Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Going International....4/22

Received an email from a blogger...from the Netherlands. He wrote a couple articles based on the-paris-site for a newsletter. He was mainly curious, since no one has done that over there (blogged a hospital corporation.) I posted to a site that had a nifty screen shot of the 'site' and he wanted to do a contributory article. However, I have a feeling that he also contacted Essent...the power of the threat of lawsuit....

This has certainly gotten bigger than I thought it might.

One nice thing about the popularity is perspective. I had only my own viewpoint, with little idea how this had affected other parts of the hospital. Then I started getting emails--ones 'not for publication'. Some were blowing off steam, some were too identifiable, some--when combined with other information--completed a picture. First it was the hospital, then other hospitals in Essent, now I'm getting a corporate view.

Remember, this is an anonymous blog, and in that situation, confidentiality agreements and non-disclosures are moot. You'd be suprised who Hud has pissed on...and pissed off. This provides an avenue for their comments, criticisms, suggestions, and recollections. If you feel that email is too traceable and just want to run it by me, post it as a comment with a 'Do Not Publish' in the top line. Even a cell phone view shows that much.

And I just know that there is going to be something fairly soon that will curdle the milk in Hud's morning tea--wait for it....


Anonymous said...

Embattled lawmaker gives up panel seat
AP - 6 minutes ago

WASHINGTON - Rep. John Doolittle has decided to temporarily give up his House Appropriations Committee seat after FBI agents searched his house in an influence-peddling investigation.

Dick should do the same, but permenantly, considering his influence-peddling. He sounds like a mafia hitman or something.

Anonymous said...

What we have here, ladies and gentlemen, is a little for-profit corporation run by a little person with little-man syndrome- he feels he has to be bigger than anyone else, and to do so he resorts to bullying, threats, and outright rudeness to achieve his goals. So far, three communities have seen through the smoke-and-mirrors setup this snake-oil salesman offered, which apparently makes the local board members and some of the other movers & shakers involved look like real rubes (and rubesses).

With his failed policies and practices, there is no way Hud and his hand-picked band of mushwits will ever get Essent to grow, unless he finds another community with a board too lazy or stupid to do the due diligence needed to make a sale that is best for the hospital and community.

PRMC's predicament should not be laid solely at the feet of Hud or Big Dick- rather, the local board should also take responsibility, as well as perhaps some of the other local movers & shakers involved with the sale.

PRMC may be able to get rid of Essent and Hud, but real change will not happen unless it also takes place on the board.

Anonymous said...

Do any of the other Essent facilities have blogsites commenting on the practices at their facilities, or is Paris unique in that respect? ANd if so, what are the URLs?

Since Hud and his thugs monitor company computers, I'm sure he has their URLs already, so I see no harm in posting them here.