Sunday, August 24, 2008

And Then There Was One....8/25

West Paris RHC is the latest: Brandi Chadwick gave notice and will be working with Dr Cannon.

So, based on Essent's keen understanding, process improvement, financial management, and support of its employees, there will be only one semi-functional Essent run rural health clinic by mid-September.

So, what will be the impact? Maybe not that much. More likelihood of patients going to hospitals other than PRMC. Puckett can refer to Bonham, Higgins to ETMC. The West Paris crowd will probably jam the ER with low acuity. Unless Cooper gets quickly established, Commerce will pick up their patients.

What will it take to keep the RHCs operational? Recruiting new NPs/PAs (with associated fees.) Keeping the rest of the staff intact (less change for patients to absorb.) And be ready for the associated loss of income from the former employees, now competitors, taking their patients with them.

But, it's unlikely that Nashville gets it. They haven't so far....


Delta Dawn said...

Cooper residents can now "look forward" to going to Dr. Suzanne Monday, who went to work for the Cooper Community Health Clinic on the West side of the square in Cooper..they will just have to try to forget that she failed several attempts to keep a successful practice in this area. Her latest practice before Cooper was in Commerce, and the majority of people there were relieved to see her go.

fac_p said...

Texas Medical Board has her listed with no diciplinary actions. Notably, was the hospital she has privleges with: Presby Greenville.