Monday, July 16, 2007

When Fear Takes Over.....7/21

I don't know what happened to "Paris Needs A Super Hero" might have been the author just getting tired of moderation, keeping things moving, or whatever. Or, it might be fear....

I commented on his blog that the effect of this lawsuit, and a possible disclosure of IPs, could affect those that thought they were relatively anonymous. It shut down soon there after.

He might have been in the city employment, or a close associate, which means he was in effect silenced by what Essent is doing, and what the judge did. Interesting that this could be a precedent-setting case, and that the effects can be felt so soon.

While we all have something to lose, fear cannot run your life. Maybe Paris does need a Super Hero.... It certainly needs a loyal opposition, which is what I thought he provided....frank
You heard it here first (OKAY, maybe second or third): Paris Needs a Super Hero is back. Guess Batman couldn't hang up his cape, after all. (Wrong again, new moderator)
I'll take the hospital, you have everything else.....frank


Anonymous said...

Has someone been messing with your site, or is my computer on the fritz? I can get to the blog, but it keeps going to a google page that says google can't find the website "" I can hit my back arrow and get back to the blog, but in about 10 seconds, the same thing happens again. And for the record, I didn't put http twice in the url. Sabotage or some other problem?

Anonymous said...

You could try pulling up from the address bar (frequently accessed sites will be listed if you click on the arrowhead.) If you typed in, you need to add the // between the http: and the www. Actually, you don't need to type anything forward of www.

I'm_Batman said...

Fear? Nope. I deleted the blog because I was tired of keeping up with it. Tired of the negative comments day after day.

...and I'm not a city employee.

Anonymous said...

once you get the site, save it in Favorites and then you don't have to type at all!

fac_p said...

To a certain extent I know the feeling, however I just concentrate on one thing...and it has a personal interest to me.

And I have noticed changes...when you put things up for all to see, something has to give. Problem being that their implementation of policy seems to negate progress.

Anonymous said...

Paris Texas has to be a lovely community. I bet petty bickering and gossip permeates every aspect of community iife in the little god forsaken hamlet. Based on my periodic scanning of this site I conclude that you folks
1. are mad that no one else wanted to pay up for your hospital,
2. Don't like Essent for having done so.
3. Think Essent is only in it for the money and
4. Blah blah blah blah anything else you may want to bitch about depending on when the mood strikes.
I am most intrigued by the "in it for the money" criticism. If I am not mistaken every doctor on staff, every vendor that sells to the hospital, every business owner in town that buys health insurance is in it for the money. Honestly, why should Essent be any different. The radiology group in that town is known to play things pretty close to the edge when it comes to business dealings and aren't quite set up as a charitable foundation. If you could do better than Essent at running the place then why don't some of you big dick posters stop bitching and moaning and step up to the plate, raise the dough and buy the place? After all, that is what Essent's CEO and other CEOs did to start their companies. If current management are such idiots, you shouldn't have any trouble selling your turnaround plan to a capital partner. I guess the presentation to raise the money would go something like this: "we need $X million to buy the hospital. Once we own it we will hire 20% more staff, give every one an across the board 20% pay raise, cut prices by 10% and duplicate services at both campuses." I bet you could raise a bucketful of money. Good luck to you.

Thanks, Hud, just shows that anyone can get on.

But, you do bring up some points and I'd like to answer them:
1. You weren't the highest bidder
2. We have issues with a management style that condones secreting cameras and mics in smoke detectors, penalizes long-term employees, won't admit they have problems until they almost sink the organization, and threaten, harass, and ruin those that want to help.
3. In it for the money? Get a better phrase than "if Essent hits...."

I really have to hand it to you, though, holding onto Crossroads--keeping it pumped--until you got Paris and Greene... That not only kept Paris and Greene in the dark, but investors as well. Heck, it was a lot easier than now.... I guess it just takes a real control freak.

But in a privately held company, that's one of the advantages...until an audit....frank

Anonymous said...


I was building up some steam and trying to resist calling Hud a moron for his latest posting when I read your reply. Thanks, I'm off the hook now for libel in case I'm one of the selected "Dirty Dozen" that will have a process server knocking on my door any day now.

One thing I never understood was why Essent was selected to buy the hospital in the first place if they were not the high bidder. Hmmmmm? Oh, I forget. Silly me.

Quality company, quality people. Folks who know healthcare inside and out. A company that will save health care in Paris,Texas!

I have to go now, I need to visit the bathroom before I throw up on my inexpensive carpet.

fac_p said...

There was a follow-on comment from 9:39, but it seemed like the majority of his comments were four-letter, and derivatives.

I was challenged to come out and fight.... All in all, it wasn't worth wasting the time...probably some yutz pumped up with little blue pills.

And he liked my graphics! So, back in they go.

He did have one counter point: If Essent wasn't the highest bidder, why did they win? Sue Christus for violating their fiduciary responsibility?

Actually, a fiduciary reponsibility to whom? The board recommended Essent because it looked good on paper. Looked like they had plenty of money to invest...boy, have they been suprised. It appealled to the vanity of those involved when Essent said PRMC would be their showplace...figuring that management wouldn't let you want for anything--if you were their showplace...HA!

Anonymous said...

People...tell me about Andrew Knizley? He is sniffing around our community...

Anonymous said...

Hud's going to end up suing himself!

Anonymous said...

The blog Paris Needs A Superhero is back online again.

Anonymous said...

9:39 It isn't that Essent is "in for the money" it's that is all they care about. When you concentrate on the bottom line at the expense of patient care--ah therein lies the rub!
As for Essent getting the bid I suspect two reasons:
1) Essent offered to PAY the board salaries, heretofore unheard of and possibly illegal, and
2) I suspect Christus wanted the next company to suck so Christus would look good by comparison.
Strictly MHO and no proof whatsoever.
Essent has done everything they can to ruin PRMC. We were already on a wild roller coaster ride thanks to Christus but Essents out there removing parts of the track!

Anonymous said...

HCA was going to get rid of the board. Hud kept it, much like a kept woman.

In any enterprise, if your motivation becomes primarily money, it shows. If your motivation is to serve a need...and make money while doing it, people can live with it.

Essent's focus was the money. It showed. 'nuff said.

Anonymous said...

Run a responsible and respectable business and the money will follow...


Anonymous said...

6:26, there is plenty about Knizley in the blog, "Hud and his Bud" comes to mind, culminating with "Knizley in the Wind".

He pissed off the ortho group, the staff, and the Cath lab, to name a few. And, eventually even Hud.

Leadership by BDU (Battle-Dress Uniform) was a joke.

Anonymous said...

Re: "The blog Paris Needs A Superhero is back online again."

6:40 AM

PNASH is indeed back. Different moderator, though.

Anonymous said...

1:19 Too many tells, Hud.

numb nuts
Your Bible, the Wall Street Journal

And who but you would get as pissed? Some would say that you need to take a chill-pill--or a bottle of them!


Anonymous said...

can we post a link to the Paris Needs a Super Hero blog?

fac_p said...

It's been in the links on the left for about a year...frank

i'm_batman said...

The new super hero hasn't been paying attention, has he/she.

One of these days, when I have time, I'll tell you about my recent experience with the hospital (when fear takes over...kinda). It's not a HIPPA violation for me to talk about my health is it?

Can't be too hard on him, big boots to fill. And, if you're not used to the site....

No, you can release your own information. It's the non-consented release of identifiable information that is verbotten. Besides, you're anonymous, aren't you? ....frank

Anonymous said...

"Besides, you're anonymous, aren't you?"

Of course. He's/she's I'm Batman.

Anonymous said...

Yes, I saw it but had already posted. Sorry about that. Should've known you were hep to it, Frank!