Tuesday, March 06, 2007

The Letter Game...3/11


E is for Employees
Employees are our most important resource.
....We say it's true; we know that these are facts.
But when things tighten up in the finances,
....Our most important resource gets the axe.

S is for Stockholders
Jerry was an employee, and every word he had
....Was all about the Stockholders and why they were so bad.
"They siphon all our profits, skim the cream right off the top.
....There's nothing left for us, and soon this company will stop!"
But Jerry's had a change of heart and ceased his wayward talk--
....He finally saved enough to buy a thousand shares of stock.

S is for Stockholders
So important we say it twice
....ARCON, Essent, is it worth the price?

E is for Employees
So important that we're given time
....but not enough value to give a dime.
A nickle is what says our worth
....since money's tight, it's like a dearth.

N is for New
A brand-new hospital! Now that's what we need
....To make profits rise with an excellent speed.
A new CEO! Yes, that's the thing
....That finally will make the bottom-line sing.
Let's add something new--maybe two, three or four,
....Although we did just fine without them before,
And don't really need them. Oh, yes, it's all true,
....But we still think we ought to have something that's new.

T is for Teamwork
"We must work together," the manager said,
...."Or quite angry the new boss will be.
We all have to march on in lockstep ahead,
....For it's teamwork that he wants to see."
So we all got in step with the slowest of all,
....So we wouldn't leave any behind,
And our group's productivity slowed to a crawl,
....But our manager has peace of mind.

P is for Paradigm Shift
Knizley had a paradigm, if you can get my drift,
And every time things got too slow, that paradigm would shift.
It shifted on the nurses, the techs and such.
It shifted left, it shifted right, and all without a clutch.
It made the CEO rejoice, for each new paradigm
Meant he could use that buzzword in a memo one more time.

I just liked using Paradigm myself....frank


Anonymous said...


It's been every man for himself for a while now.

Anonymous said...

H is for Hud, the short little wimp,

Who runs a large stable- must make him a pimp.

He buys up nice hospitals, runs 'em into the ground,

Then after he;'s finished, he takes a look 'round,

And points his little fingers
At who he will blame,

ANd his harem of Hud-drones
All repeat the same.

The departments get cut,
The employees get RIFfed,

But the profits are still gone,
And the investors are miffed.

"It's those damn doctors!"
We hear the Pimp yell,

"They won't use what we have,
So damn them to hell"

X-Ray soon leaves,
Cardiology does too,

And still Hud is looking
for someone else to screw.

The census is down,
The building it ain't

In too great a shape,
But a few coats of paint

Will make things look better
But friend, heed my word-

A turd freshly painted
Is still called a turd.

Anonymous said...

To the 1:34 posting....AMEN!!

I LMAO until I realized how true your lil poem is....

I guess maybe those really weren't really large chilidog weinies we had at the luncheon the other day...did we just imagine the perfume covering the large dose of poop that was dished out?

Anonymous said...

OMG..........hahahaha, love that "Ode to Huddie" poem!


Can anyone do an interp of "Workin on the Chaingang?" HAHAHA!

Anonymous said...

I could do a play to "Working on The Chaingang", but it would be getting quieter and quieter, to reflect the shrinking workforce/serfs.

Anonymous said...

No, just asking for new lyrics to a well worn song, something appropriate for Essent!

And regarding the play, definitely not enough folks left there to do that, hell, can't even take care of the patients that trickle in.

Am surprised that the motto of E$$ent hasn't become, "If Ya Can't Heal 'em, SING to 'em!" This is right up Huddie's alley! Wouldn't be surprised to a corporate memo to that effect shortly...........hee,hee!

Anonymous said...

That would make sense- both bad music and bad ideas for healthcare management come out of NashVegas.

(And lest the country music folk yell for my scalp, I like country- matter of fact, the old-school style as played by KHYI-FH down in Plano, not the "country" crap done by boy bands with hats.)

Unless there are pimp-lovers and Hud-=apologists lurking (and if they are, stuff 'em), I don't expect much of an argument with the other part.