Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Who Knows....8/25

When is the decision about the blog's anonymity to be made? We haven't heard much of anything lately. Have you been given a deal to lay low, or what?

No, no deals have been offered, or made. I'm suprised as anyone how long this has dragged out. 'pears that a pending decision won't chase away supporters prior to the election, so why give the legal blogs the chance to throw stones? Conversely, why piss off the largest employer (is it still? Figures, please...) in town?

As to why I've been absent as of late, well, that's a good question that I really can't answer yet.

We're all kind of in limbo until the 'big move' to the North Side. Just looking to see who goes north and who leaves...and how it's all going to fit into Essent's master plan.

Heck, maybe they'll be creating a specialty heart hospital, and sell the South to ETMC as acute care. The original population base would have sustained two of that nature, maybe with that mix it still might--unless the area turns vegetarian...Nahhh.... Not with the most popular eatery called The Fish Fry....


Anonymous said...

Frank is the judge on your case this McDowell that's running for re-election? "Proven" as he says on his signs?

fac_p said...

That's the one. Check out the comments on the Harvard Law link (left side of page under Blog links).