Friday, August 10, 2007

How Essent Really Feels....8/15

I've gotten some comments that I've held back...more for your comfort than mine, but with the advent of the lawsuit of bloggers 1-10, with me being #1, I thought I'd actually put them in.

Who sent them? Well, Hud has a pre-occupation with certain phrases, and they pretty well single him out. His bible is the WSJ (Wall Street Journal for those of you in Rio Linda), so that gives you a clue.

But, note how he really feels...I don't think this is an act. Several accquantices have mentioned his temper, and Dickie sure demonstrates that birds of a feather....

(Anonymous) 7/17/07

Paris Texas has to be a lovely community. I bet petty bickering and gossip permeates every aspect of community iife in the little god forsaken hamlet. Based on my periodic scanning of this site I conclude that you folks

1. are mad that no one else wanted to pay up for your hospital,

2. Don't like Essent for having done so.

3. Think Essent is only in it for the money and

4. Blah blah blah blah anything else you may want to bitch about depending on when the mood strikes.

I am most intrigued by the "in it for the money" criticism. If I am not mistaken every doctor on staff, every vendor that sells to the hospital, every business owner in town that buys health insurance is in it for the money. Honestly, why should Essent be any different.

The radiology group in that town is known to play things pretty close to the edge when it comes to business dealings and aren't quite set up as a charitable foundation. If you could do better than Essent at running the place then why don't some of you big dick posters stop bitching and moaning and step up to the plate, raise the dough and buy the place? After all, that is what Essent's CEO and other CEOs did to start their companies.

If current management are such idiots, you shouldn't have any trouble selling your turnaround plan to a capital partner. I guess the presentation to raise the money would go something like this: "we need $X million to buy the hospital. Once we own it we will hire 20% more staff, give every one an across the board 20% pay raise, cut prices by 10% and duplicate services at both campuses."

I bet you could raise a bucketful of money. Good luck to you.

(Anonymous) 7/17/07

it is not prmc doing this to TJ, his wife started ... it is not prmc doing this to TJ, his wife started this and his company finished it. holly just did not do things in the right way. to post things on this blog, then ask to not be reported is insane. she made the bed, lay in it

(Anonymous) 7/13/07
frankie boy," this is not an anti essent site it is an alternative to the current business model........ "what business model? you offer nothing. you are just a sick, sorry and disgruntled individual who does nothing, i repeat nothing for the health and well being of the you even know what a business model is?why don't you come out from your hole you call the blog? scared huh?you and the people that support you are just chicken shit....plain and simply. no balls no guts. post this you fool.dick

(Anonymous) 7/17/07
Audit? You freaking idiot don't you think investors in Essent and comparable companies require audit from the same Big Six firms that audit Fortune 500 companies? Of course they guess is you think someone besides Lee Harvey Oswald shot JFK.....You are the poster child for conspiracy theorists! I don't have any idea if Essent put up cameras, etc. but any reading of the WSJ---that would be the Wall Street Journal for those of you in Rio Linda as your hero Rush Limbaugh would say......would suggest that companies do that all the time..... Why? to try and protect their franchises from numb nuts like you.If Essent wasn't the highest bidder, why did they win? Sue Christus for violating their fiduciary responsibility? Why bitch and moan about Essent not being the highest bidder and then say it is all about money? If it were all about money wouldn't Christus have gone with the highest bidder? Dufus? If Essent had sold Crossroads earlier you would have slammed them for that,,,,,so it is damned if they did and damned if they didn't. Face it, Frankster you are a low life loser in Paris jacking off as you manage this web site. I am a non Essent employee but think you are worth fucking with now......let's meet somewhere at an appointed time and place in Paris (or Dallas) or any point in a man you litttle chickenshit coward. As I write this you are probably jacking off to some child porn web site.....Frankster.....your little butthole has to be tightening just a weeeeeee little bit as the lawsuit proceeds......Where are all of your little ball-sey posters? You are a classic Paris big dick......all hat and no cattle.

(Anonymous) 7/28/07

Frank, unless I missed it, you chose not to publish my message RE the fact that right, wrong or indifferent, you may win a jury trial, but the financial cost and emotional stress you would encounter in pursuing such a course of action would be extremely high. Extremely.

You may have a different opinion from what I am about to say, but you need to take a couple of deep breaths and at least think about it.

Despite what you feel about Hud Connery and the Essent management team, you fail to realize that Essent has two very large institutional investors in the company. These firms have put literally tens, if not hundreds, of millions into Essent. Paris is the flagship.

Now put yourself in their shoes for a moment. If you thought a blog such as the one you created was negatively impacting the value of the investment, would you not, with every resource imaginable available to you, try and find out who was behind this?

My "word on the street" is at least two law firms have been engaged, one in New York and one in Washington, to leave no stone unturned in trying to find out who is behind this. This really has very little to do with Hud and his team. This has to do with major institutional investors--pension funds, insurance companies, etc that have invested in Essent's capital sources. Word is they are not happy and are advised by some very high powered law firms that libel has occurred on mulitple occasions as has at least one HIPAA violation. They are not used to having to deal with a lawyer buddy from Paris who may advise you that you are "OK". They rely on much more authoritative sources than "HIPAA blogs".

I will only tell you again (as I did in the message you decided not to post) that the continuation of this thing can only make matters financially worse for you if it plays out like I think it well may.

There is much speculation that discussions may be taking place with the Suddenlink (I think that is there name) to reveal certain information. I say this without the tone of a threat, but I fear it is getting really dicey, really fast.

Honestly, whatever damage you have wanted to inflict, message you have wanted to deliver or point you wanted to make, has been made. You really have much more to lose by keeping inflicting damage on yourself.

You really don't need to publish this either. I really am not interested in the back and forth bitching and moaning and gossip mongering. I am interested in this case because of the very compelling issues it raises from a legal perspective----first amendment rights, libel, etc.

I don't know how to contact you personally, but if you just send some sort of notice in a fac_p said type blog post that would give some indication, I would be interested in following up with you.

(Anonymous) 7/19/07
RE: your comment about sitting on a posting filled with four letter words that challenged you to come out.....(Maybe with the lawsuit you will be "outted" in a second way :)

I find it interesting that you sit on postings you don't like or don't agree with. As for your problem with four letter words, I guess that is worse than posting comments that fuel racism/religious discrimination which you were pretty good at some time ago.

Come on little fellow, be a man and post everything. While you're at it, you and others that have challenged the board's integrity should try standing face to face with one unnamed ex football coach, be a man and accuse him of being "on the take"? Probably the best thing that would come out that for you is you may then become eligible for long term disability after you recovered from making such a false acusation.

Come on Frank....come out, come out wherever you are. It is only a matter of time. Is the sphincter tightening just a little? You might want to pull a Scooter Libby and have all of your little buddies establish your legal defense fund! How do you spell "chilling effect"?

As to a legal defense fund, I just might…but what I may do is just add the advertising that most blogs have…and have it go directly to the lawyer. When retaining him, I was told by other lawyers that he was the smartest lawyer in town. Since Essent is apparently using a couple additional law firms, guess I need that.


Julie Flatt said...

Hell Yes We Will Stand Behind You Frank! This Is Bigger Than Just Ten People, It's About Our Community's Health-our Children's Health. We Depend On Our Local Hospital, But We Have Lost Our Faith In It. It Must Improve Drastically- To Hell With The Bottom Line. If Care Is Good-profitabilaty Will Follow.

Anonymous said...

I Will Be The One To Herald The Freedom Trumpet...... If Frank Is Taken Down, We The People Will Put It Back Up Somewhere Else. So Essent, If You Are Reading, Don't Be Foolish Enough To Think It Will Both Begin And End With Frank.

Anonymous said...

I'd say it's more of a first ammendment issue, frank, and an expectation of privacy as well as good healthcare, don'cha know?

Annonyomus said...

Hey people; this site has done a great seervice to point out the problems at PRMC, more than any other way has done. Of course there was some moaning ang groaning done, but most of it was justified. Someone should find out how many people were let go since Essent too over. They had to find other jobs, most out of town, which means they moved or made travel arrangements. Where do you think they spend their money? NOT PARIS.
In my opinion, Frank has done a very professional job on this site. It gave us a place to share information, vent some steam, and know we were not alone. Now what are we going to do for Frank? I would be willing to contribute money or be here for support, Whatever is needed. What about the rest of you? Do you want to work in those conditions forever? What happened to the time when you had time to touch a hand, answer questions of family members, or be at the bedside of a dying patient? Those all all healing processes too. Until then we must relie on prayers and lots of love for staff and Patients.

Annonyomus said...

Hey people; This blog site has be a very valuable service to Paris and surrounding areas. It has done more to let the public know that there major problems at PRMC. Of course you got some moaners and groaners, but if you read between tthe lines you get the gist of just how unhappy every one is about the condition of management. If everyone knew the truth about this they would be astounded at hoe unfair they have been to the employees up to now.
The first time I met Hudson Connery, was in his office at a management meeting. He gave us a very impressive list of credentiels, then went on to tell us, "I'm going to teach you all how to more with less, to get us of the red in a year." I knew we were in for trouble. Frist we cut supplies or went to cheaper brands, of poor quality. Then the fireings started. I would really be courious to find out how many were let go. You can bet they had to take other jobs, which ment they either moved or had to travel great distances. Do you think these people spend their money in Paris
NO! Frank has presented this blog site in a very professional manner. So what he had to edit some of the bolgs. After hearing how some of the people I worked with talked when they thought no one was listening, I can see why. Trash mouth!
Now how can we help Frank? Does he need funds or just support. I would be willing to help in either way. How about You? He gave us a place to share facts, vent pent-up steam, and to know something was listening to us and felt as we did.
Thank you very much.

Anonymous said...

Such vitriol and filthy language, and they call you "sick". Just post the particulars and my financial contribution will be forthcoming. We have to rid our community of these odious characters.

Anonymous said...

Dickie, "methinks thou protesteth too much!"

Anonymous said...

It takes a lot of guts to do what you are doing. Thank you for standing up for the people in Paris that are absolutely sick and tired of the current state the hospitals are in. The majority of people I talk with are absolutely terrified at the thought of having a life threatening incident happen to them and having to settle for seeking care here. All the Essent people seem to care about is the bottom dollar. I'm not employed at either place, but I've heard of the low morale the current employees are going through.
Sorry you are going through all the legal hassles and I hope it all ends favorably for you. If you are shut down, someone else will start another blog about this. We are sick of it and will continue to talk about it until things are made right.

Anonymous said...

Feel free to tell the profane poster I'll be happy to meet with him- he may want to pack a big lunch, 'cause he's in for a very long day. I have no problem jumping in, since I too have a dog in this fight.

Now, to the tough-guy poster:

Howz about it, loser? Care to throw down with someone who isn't afraid of your lawyers, money, corporation, or you? I live two counties west of Paris, and would enjoy the privilege of straightening you out. Since you have further to drive than I do, I'll let you start out first.

BTW, I couldn't care less about Gene Stallings- he was a great coach, but for now he doesn't concern me. Dragging him into this fray does little for your cause. He and the other folks got their compensation when christus sold out to Essent, so he's out of the picture.

fac_p said...

I really don't want to tap into your wallets. I'd rather have a way that the blog about the healthcare issues here pay for the lawsuit that Essent launched. After all, they contributed most of the issues.

I just hate the ads...generally they have nothing to do with Paris, and they are obnoxious...something like the comments that show how Hud obviously feels for us--the bloggers and the citizens.

I'd take individual ones, but considering what Dickie did to Holly and her family, I wouldn't want a business to be subjected to that.

Heck, despite what they say, the Snooze is kind of in that position.

But, they just caved.

Anonymous said...

Rumor has it that Huddy is coming to town next week....Be vewwwy vewwy quiet...Huddy and Daffy be huntin' wabbits...wabbits named Frank!

Anonymous said...

Hey Hud you have my home number and you want to meet with me just give me a ring...I may be a girl, but you are in for the fight of your life punk~!

fac_p said...

So, is Hud visiting us because we've become the vacation spot of the SW, or is it the Blog? Or is it a rumour of an offer for purchase?

You never want to make an offer to only one buyer, so who's the competition?

Come on, Hud, you can tell me....frank

Anonymous said...

Hey 10:03,
Is it wid Wes???? huh...huh...huh

Anonymous said...

I Am Fairly Certain That The Negative Comments Submitted About The Blog Author Qualify As Libel. So, Does That Mean "frank" Could Use The Same Argument That Essent Used In Their Lawsuit (viscious Attack On Their Reputation...blah Blah) To File His Own Identical Lawsuit? Seems To Me The Allegations ( Ja@?ing Off...and The Child Porn..)Are Completely Unfounded. Not To Mention The Outright Threats. Turn The Tables On Them Frank.

fac_p said...

Ah, but they were commented anonymously--just like yours and the comments from John Doe 2-10.

Now if I said that Hud was into porn, then I could possibly be accused of that, couldn't I?

Anonymous said...

Hmmmm, seems the posts only show the depths of foulness, and depravity of thoughts. And THIS is supposed to be what's steering the so called helm here in Paris? It would be better to fail, than to be led to succes by a blackened soul such as this.

Anonymous said...

I'd say that anyone with a legal question in the next week should drop in to the Moore law firm, maybe jest t' set a spell. Might give any watchers a heart attack just keeping track of the comings and goings.

Anonymous said...

Draw your line in the sand, Frank. Show these Yankeettes that Texans don't take kindly to being told what they can and cannot do...."Come and Get It" was a great flag....may I suggest it for the blog?

Anonymous said...

I'm not a lawyer. I think you and some of the posters have some valid points about the health care in this area. But a while back when these folks were not chosen to buy out a hospital some where, I remember that there was some implied satisfaction that someone had read this blog and decided not to go with Essent. You took a little credit for that sale not going through. Hope that doesn't come back on you.

It could, but here is the long and short of it: Hud was offered a chance to address an open forum. He declined. The chief of med staff talked to several of the physicians in our area. On the basis of that, they selected someone else.

Did I push the idea that they might want to talk to someone not in the dog and pony show that they were given--sure. Did Hud have the opportunity to refute them? Yep.

In fact, I think they made contact during the tour.

As for Weatherford, I don't think enough of their board were aware of the site.

In NJ, Essent elected to withdraw from the selection process. I think that when the property started to be sold to satisfy debt, they figured the writing was on the wall.

I might have had an impact, but without validating with all the parties involved, it would be hard to demonstrate.

Besides, how could a freebie blog create that much credence????


Anonymous said...

This Is The Era Of Myspace And Blogs Galore. These Blogs Substitute Normal Watercooler Chit-chat. In This Age, A Business Cannot Hide Poor Performance At One Investment From Future Acquisitions (other Hospitals In This Case). Fortunately For Us Consumers, The Days Of Shady Business Men Who Cut And Run With All The Money Only To Start The Same Kind Of Business In A New State- Are Coming To An End. This Is Thanks To, In Large Part, This New Generation Of Computer Savvy Consumers. How Is A Blog That Lets Customers And Staff Evaluate The Perceived Service At A Hospital Any Different From A Food Critic Doing The Same To Restaraunts? Or Even A Film Critic? We Are Like A Better Business Bureau-only We Work For Free!