Thursday, August 14, 2008

Rural Health....9/18

Been by Honey Grove lately? The Puckett Family Clinic is the new game in town, and that has caused quite a stir with the hospital's other rural health clinics. It looks to be doing well, and is up to speed. Drop in some time.

Patricia Higgins was apparently planning something similar, but was informed on by her medical director, at the time, Dr. Green.

The next Friday, in their typical bulldozing fashion, the hospital DEMANDED that the NPs in the remaining clinics sign contracts complete with geographical non-compete clauses by 5PM or they would be summarily terminated. They could also not hold any outside employment to supplement their income.

So, Pat Higgins (Bogata) quit. Annie Patton (Cooper) gave her 30 days notice. Brandi Chadwick (West Paris) refused to sign, but the hospital backed down.

Now this is on top of what they pulled on Jane Tijerina a while back.

The hospital has done so well in providing healthcare to the community, wouldn't you agree? Can you say "Hello Emergency Room...."

...and goodbye to any sense of loyalty by their outlying patients....


Anonymous said...

Maybe all the business from the two hospitals will fit into just the north campus. Now.

Giles Corey said...

Yet it seems PRMC somehow made it into Reuters Top 100 Hospitals. How much did that cost I wonder?

Anonymous said...

Buying Press-Gainey?

Anonymous said...

Aside from slashing tires, swiping batteries, setting up roadblocks and passport checks, how does PRMC plan on getting and keeping its patient base?

Here's a novel idea- provide the service people look for, and that will keep them coming back.

Naahhhhhhhhhh.............easier to keep screwing over the locals.

Anonymous said...

What did they do to Jane??

NPs-in-the-Wind -- is the link. Speculation was that the fallout from the lawsuit by the hospital against Open Imaging and 'T' (and their countersuit) made her persona non gratis. Hasn't been the first, won't be the last....frank

Anonymous said...

Talked to Paul Puckett and he is doing great. Pat Higgins opened her own clinic, and Annie Patton starts full-time in the Greenville Fast Track. There is life after Essent!

fac_p said...

Sorry about the confusion, but Pat Higgins 'outter' was her former medical director, Dr.Green (not the ortho.) You never know who you can trust, do you?

Anonymous said...

they can run off dr left and right but they are keeping allen until his year is up wtf