Monday, August 06, 2007


Got a new comment, and while this wasn't the post I was anticipating running, it is important to several parties. Was that obtuse enough? You be the judge (okay, enough puns....)

Does the phrase "sacrifice one to save the others" mean anything to anyone?? That question was posed to me regarding the termination of a veteran nurse of the psychiatric unit, North campus. She was fired following administrations blunders. To my understanding those who blundered were untouched. Just wondered if anyone could bring some clarity. Seems that JCAHO was interested in her termination. I was present on 04/26/07, and will gladly stand up for injustice (if she is a reader of the blog).
To my way of thinking, she could certainly use someone in her corner.

Email me and should she do the same, I'll play matchmaker. Sort of e-harmony, or E(ssent)-Disharmony. But, I think you'd better be straight up, with her. She's been poorly turned out by the hospital, from what I gather, and some rectification of that wrong should be done.

For those wondering, my response to the Suddenlink/Essent agreement went in Monday. Stay tuned.... Think it was a suprise on several levels.....frank


Anonymous said...

Surprise? Hope that means that free speech wins out.

fac_p said...

...and privacy, hopefully.

Anonymous said...

I have noticed that when a fellow health care worker has administrative,legal or bully problems, most collegues push them out of the group.

It's like those who were on the USS Indianapolis. When one of the men were bleeding by a shark attack, the group would not let him be with the security of the group, and pushed him out on his own.

It's a self protective act. A simple case of survival. If his blood were dripping, it would cause sharks to gather, and if you help him, you might get bit, just because he was beside you.

(I watched Shark Week last week and made that analogy.)

I hope, that I wouldn't throw someone out of a security of a group when they needed my help to save my own a$$. But in retrospect, I may have in the past been guilty of that.

I pray that I never do it again. I pray that the person who was terminated finds support. I also pray for the others I know who were shunned by a simple accusation, or the target of bullying.

Sometimes a call, or offering self, can be all that person needs to find the strength to get through.

Anonymous said...

So Charles, Connie, Carole, Dr. Paul, Dick, Pete, Annie, Norm, Amanda, and Deborah had nothing to say for themselves?? Charles was the compliance officer, but did nothing when (9) people chose not to resusitate a patient on the north campus. They did opt to terminate the Charge nurse who did resusitate the patient. Carma is a b***** baby! The same nurse notified each of them, as a group and individually, re: report of compliance issue/death. Their response: termination. The blog's attorney has a copy of the forwarded e-mails to and from PRMC administration. Stay tuned!

Anonymous said...

To the 0929 poster, I'm sorry I am so late in addressing your complete load of crap. But BECKY, could you've been resuscitating the patient when YOU were hiding out at the desk calling for help after having left an AIDE in charge of a code??? And why get on here and post all those peoples' names in the context that they perpetrated some kind of wrong against you or the patient?? You're just pi**ed because they didn't get there soon enough to save your a**. They did the best they could, but you know, when you find a patient unresponsive and blue it's kind of a good idea to start some sort of life saving maneuvers right then, don't you think, and not just WAIT for the cavalry! YOU got fired because YOU screwed up. Essent may not do a lot of things right, but they were all over this one. And after the stunts you have pulled after all this happened, such as your little letter writing campaign, you better hope you don't meet some of these people in a dark alley somewhere, or you may be the one in need of a code.