Tuesday, March 20, 2007

When help is offered.....3/21

That was a big whoops. I misinterpreted an email and published prematurely. Apologizes to Holly.


fac_p said...

My misinterpretation of a last sentence in an email caused the problem, so from now on, I will email a pre-publish copy for authorization in a similar situation, if I have an email address.

I had more-or-less gone to that, as was the reason for the rather cryptic comment in the PSA post (a rape victim had sent in what I would say was an anonymous comment that had potential for community members to identify her.)

Holly had sent some emails but asked me to hold after I sent her an initial partial post for review. I did, but received a follow-up email in which the last half of the last sentence was, "...so you can post the letter."

My fault, and I own it.


Anonymous said...

We all make mistakes, and owning up to them takes courage. I wish others had your courage Frank!

fac_p said...

Sorry, can't wear that hat. I just have a fettish for getting it right...and owning up to your mistakes...too bad Essent isn't of the same mind....frank

Anonymous said...

Who is Holly?