Saturday, July 19, 2008

Maxi--mum Support....7/29

I received an email quite off the theme, but worthy of publishing, just the same, from a Red Cross volunteer. It got to me a bit late, but since it indicates that it is the 'first', I have no doubt that there will be others.

Hello friends,

I make it a policy not to forward e-mails, but I ask you to please pass this on to all your Paris-area friends and family.

Tomorrow - Friday, July 18 - is the first donation collection event for our troops in training at Camp Maxey.

Please have a look at the list of needed supplies on this website: - click on "Camp Maxey" in the menu.

Drop items off between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m. at Ramseur Baptist Church gymnasium, 3400 Lamar Ave, Paris.

Anything you can give will be much appreciated and well deserved.

In case you haven't heard, several hundred troops are in the last stages of training at Camp Maxey before heading to Iraq. They will be there the rest of the summer and a community effort is underway (through our local Red Cross chapter) to make them feel welcome, encourage their spirits and show the true colors of Lamar County. More events are planned in the near future and will be publicized on East Texas Radio stations and in The Paris News. (And in the-paris-site....)

- Allan Hubbard
Communications Coordinator (volunteer)
Lamar County Chapter American Red Cross
Community + Camp Maxey - click on "Camp Maxey" in the menu

I don't care what your politics are, where your leanings take you, if you had a son or a daughter being deployed over there, how you would wish that they were treated while in a different town/state/country. Time to check the list, and see what you can give. Undoubtedly you can donate at any time....frank


Anonymous said...

You may hate the war, but don't hate the warrior.

Thanks for posting this.

Giles Corey said...

Hey, Frank, can you post a little list of what items they might need? I saw a donation bin at Brookshires across from PRMC South also.

fac_p said...

Here is the link, but I'm putting in the current list:
bottled water
Gatorade-type rehydration drinks
individual packets of powdered bottled water flavoring (Crystal Light, Propel, etc.)
imperishable snacks such as crackers, trail mix and beef jerky
baby wipes
gallon-sized tea bags
powdered Gatorade
individual packages of snacks (example: trail mix; sunflower seeds; pretzels; hard candies; gum; mints; jerky; protein bars (not chocolate-it melts))
Sugar and artificial sweeteners; coffee creamer
personal hygiene and toiletries (example: travel sizes of shampoo, conditioner, mouthwash; lotion; lip balm; dental floss; toothpaste; hand sanitizer; baby wipes; tampons; body mist); laundry detergent; dryer sheets
pens; pencils; writing pads; blank greeting cards; stamps; small mag lights; AA/AAA batteries)
a group who will donate and then install horseshoes, volleyball or a softball field. They will need to purchase these items (with the volleyball poles being moveable) and then set them up.
Tea/Coffee Makers
Drink dispensers (large size)

New or Gently Used in Good Working Condition:

workout equipment
outdoor games such as volleyball and horseshoes
DVD players and movies
music CDs and video games
big screen or large TVs and/or multimedia projectors, portable screen for viewing

We have received generous amounts of books and used games and ask you to focus on imperishable snack items and personal hygeine items.

fac_p said...

The comment link didn't come through, but the two in the original post will take you to the Red Cross site.

Hang tough, guys. We want you back from the sandbox....frank