Wednesday, April 25, 2007


David Kreye going to the Baptist system in SA???

Didn't realize that he was so fond of Texas, or that Baptist had a CEO spot open. At least Hud didn't come right out and say that he had no prospects and that Davie was quitting for 'personal reasons.' Sounds like Davie was ahead of the power curve.

I guess with the comment retraction of Amarillo as a destination, our western brethren are breathing a sigh of relief.

But, with four CEOs gone in about a twelve month period, one has to wonder about three things:

Why is everyone leaving?
Why do they change CEOs like underwear?
What is it about Essent that is inconsistent with CFOs?

Which begs the question: What's wrong with Essent????

Think about it, in the three plus years, they've lost one hospital, multiple CEOs /CFOs, and fired a good portion of corporate administration. Does anyone think that Hud might be a teensy bit hard to work for?

Quality issues are in play, patients are avoiding the facilities unless they have no choice, and employees are only staying because their families anchor them, not because of any loyalty to Essent.

And now they've discarded any pretense about the board, it's now a 'Hospital Advisory Board'. Let's see what kind of advice Hud takes....


Anonymous said...

David Kreye? or Freye?

Thanks for the catch....frank

Anonymous said...

I have some choice advice for Hud, but decorum forbids me from posting it here.....let's just say he might enjoy it.

Same goes for Kreye, that cheeeseheaded weasel.........he might want to shy away from the Riverwalk.....

Anonymous said...

I know that Baptists, Lord bless them, can have forgiving hearts, but I hope this move doesn't jump up & bite them where they sit.

I'm glad Baptists do.......I don't.

Anonymous said...

Flipping through the Baptist job postings, there are very few that would seem to have Kreye's unique talents utilized, however one did seem to be right up his alley: Parking lot attendant.

There was a CFO spot, I thought, but nothing in CEO/COO territory....frank

Anonymous said...

I was @ the north campus, in an elevator, stopped @ 4th floor. A nurse and a suit got on the elevator. The nurse said, "did that patient really hang herself?" The suit said,"so they say." I guess my mouth mouth was open, they looked up and stopped talking. Later I asked the security guard. He said, "yeah everyone knows, on the psych unit."

Anonymous said...

They could make up a new position for da Cheeser.......CSO....for Crap Shoveling Officer.

He's had lots of experience shoveling feces for Hud & Co.

Anonymous said...

Wait! I see a new advert for PRMC...sure to be printed in the Snooze:

PRMC--A Great Place to Hang Around!

Ok....tacky I know....