Friday, March 23, 2007

Essent Drops Kessler....3/25

One might say it's good news for Hammonton:

"As previously reported in The Hammonton News, Essent Healthcare of
Tennessee was apparently interested in Kessler. However, Gonnella testified
Tuesday that Essent withdrew its letter of intent last week." ...the Hammonton News.

As was brought to my attention, Kessler laid off 25 FTEs...and Essent lost interest. Their secret strategy is a secret no more.

So what's next in Hud-land? He sold the Merrimack medical building. They're building one in Ayer (as part of the new hospital.) I wonder if that will be counted as part of the investment they have to the next two years....isn't it? Does it really add to the hospital, or is it just office space?

Depending on the sale price, he might just have funded it...well, not really. He does have investors who have been very patient.
One expects a certain amount of return for the kind of outlay that Essent has had. Hopefully they're getting it up front, and not like the Arcon deal.... Only time will tell.


Anonymous said...

I am not a hospital employee, but I know several people that work there. After following this blog for some time, it seems that this administration/owner does not have the interests of this community in mind. I think that most people in Paris believe that there will always be a hospital here. I am growing more and more concerned about the real possibility that this corporation could shut down to stop losing money, just like other failed businesses in Paris have. What, if anything can be attempted to avoid this? Is it medicare payments, bad law, or just health care in general. Was Christus trying to make money or did they see the handwriting on the wall. Is there a group of physicians that could buy this thing and make it more stable for the community? I hate to see what happens the next time we have a bad car crash and Salas Minor emergency is where the ambulance has to go.

Anonymous said...

The new medical office building (MOB) in Ayer is not attached to the hospital. It's just for physician offices...all 4 of them. The current MOB houses just physicians, is attached by a catwalk, and is run by the MD's. Some physicians are renters and some are owners of their office spaces.