Friday, November 30, 2007

Awfully Quiet in Nashville....12/4

I figure that they're actually beginning to realize what Hud saddled them with. One scenario:

He bought hospitals that no one else wanted, but looked good on paper, tried to run "the big con" ala the Sting, and with him gone, things will probably fall apart.

He could sell the idea that the hospitals weren't profitable while they were being renovated. That renovation would take years. And years to start. Meanwhile, he could acquire some actually good properties (Muskogee comes to mind, as well as Weatherford) and borrow against the idea that his corporation owned five hospitals that they were willing to put money into. Sort of how they got Paris.

He actually believed that he could package a working system that would make the 15-20% return that he forecasted from bankrupt hospitals.
Your choice.


Anonymous said...

DUnno about anybody else, but I'm picking scenario number 1. The Essent apologists may strongly disagree, but they're backing the wrong horse in this race. Hud may have thought (or thought he convince the gullible to believe) that he could get 10-15% ROI, bur the stats show otherwise- he fell way off.

So............does the Essent board continue the facade, try to turn things around & make it work, or write it off as a loss? Remember, an awful lot of coin got
invested in this company, and the investors would not be happy to see all that money just vanish.

Woot said...

Oh Just Sell PRMC for goodness sake!