Friday, August 22, 2008

Top 100....10/17

PRMC made the top 100 hospitals.... Wouldn't you just hate being in one below that? Realize, first off, that it was based on performance improvement, not position. The positional results were announced earlier in the year.

Now follow me, if you will, in a logical fashion: If you are at the bottom, and you move up 20 places in a field of 3000, you might be improving, but are you in the top? Not even close.

Realize too, that they only review data that is sent in from the hospital. And, theoretically, you could be most improved, but still file for bankruptcy....

"Lies, damn lies, and statistics" according to Mark Twain
Note: The graphic is from the math department at Vandy--Vanderbilt also made the list!


Anonymous said...

Realize too, that Merrimack Valley Hospital Emergency Room was awarded the 1 Nursing Team in New England, 2003
by ADVANCE for Nursing Magazine. What wasn't mentioned when the announcement came out was that a nurse wrote a essay and then MVH paid advance magazine ( a larg amount) to run the essay along with an ad which automatically qualified them for the award. It wasn't an award that they earn or could earn, especially with the poor quality of care that is provided

Anonymous said...

What top 100 list did they make? Since I don't normally read the Snooze, I didn't see the article.

And if it's the list I think it is, that means bupkus- I've been in several facilities that were on some top 100 list or another, and still were no better than dog farms.

If you count the PRMC employees making do with what they have under adverse conditions and crappy management (oh hello, Duckboy), I just might believe it.

Now watch- some Essent apologist, anonymous Essent exec, or even Matt the Troll will chime in with the word "jealous". Sorry sports fans, no sale- I can't be jealous of a company that places employees at the level of cannon fodder.

Anonymous said...

Actually, I've worked at three of the ones that have made the 'lists'. Two that were in the 'most improved', and one in the top 100 nationwide. The most improved had a lot to improve--as does this one.

Giles Corey said...

Why do I suspect that this Top 100 list is kinda like Who's Who in America? You have to pay to be put on that list of snobs and somehow I am sure money changed hands for this so-called acolade.

Anonymous said...

Maybe instead of that kind of supposition, you could give those of us who work here and that are committed to improving things some credit. It's a list that's been around...published in Modern Healthcare and not funded by those hospitals on the list. Give us some credit. Thank you.

fac_p said...

Again, it's not the top hospitals, it's the most improved...but where were the starting points? The loss on is still listed as -$508K

Anonymous said...

I'd be more willing to give credit to the employees than I would management. And by management, I mean Duckie all the way down to certain department directors. (oh hello, Sheryl- didn't see you lurking there).

The PRMC employees are used to working under adverse conditions, they were conditioned to it when Christus was in charge.

BTW- makes me glad I work in a facility that is well in the black and answers to the community in which it serves, not some far-away office.

Anonymous said...

the years in the paper was 2002-2006 when did essent buy the hospital??

Anonymous said...

PRMC became an Essent property effective Jaunary 1, 2004. I'm quite sure Essent will conveniently ignore the previous two years when Christus Health ran things. Personally, you can't tell the difference between the two in my book- both were about as bad. But at least Christus Health is an honest non-profit company, wheras Essent is - well, Essent-ially running in the red. And claiming to be a for-profit firm.

Am I the only one who sees the problem here?

Anonymous said...

I worked at the hospital for greater than 10 years. The care anyone received (even employees) WAS exceptional. Not so anymore. I know from firsthand experience the care being "offered" at the hospital is, at best, nonchalant, worst- horrible even negligent. Advice to all, when you go to the ER- take a family member to witness. If you stay in the hospital, someone should stay around the clock AND TAKE NOTES! Objective ones.
If this hospital received any kind of award you can bet it was paid for. The only award I believe they should get is "The Worse Declining Hospital in the Nation". They care not for patient care...if they did then they would care about their nurses. They don't. They believe (and it was announced in a TownHall meeting a few years back) that if the nurses are unhappy there then they should go elsewhere. They also announced that they could be replaced easily referring to PJCs nursing program. So....nurses left, in droves. Can you blame them?
NOTE: to be considered an experienced nurse one has to have AT LEAST one year experience on the general floors, 3 years in ICU or specialized fields. This does not come straight out of the nursing school and such burden should not be heaved upon freshly graduated nurses. This hospital NO LONGER has a passable nurse internship since it was plain St. Joseph.
The hospital used to show such promise and had the best of the best. Now, I'll go to Dallas to receive my care.
This is reversible but it'll take the top people to admit their wrongdoing (not going to happen since it was the "top" people who created this mess) and quit lying (also not going to happen). Nurses can smell BS 5 miles away, so they ain't foolin' anyone with the crap they dish out. Never have.
What about the newspaper?? They printed that crap as well. It appears they cannot be trusted as well. What happened to being objective or printing both sides of the story?
Challenge--- Paris News, interview the nurses anonymously, as many as you can-- they know what's going on. Print those results!!! I dare you!

Anonymous said...


I worked at the old McCuistion for over 10 years, and we also took care of our patients. I know how you feel.

But if you think for a nanosecond that the local fishwrap is going to print anything subjective that could remotely offend the largest employer in town, think again. It takes a backbone, guts, huevos- whatever you want to call it- to actually tell the truth, and the Snooze lacks all those qualities.

It'll take blogs like this one, as well as word-of-mouth in the various job communities (nursing, X-ray, resp. therapy, medical technologist) to let people know about the train wreck that is PRMC.