Saturday, April 07, 2007


Just contemplating an idea that occurred: Hud hired the darlings of development ' find...opportunities', quoting from the Nashville Business Journal,

"The $340 million Nashville company has brought in Gregory Schonert and Austin Craun to find development opportunities.

CEO Connery's new executives have backgrounds in REIT financing and health care analysis. He'll need them both because, for every potential deal, the company has to look at a dozen others. "You've got to turn over a lot of stones," Connery says."

So, in nearly two years, they've been paid to look for opportunities...and just haven't quite managed it.

They fired Anna Jean, possibly because of the non-compliance fines. Several others because they made Hud look bad. One because he was causing internal strife (disagreeing with Hud.)

So, what about not producing what they were hired for? It's not like he is their mentor, or friends for 20 years....

Yep, the boys better watch their backs--after all, Hud certainly knows what can crawl out from under rocks, or stones, that is....


Anonymous said...

What happened to those for sale signs that were out in front of the hospital a few years ago?

I think we need them back

Anonymous said...

I was at Baylor Plano the other day visiting a friend that had a CABG performed. He was transfered from PRMC via ambulance to Baylor Plano. The room that he was in was immaculate. Wood floors, full size sofa that folded out into a queen size bed, 5 star decorating, and a 32 or 42 inch flat panel TV.The coolest thing about the TV was that his family got to stay in the room and view his surgery over the TV in his room. He had a pacemaker placed. The staff was very professional and courteous. The hospital was superior clean. Why can't we get some media attention on this so-called hospital and have them do a interview with higher ups and video the deteriotating hospital. It is a shame that this hospital has fallend to money sharks that only care about themselves. They are not the ones in the trenches doing the crap job. They sit behind there desk and send memo's on this and that, fire them, do this and that. Maybe someone could call that Becky Oliver from Dallas and let her do a investigation. PRMC would hate to see her walk in the hospital. Kudos to all that hang in there and do your job with the tools you have at PRMC. I stand up and applaud you. To the low lifes that sit behind the desk in the higher up offices and do nothing. I pray for you. What comes around goes around.

Anonymous said...

A snake turning over stones.....guess it takes one to know one. And when the stragety fails, don't change- blame the people below you, fire them, and hire a new batch of brainless, soulless, stone-less twits to attempt to do your bidding.

Still can't hear the water gurgling belowdeck or figure out why the ship is listing instead of straight and trim, can ya, Dud?

You're what Bugs Bunny, that comic genius of animation, would call a "maroon".

But keep on the path of insanity- at least your downfall will provide some amusement to us.