Monday, November 12, 2007

History Repeating....12/10

Looks like Hud has another lawsuit to deal with. When HCA merged with HealthTrust, Hud lost his stock compensation plan (it didn't pay 'til the year end)...and so these are the elements that lawsuits are made of.

It appears that Hud has actually been out of the office for the last couple weeks--and the settlement between he and Essent is not amicable. Several million dollars worth of he said--you said, and wrangling about actual contractual obligations. Wonder if either will be able to use a Nashville law firm?

Anyway, Hud lost the first one, and its appeal. Wonder what happens to this one?? Stay tuned.

And, if anyone was wondering about Matt, I thought I would mention this:

One of the 'discussion groups' that he logs into also logs the IP address that he uses. I have a readout of his as well. And, a lot of his phraseology is the same. Tracking back his comments gave me his posted vocation (but all people lie, according to House). So, either he's Mattndallas, or a co-worker (that has picked up his manner of addressing issues) is. He just picked a poor mentor.


fac_p said...

Matt did reply (I'm actually beginning to like this part) that the person isn't the computer. Maybe so, but staying logged on to the site for just shy of two hours kind of puts the seal on that computer.
Number of Entries: 4
Entry Page Time: 12th November 2007 13:52:50
Visit Length:1 hour 53 mins 34 secs
MSIE 7.0
Windows XP
Dallas Texas United States MATT
No referring link

Have a nice day.... ;)

Anonymous said...

A rather unnatural fixation with this does he manage to get any work done, unless he's self-employed.

Can somebody give him the URL of a decent porn site so that he'll have something better to do with his time?

fac_p said...

Answers to a couple questions:
Hud's dropping the idea of a lawsuit. The investors hired a Nashville law firm.

Since he really doesn't want to be called Matt, we'll just call him...oh, say...Todd. Seems that he and MattnDallas share the same IP.

fac_p said...

Probably his wife is a church lady that would be shocked at the language he uses.

We'll find out....frank