Monday, November 05, 2007


You might ask yourself: What could one state of 140.....not to mention the 31 state senators do that would affect this case one way or the other?

They can't. They are going to have to legislate for the next incident that might show up on the horizon. I suppose Essent could refile, maybe better thought out, but that's another case, not this one.

The appeals court has a bit of a problem. And second guessing might not be my strong suit here: If they rule strictly on the basis of law, the case is finished, and Essent stews in its own juices. But there is a gap that needs to be plugged. Will the legislative body move with haste to plug it?

If they feel that it wouldn't, do they rule against the rule of law? There is a lot of interest in this case on a national level.

This is where one (or more) of the representatives steps up and proposes legislation to fill the gap. And it truly is an issue that should be bipartisan.

I should imagine that there is cross-channel communication between the branches, and this might be an issue that is approached in that fashion.

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Annonyomus said...

The main problem with Texas Politics is, it is a Good Old Boy run inistution. The people vote, but the laws are passed by the money machine. No money for fleecing palms, no power. Sorry to say this, but it has been this way since the begining of time in Texas. The vote is just for show. Return the power to the people in this case and see where it will go. We need hometown health care that is of top quility, not some out of town corporation who think they know what is best for us. Evidently they do not, or we would not be in this position. Go for it Frank and James, keep he screws turned tighter and tighter.