Thursday, August 23, 2007

From HCA?....8/30

...or Atlanticare, or Baylor, or ETMC, or the Lahey Clinic? All of these were perusing the blog in the general time period as this comment. I thought I'd covered this ground in earlier comments, but possibly it was too far back.

If there is going to be a significant downturn in revenue next year because of reduced reimbursements what would you do if you were running the company? Maybe you should send your resume to Essent's board. Layout out for them a business strategy that would work.

Let's see, so far we have (i) Criticized the company for making money, (ii) criticized the company for losing money, (iii) saying the reimbursement envirnoment is only going to get worse--which I totally agree with you, (iv) don't reduce expenses, (v) criticized for spending money for renovating patient floors, (vi) applauded Baylor-Plano for have flat screen TVs and all sorts of customer niceities and so on.

Also, I am not involved with Essent,contrary to what you think. I am a senior person at another healthcare company and know that we (and all companies) are one kook away from having someone inflict tremendous damage to one of our facilities like you have managed to do at Paris.

Finally, your other poster's reference to "OUR" blog is pretty pedestrian.
Last things first: You'd be surprised at how many people feel that way about the blog--and the hospital. The town still seems to refer to the facilities by their pre-Christus names, much less Essent.

As to the criticism inflicted on Essent, the bulk of it would never have come up, had the administration invested the employees in the process.

They made the mistake of doing it to, rather than doing it with the people that work here.

There have been several changes in style since MBO (Management By Objective) was developed. All of them seem to have one thing in common: The realization that the employees have to be on board with the changes, and that the process can actually accelerate if they are...when they feel part of it, rather than feel the brunt of it. The original "The Customer" program was far truer to that spirit. What we've seen in the one-man-show is ego.

Maybe Essent will never come out from under the shadow of what they initially did (we still call them the old Sears and Brookshires buildings, and they've been relocated for how long?), and maybe it will take another with a bit more people skills to turn Paris healthcare around. Time will tell.....frank


Anonymous said...

The problem is that most Bottom Line Thinkers (BLTs for short) view employees as the enemy not a member of the team. Goes like this:

1. Profit is good.
2. The enemy of Profit is Overhead.
3. You worst Overhead? Employees.
4. Ergo, Employees = The Enemy.
5. Destroy or at least beat the Enemy into submission.

BLTs, man, you're cutting your nose off to spite your face. Employees may be the bulk of your overhead but they can make and break a business. They can be your best asset if you treat them right! They can be your best advertisement! They're the ones out in the front lines dealing with YOUR customers. Employees are the ones who are going to make that customer happy or mad. And trust me, happy employees = happy customers!
BLTs: Wise Up! I don't care if you work for Essent, Baylor, McDonalds or Wal-Mart!

Anonymous said...

I grew up in the Paris area, I went to nursing school in Paris, and did my clinical time in that hell hole of a hospital. I moved across the country to where all the hospitals around me now are Magnet status hospitals. Every one of them! Most of them have a 90% or better RN occupancy rate, meaning less than 10% of their RN positions are open, and it's difficult to get on because no one quits, reason being they are taken care of and treated right! When I interviewed for the position I have now, I had to wait for the unit director who was running late. The staff nurses offered me a seat at the nurses station, all of them introduced themselves, was friendly and everyone was happy, and smiling. I never saw that at PRMC, they were always looking like they were beat down like red-headed step children.

This particular hospital keeps several float pools, to make sure ICU, and the regular Floors are staffed to keep patient/Nurse ratio's as low as possible.

As a result of the this investment in nurses, and other allied health care professionals they haven't had a "low census" call off in a while, they are always full of patients. and are making a profit. Unlike PRMC they read that where you decrease the RN workload to give them more time with their patients you have better outcomes, fewer adverse events, and higher profits.

BTW I wonder what PRMC will do when medicare no longer will pay for infections, and other preventable complications caused by the hospital, or staff. It takes a very short time for a pressure ulcer to appear, and go bad quickly. And same with UTI's from foley's, and post-op infections.

I wish I was there there to see how they handle it. See if Dux still thinks that he doesn't need to increase the nursing staff, and that the workloads are manageable?

Anonymous said...

Such off the cuff coments by a nurse just reflect on his or her own lack of knowledge do you think that you are the only smart person who knows how long it takes to develop pressure sores ,do you have any documnetation of how many UTI s have been noted after catheter placement at PRMC or how many post op infections develop at PRMC compared to other hospitals or ARE YOU JUST CONTINUING ONN with your negative RHETORIC ,amazing a place YOU describe as a hell hole hospital has trained this fine nurse who is now working at a MAGNET hospital you must have a lot of metal only thing is opposite poles attract each other the hospitals are probably positive poles and NOW LUCKY FOR THEM they got a negative pole trained at PRMC ,but NO she knows it all , STILL WISHING TO BE BACK maybe the magnet hospital is not liking the negative pole!SORRY CANT COME BACK TO PRMC The Dept you worked in is now full!

Anonymous said...

First it was manditory fun with Dux leading the song. Now it's manditory suggestions. When are we going to be provided with a piece of paper and told to write down all our friends and neighbors names? Then told to sign a letter stating that we highly recommend that they use the hospital for all their health needs? P-u-l-e-e-s-e!!!

Just keeps getting better and better---not!

Anonymous said...

Just realized that the nurse that wrote the 12:11AM comment was the one that would be charting in my medical record, should I have to be hospitalized. One shudders to think!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

The department who worked in is now full? These are the current jobs that prmc has listed on their website.

Registered Nurse - ER-
Registered Nurse - Gero-psych- Registered Nurse - ICU Unit - Registered Nurse - ICU Unit - Registered Nurse - ICU Unit - Registered Nurse - ICU Unit - Registered Nurse - ICU Unit - Registered Nurse - Med-Surg Unit Registered Nurse - Med-Surg Unit Registered Nurse - Med-Surg Unit Registered Nurse - Med-Surg Unit Registered Nurse - Out-Patient Registered Nurse - Surgery Heart Registered Nurse - Surgery- Registered Nurse - Surgery- Registered Nurse - Surgical Unit Registered Nurse - Surgical Unit
LVN- 5th -
LVN - 7th PRN
Nursing Nurse Aide - ICU -
Nursing Nurse Aide - 5th -
Nursing Nurse Aide - 5th -
Nursing Nurse Aide - 7th -
Nursing Nurse Aide - 7th -
Nursing Registered Nurse - Seasonal Pool - Critical Care PRN
Nursing Social Worker - Gero-psych-
Nursing Speech Therapist
Nursing Unit Secretary - ICU -

Where in the hell is this "full" department that you speak of. Like I said these listings come from the hospitals own website. Has this hospital ever been fully staffed since e$$ents arrival? I think not!!! If you don't work in administration you should you would fit right in because you don't know what you are talking about. WHAT AN IDIOT!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I doubt that the dept. is NOW full!!! Nursed needed here, nurses needed there, hell, nurses needed everywhere at PRM shiot!!!

Anonymous said...

12:11 AM

"amazing a place YOU describe as a hell hole hospital has trained this fine nurse"

When this hell did this HELL HOLE of prmc start training nurses? Last I checked that was done at the college down the street and their insructors come to clinicals with them to guide them through the clininal setting. Maybe if you got out from under your desk a little more often you would know that. prmc trains NO nurses. Typical essent a$$ kisser; trying to take credit for something you have no hand in.

Anonymous said...

"SORRY CANT COME BACK TO PRMC The Dept you worked in is now full!"

I think we have found the root of their understaffing problem. This genious thinks the hospital is staffed. What a joke. Even the students that you "claim" to train won't come to work for you. essent and prmc you are truely pathetic.

Anonymous said...

i keep reading these stiff rebuttals to any "negative" comment made about our fine Paris facility and i wonder...are the TYPOS for real??
Or is someone trying hard to appear "uneducated" and hence make the reader question it's origin??? Or maybe the author is just so dang mad that someone would dare speak ill of our healthcare here that he/she is just typing so fast and furiously that the keys get all messed up? hmmmmmm???

Anonymous said...

Frankie boy, you are disgressing back to your old ways of way too much censoring. My nice little post about comparison to Wal Mart and McDonald's was ignored.
Also, a pattern is emerging.....the parochial "OUR" hospital and referring to Brookshire or Sears or whatever does nothing but indicate you folks truly are stuck in a the way, WWII ended in case you haven't been keeping up with current events.

Anonymous said...

Why is Cheryl Perry allowed near computers? Her asinine post of "department is full" speaks volumes of this soulless, brainless harridan.

Anonymous said...

And apparently Hud and Duckie are posting again....whatsa matter fellas, not enough to do? Did you solve all the Sudoku puzzles?

Guess what? People in PAris look at the hospital as their facility- the only purpose you clowns need to serve is provide said service. And, you've failed that one miserably.

Your option may be working at WalMart or McDonald's, the way things keep up.

BTW- the popcountry garbage coming out of Nashville sucks, too.

Anonymous said...

I'll bet the 12:11 poster was Hud, Dud, or Dick!

Anonymous said...

Cheryl Perry should've been fired years ago. She has no qualifications for the job she she makes everyone else suffer!