Thursday, August 30, 2007

Board (or Bored) Woes....9/6

Who Knew? Another from the underground. Again I apologize, apparently these posts came during a maintenance period (when your side is active, but mine isn't) , and they just got lumped into the bottom of the "we'll get to it real soon, now"... pile

Word leaked from the meeting of the "make believe Board" is that Hud spent a long time praising Andrew; whereupon THE COACH asked him to cut the bullshit and come clean with the reason Hud was firing andy. Apparently there were three:

(1)he had two years to solve the Anesthesia problem

(2)Andy failed to solve the Radiology problem

(3)Rehab revenue is in the tank and Hud had to endure a medicare audit that cost him $250K.

It was also noted that Knizley was simply "burned out". Excuse me, has the board been on another planet during the last two years? It was Huds micro management that fired the four long term anesthesiologists that were here when E$$ent took over. I seem to also recall that rather than negotiating with the Clifford group, Hud took the same my way or the highway approach that has resulted in millions of revenue loss from out patients. (I have omitted the stupid fight with Dickey that has also cost millions.)

As to the Rehab situation; medicare rule changes have more to do with this than Knizleys failure. Hubilla needed a scapegoat to passify THE INVESTORS. Igor seems to be the man he brings in to dump the hospital. I just hope East Texas or Baylor would take it before there is nothing left.

Now you notice the snooze missed that, but so did I....until now!

And to all those following the court case: The hearing formerly scheduled for Friday has been moved back a week....frank


Anonymous said...

I hope the board has tall boots and a really big shovel.

Anonymous said...

C'mon Frank, do you really think for a moment the Snooze would report this? They're all about tea-and-cookie news, sunshine & puppies, all-is-well stuff. LOL!!

Just jerkin' yer chain, of course...thanks for your due diligence in reporting this on the blogsite. Muchas gracias!

Anonymous said...

I hope someone has alerted the ACLU of the the blatant Constitutional violations of this suit.

Anonymous said...


They have a tendency to change the characterizations at will. While the legal battle goes on, don't think that it is over. From what was mentioned, Wes wasn't the one that came up with the suit. They thought they could ram it down the throat of a rural court and no one would be the wiser. Obviously they have underestimated Paris in several ways....frank

Anonymous said...

If Knizely was fired for not solving the Anesthesia and Radiology problems, who gets the axe for not handling the blog?