Tuesday, April 10, 2007


Had a special request, so I added Cluster Maps, which shows the hit activity areas on a map.

Just goes to show, I do requests!

I did hate to put it up, actually, since the count seems to be wrong. The listing from statcounter has 457, and Cluster Maps has 375 for yesterday's visits. It also miscounted on the first couple days, but it does give a representation of where the hits are coming from....the light went on! There are unidentified hits that would account for the discrepancy! All's well with the world!


Anonymous said...

I am trying to locate a susie glover, or sue glover, or suzie glover, who worked as a respitory therapist or in that field in South Carolina, she would have once been married to Edward T. Coleman. It is very important. I read that you were fired by her. I don't know if it she is the same person I need to find. Please email me back at upholdme@yahoo.com, if she is the same person. I need to speak to her about a very important matter concerning her ex-husband. I am sorry you were fired - its a horrible thing - the medical and hospital industry is not the best nuturing environment. It may end up being the best propellent to you receiving an even better position. Don't let what others think of you determine your self worth or value. Good luck.

thanks, Mary upholdme@yahoo.com

fac_p said...

Sorry, Mary, don't think you have the right one.

What she was referring to was a comment from a pharmacy tech on an old post "To Those Physicians...."

It's amazing how long these comments last.....frank

Anonymous said...


Maps lie. Check out this trip from Paris, TX to Paris, Fr.