Friday, August 31, 2007

From The Mouth....

Well, if you look at what has to happen if this commenter is anyone but Hud: First, the person has to be monitoring the blog. Then he has to come up with the response. Then he has to clear it with Huddie himself...because if it makes Hud look bad... Suffice it to say, there are several former players from corporate that found out the results....

"If THE COACH and other board members were being paid off as you have suggested multiple times on this site, then why would he ruffle feathers and challenge Essent's decisions? Your suggestion that the board is on the take is but one of many libelous statements that will soon catch up with you.

I don't know anything about the anest. group but, if I am not mistaken, wasn't Essent paid damages by the radiology group? If so, who was right, and who was wrong?

Thirdly, I also don't know the specifics of the rehab issue you raise. However, you stated that Essent had to pay $250,000 for an audit. What you failed to follow up on is what was the result of the audit? Was Essnet fined materially for wrongful behavior or was everything determined to be OK? Even in our personal lives, any of us can be audited by the IRS....just because they audit our taxes doesn't mean we did anything illegal, does it? Same goes for CMS auditing a healthcare provider.

Have a great weekend Frank just know that progress is being made in outing our dear little blogger.....who knows maybe you will be the Sen. Larry Craig of you spend alot of time in public restrooms, Frank? :) I wonder if you are upset because Hud didn't play footsie with you in the restroom and you just haven't been able to shake the rejection. Bye for now (also you still don't posts all of my submissions.....hmmmm do you like the word "submission" bad boy, you.)"
Now take a look at this comment sent to hospital impact:

"Frank Pasquale's ideas may be good but his delivery cheapens them. He is too personal. I went to his blog about a hospital in Paris TX- but it is really about his feelings for the CEO. Must have been a romance gone bad which is better left to blogs of a different ilk than hospitals."
Note the similarities? Whatcha think? Hud=Leon? You be the judge.... Both have gay fixations. Too much porn, huddie? This is the guy you want to share a table with at the Gala???

The site that was listed for Leon had three titles posted, no explanation, no comments since March. You can get comments about a post that says that grass is green! Funny, he even copied the template.

But, let's tackle the comments (sorry, coach.)

I said the board had voted for Essent, when the top bidder indicated that they would disband the board. Does the board receive compensation? The more radical comments were comments from the readers.

The anesthesiology group: One is still here, one was fighting cancer and, well, let me put it in their own words:

"To clear up a point, the "four long term anesthesiologists" were not fired per se, two of them resigned and gave ninety days notice, one was fighting a battle with cancer, and the fourth is still hard at work in PRMC, God bless him. The reasons for the resignations included our refusal to continue working with a certain surgeon (who no longer is employed in Paris), and the hospitals insistence on our firing our long-term billing company and allowing them, Essent, to assume billing and collections for us. They also wanted us to to hire the nurse anesthetists.

All this would have meant that we would be working for Essent and not necessarily for our patients. This situation was intolerable for a number of reasons.

Although I miss many dear friends made over twenty years, I wouldn't come back on a dare as long as Essent is in charge.
M.C. Young, M.D."
As for the radiology group, they were kind of held by the short hairs: It wasn't their building. So they had to convert an existing structure because of the time factor...which just happened to be right on the loop. They're more visable than the North Campus! Don't throw me in the briar patch, Brer Fox.

With the fines that are already racked up, should we keep on that track? I think a commenter mentioned the largest fines of any hospital in the state that stayed open...

Regarding the lawsuit, the hearing was backed up a week. Possibly the letter to the judge characterizing the actions as "patently illegal, unconstitutional and an abuse of process" had something to do with it.

One more thing to toss into the mess:

"This could be purely rumor that the Essent board is looking for a buyer for the company. Hud and the CFO were not consulted. At least one company was interested but did not have the funding."
Stay tuned...

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