Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Deliberate Negligent Understaffing?....7/31


...all too often the blame for errors targets individual Medical staff while facilities indulge in perpetrating a systemically dangerous treatment environment with “Deliberate Negligent Understaffing.” Fewer staff mean fewer overheads and capping malpractice payout will just make this policy more financially viable. Hospitals are very rarely held accountable for creating unsafe conditions with exhausted, overstretched Nursing staff and poor hygiene from minimal, poorly trained cleaning staff.

Anyone we know?????


Anonymous said...

You guys need to get a life and quit trashing people/buissness!

Anonymous said...

I'd say that the trash definitely needs to be taken out. "Hospitals are very rarely held accountable for creating unsafe conditions."

This is the first place that I've seen them held to a standard.

Anonymous said...

"You guys need to get a life and quit trashing people/buissness!"

Way to bring logic to the table there, Chief......by the way, it's spelled "business".

If it bothers you that we're remarking on the conditions at PRMC, and the fact that they aren't what a decent hospital should be, then you should go to the "sunshine & puppies" site- well, like the Snooze, for instance.........

Kim Sanders-Fisher said...

Thank you Paris Site for picking up on important information about Deliberate Negligent Understaffing; I would really welcome your comments on my Blog sites. Those of us who have had the challenging experience of attempting to deliver safe, effective, high quality patient care in the current torturous working environment of US Hospitals have a duty to inform the general public of this dangerous situation. Even in the very best US Hospitals top heavy Management has ruthlessly trimmed the Nursing staff down to a point where all of our Medical professionals are severely overstretched.

We are struggling just to do a decent job of providing safe care without having our patients suffer the consequences of all the unworkable compromises we are forced to tolerate.

Could you remain standing all night, working 12 consecutive hours without any relief or a chance to sit down, without food or even a sip of water, without a single opportunity to use the bathroom? Inflicting this deprivation on a working POW would violate the Geneva Convention, but it is OK for Medical staff because in most states “breaks are at the discretion of the employer!” Does that sounds like a third world sweat shop to you? Think again: it is the reality of US Healthcare.

In Surgery our patient is unconscious and possibly on bypass as well, but, despite the most unreasonable demands we are required to stay absolutely focused on our demanding task, desperately trying to concentrate on the safety of our patient while working under unnecessarily extreme conditions.

Would you want a member of your Surgical team, left stranded in the OR scrubbed into surgery to perform a critical role for the entire duration of your 12 hour operation? No, because it is not safe!

Ever wonder how a swab got left inside a patient? Could you stay on task for 12hours and not make a mistake? This does not constitute safe delivery of care!

You might not give it any thought until you are on the receiving end of substandard care or one of your loved ones suffers in a medical error caused by an exhausted, overstressed, overstretched Medical professional. This level of abandonment is alarmingly common in US Hospitals, but “Deliberate Negligent Understaffing” is purely financially motivated. By the time many people realize how critical this situation is more people will have died due to the cost cutting of greedy for profit Medical Corporations.

I felt compelled to expose the truth. First I made constructive comments to my supervisors: it cost me my job. Despite conscientious reporting in sworn statements to multiple regulatory agencies nothing has been done to prevent this inhumane treatment of Medical staff that continues to endanger vulnerable patients on a daily basis.

Yes, I am sure there are those who doubt the necessity of worrying the public with two Blog Sites committed to TRANSPARENCY for EQUAL ACCOUNTABILITY in MEDICINE, (Blogger and Wordpress), but I felt it was my duty to act. My C.U.T! (Campaign to CONTROL UNDERSTAFFING TODAY) is vital to your safety. Please visit my Blog sites to learn why.

Anonymous said...

Again, the problem when the Bottom-Line Thinkers affect patient care. Yes, it's important to be careful with spending. Saving money is important. But not if you sacrifice patient care!!!!