all the peons going to get their walking papers. I bet no one in the "EXCECUTIVE OFFICES" gets the axe. And there are a few that should. Guess they have to make the cuts to to help offset all of the fines!!! LOSERS

Anonymous said...

My doctor wanted me to take my mother in for a bone scan. Since the Clifford's won't have this equipment for several weeks, I had to take my mother to Mt. Pleasant this morning. I certainly won't be taking her to our hospital for any reason - would rather hit her in the head with a hammer - it would be more merciful.

Anonymous said...

Rumor is someone "big" is on the chopping block come March 3rd.

fac_p said...

Two out of four transcriptionists took the 'early out'. I imagine that will make things even better here...along with others still holding on.

So, what are we going to end up with? Those that are unable (or unwilling) to commute, move, or get a job elsewhere. Also the ones too scared of moving on (fear of the unknown hospital.) It doesn't make them bad, it just makes them trapped.

But, those that have seen the writing on the wall (in letters 5'x3') are making the break.

And you thought that the facility looked dumpy before?????? Can we say 'death spiral'?

Anonymous said...

I am a nurse at the hospital and probably a pretty naive one. I started here fresh out of nursing school and I did get a good orientation the the floor, that is well before Essent took over. I love nursing, I like to take care of people, after all that is what they come to the hospital for right?

Well, as so many of my friends and coworkers have left to work for other companies, I know now that not all hospitals are so difficult to work for. I pretty much thought that all the political and administrative BS was the standard for community hospitals, but I know now that there are definitely better places to work. I do not feel that the staff is appreciated at all, and the attitude I get from our administration is that we can easily be replaced.

Well, if they would take the time to look at the nursing students that will soon be graduating, not many are looking forward to working here. They are a little smarter or at least a little more open-minded than I was and are considering careers with other places. Smart move. I went into the nursing field to serve a community the best I could, and since I am part of the Paris community, I wouldn't consider other places of employment, but now after the changes that have been made to this hospital over the past two years, I am definitely considering other alternatives.

As so many others have said, it does make me feel some level of shame to say that I am a nurse here. This hospital has developed a very bad reputation. I work with some great nurses and I work with some who really make me question how they passed the board exams. My problem with this hospital is the fact that they make us feel indispensible, like so many people are lining up to work here. Whatever.

Guess that would explain why they have to resort to agency and contract nurses, huh? That is an insult to the nursing staff period. Paying nurses from outside this community twice or even three times the amount we hired on at, and we get the brunt of it. Working long hours and getting paid minimal wages on a national standard and feeling no satisfaction at the end of the day. How frustrating is that?

There was a time I could leave my shift and feel that I made a difference, that I was able to do my job and do it well, anymore, that doesn't happen. I do the best that I can, and I do get good feedback from my patients and their families, but that is never made known. However, if you leave a cup of water sitting at the nurses station or, you just happen to take more than one break a shift, and you are on the chopping block. Why are they so against positive feedback?

The yearly evaluation used to be something toward motivation for me, but anymore it doesn't even matter, because whether I call in sick 12 times a year or none, whether I have 10 patient complaints or none, I will get the same amount of raise as anyone else, if any. That is simply not fair to those of us who do have morality toward our jobs. And I am still peeved about the uniforms. They have to take away any form of expression we may have. I actually, for the first time since I began employment with this facility, am ashamed to say that I work here.

I am so glad to know that I am not alone in this way of thinking, and am truly grateful for this site. Please keep it up, you really are helping us.

We have good people that want to do a good job--but Essent has taken any incentive to do so away...except personal pride.

When you are beaten up with the nit-picky garbage, and then see their total lack of empathy with staff or patients, you just want to give up.

(They still have 17 nurse postitions listed, despite the cuts, but you wonder if there are some duplicates listed as a single.)

$650,000 shortfall? Get ready, coach, there are too many like the individual above which you are going to have to replace with an agency person...and her co-worker...and her friend...and her cousins...and.... You're beginning to get the picture....

This isn't Nashville, or Boston, or Dallas, or Austin. It is a community that you wounded and are sucking out the life's blood. We don't like your style of vampires.

The insured are going elsewhere, and the ones that can't pay can't go anywhare else. So they see you. I bet your mix has gotten even worse.

But, buck up, it can't last forever...and the word has even hit the temp agencies: Get your money fast, cause they won't be here that much longer....frank

Anonymous said...


I know what you mean about wanting to care for those in your own community. I do to, but not at the risk of my sanity or my license. I have taken a job in our community. It's not to my strengths. My strengths are in the chaos of the ER.

I would like to move, or maybe get a job in another community, but with my teenage children, it's just not practical at the moment.

I'm wondering about all of the openings on the nurses positions as well. What I'm kind of thinking is this is there way of showing that they can't find anyone qualified to fill the positions, so they have left them open, so that when they get in trouble for the short staffing, they can say--we can't find anyone to take these positions.

Or maybe to hire new grads to take positions that they are not qualified for, so that they can pay them less money, and they will be less inclined to question authority.

Anonymous said...

You got it right!!! What is the point of yearly evaluations? We never get anything in return. We have busted our asses for 3 years for these number crunching monkeys and still nothing in return but a big fat layoff! Oh but we work for ESSENT guess that is reward enough, NOT!!! Got a feeling people are going to start jumping off this ship like crazy.

Anonymous said...

Nashoba Valley Medical Center is laying employees off and reducing hours in several departments. Probably trying to come up with the cash to pay for the new medical office building. Wasn't it just a few days ago that the CEO Steve Roach was advertising Essent's new 50 to 60 million dollar hospital/hotel in the newspaper. Makes one wonder about the real financial situation of the "for profit" Essent Healthcare.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


I feel sorry for your situation. At this early stage in your career, you shouldn't sound like a 40-year burnout.

As for agency folk, don't think for a minute we get all that money the facility pays out. We get hourly wages, yes, plus per diem and vehicle allowance, but housing is paid for out of the bill rate the facility pays the agency. they pay lots of coin to the agencies, but the travelers don't see 1/3 of it.

DOn't hate the agency nurses, hate the policy of paying twice to three times the money paid out to a permanent hire. We travelers are professionals in our field as well, and can match up to any home guard at any time.

Blame the facility for the continued shortage. WHy are they having trouble getting and keeping folks? Matter of fact, where did the patients all go? Why does the facility have crappy equipment but snazzy TV sets?

If you're unattached with no family, you may also consider being a travel nurse for a while, as well as looking elsewhere for a better job.

Hang in there, and make whatever changes you need to do for your psyche.

Anonymous said...

I have absolutely nothing against agency nurses, I'm sorry that sounded that way. I actually did consider that at one time, get lots of experience in different fields and getting to meet new people would be good incentives, and the money too. I have a little one, and I could not travel, but maybe one day.... I have met some wonderful travel nurses, very skilled and knowledgable, as you would have to be to do that job, so in no way to I resent agency/contract nurses. I really do think we have needed them in the past couple of years especially, but we wouldn't have been in that situation if not for these jackasses attempting to look like corporate/administrative wizards. Maybe they should try to reach out to the community more for feedback, suggestions or whatever, you know, without the consequences and try to come to an understanding of what we really need. But, I will not let this get me down, I pride myself in being a good nurse, and that is exactly what I will do, day in and day out, I will come to work and do my best and I will not let them run me off so easily, although I know it is my choice to stay, and essent needs to realize that; some of us choose to stay, others however, don't have a choice and ESSENT should feel ashamed of what they've done to this community.

Anonymous said...

4:10 PM,

It's all good. I'm not a travel nurse- I work in what can be called allied health, but there are travelers in quite a few positions (lab, X-ray, resp. therapy). It's good to know your wrath is aimed at the head office.

If it's any consolation, good and bad news about places travels fast in the agency employee underground. And sadly, PRMC has fallen into the "bad news" side, thanks to Dud and Dickie. Who in their right mind would voluntarily step into a negative work environment, even on a temporary basis?

BTW, there are some folks in lab who have been at it for a long time- wonder who is gonna be forced to look elsewhere, take early retirement, finally retire, etc?

RN said...

I wouldn't wish PRMC on my worst enemy.

Anonymous said...

They gave Dave Parks of Biomed his walking papers. Wonder who will fix the ancient equipment now??

ex-x-ray boy said...

Dave was the only one in Bio that knew anything about X-ray equipment. Seemed like anytime anything broke there that wasn't under service contract, Dave had to be called to actually come out or talk the call person through.

Dave, if you're smart, you'll either open your own shop, or move on. You have a work history with Christus, and Santa Rosa might have a spot. I heard Tiffany checks the blog, maybe she could ask? ;-)

Don't take any freebee calls from here, charge 'em telephone consult fees.

Anonymous said...

They finally clued in and decided to keep him on board. The people in the excecutive offices don't have a clue on how to run an ant farm much less a hospital!!!

Anonymous said...

Lesson learned:
Dedication + Knowledge = Nada

Better start sending out those resumes. You just found out that there is no job security. What happens next time?

Anonymous said...

Seems like someone (doubt it was anyone in management) did some impressive figuring and proved that PRMC would SAVE money if they kept Dave and LOSE money if they sacked him.
1.) Too bad no one else is doing this for the other folks getting the axe.
2.) Wow. Looking ahead. Projecting costs....novel concept!
3.) Glad someone loves ya Dave.

Anonymous said...

While they are projecting cost, I wonder if they could add up how much it cost them when they announced they were cutting jobs.

One angioplasty that I know of decided to go to Dallas, due to there wasn't enough staff to begin with, the nurses really must be stressed now, taking all of the extra duties.

They are killing themselves with ignorance.