Wednesday, July 04, 2007

A Patient Response.....7/8

Wow, sounds like a Hud's bud talking there. I mean, that sounds just like what they are trying to allege in a suit- that the hospital has been defamed. This "Anonymous" physician chose not to put his name, from all appearances. Who knows where it really came from. Funny, though, there appears to be a NASHVILLE connection.

Its kinda hard to have the proverbial sh_t scared out of someone when there are no violations of the law that have taken place. If PRMC was smart, they would realize that they can not initiate a HIPAA action in State or FEDERAL court. The only ones who can are CMS (Centers for Medicare and Medicaid services) and HHS (Health and Human Services).

A physician in Nashville..... hmmm.....Isn't that where Essent is based?

First of all, isn't it illegal to retaliate against a person who has reported a crime, or who is a potential witness against a corporation in a state or federal criminal case? Not saying Essent has done such, but should they retaliate (and if a blogger or bloggers, or employee or employees, or a patient) has reported an alleged crime, I believe retaliation is an offense.

ETMC and several others were in discussion for this hospital, but the Christus board bought Hud's dog and pony show, and went with them.

Maybe this town is better without this so called doctor from Nashville (hud's back yard) assuming that it isn't Nashville, Arkansas. Hell, who knows, Hud and this doc may be members of the same Country Club. Wonder if he will pay Hud's legal defense bills????

After all, Enron's officials were criminally prosecuted. If a crime has been committed by Essent (who knows if it has or not).

I am going to put some numbers up here to report alleged Medicare fraud by Essent/PRMC or other illegal acts, below of when to "Contact the FBI" (Health Care Fraud, Corporate Fraud, etc).

FYI, the FBI office that handles Lamar (and other counties where Essent has assets) is FBI- Sherman.
Suite 506 1800 Teague Drive
Sherman, Texas 75090
Phone: 903-892-8764

Here is there address and contact information. Ask to speak to a Special Agent regarding possible crimes committed by Essent, which hypothetically could involve fraud. It is not illegal to report something to the feds, even if it is only a suspicion. If you have knowledge which may prove a crime is or has been committed.

Mr. Dux, go ahead and sue the blog, request the identities of the people who have said things here. That will only go to further the belief that this is being done as retaliation by Essent. The best thing you can "Dux" is let this thing play out however it does, and not interfere. If people think a crime has been committed, let the feds investigate. If an investigation is underway, all you are "Dux-ing" is making it look bad on the company.

I am a patient- not an employee, nor have I ever been employed by Essent PRMC. The community knows something is wrong, we know how we are treated.

I was diagnosed with severe problems that were not detected during testing with PRMC (misdiagnosed), now I am going to undergo multiple operations to correct the miss-diagnosis of PRMC's physicians and the hospital, and other local doctors. I was prescribed medications, which when combined can cause seizures. I have had seizures ever since visiting your hospital. I had no family history of seizures. When I was treated elsewhere, and after giving them my list of meds, (which were prescribed in the ER), the combination alone can cause seizures.

I think the best thing that can happen is that if fraud is alleged to have occurred, that the person or persons, or employee or employees know that they can be protected for reporting criminal offenses which may be occurring, or may have occurred, if in fact one has occurred.

When Should You Contact the FBI?

If you have an emergency situation that requires an immediate law enforcement response, you should always call 911 or otherwise contact your local Police Department or Sheriff's Department first.

The FBI is a federal investigative and intelligence agency that has jurisdiction in a wide range of federal crimes; all national security matters such as terrorism and espionage; cyber/computer crimes and intrusions; and intelligence activities that relate to those missions. Below are some examples of when you should contact the your local FBI office or the main office in Dallas:

You have information about organized crime activities

You have information about or have been the victim of financial crimes that involve fraud, especially Corporate fraud, Mortgage fraud, or other investment fraud schemes where significant dollar losses have occurred

You have information about fraud in the Health Care industry.

-From FBI Dallas website

Everyone needs to know that Medicare fraud is a serious offense, and if there have been up-coding, over-billing, etc, it only hurts those who are recipients of Medicare, and the honest providers out there (not saying Essent isn't honest), but there seems to be some allegations of fraud. Report them and see what happens. The FBI is not going to "out you for reporting a crime". They keep everything quiet, and will work to secure your identity. Hell, they may even pay you as an informant!

-Former PRMC patient considering a lawsuit!

It's kind of like talk-radio. I put on the "Nashville Doc from McKinney", and then folks can comment...and they do.

Essent pays a lot for their side of the discussion--websites like what they put together aren't cheap. But, they allow no discussion of the issues, and suggestions? ...we know where they go.... And if you actually end up like Holly.

Every process needs feedback for control...when it isn't incorporated into the planning, the un-planned makes its appearance....frank


Anonymous said...

Yesterday (July 4th) I visited a friend at Paris Regional Medical Center, she has numerous health problems and most of the time she goes to Baylor. This time however she ended up at PRMC. Upon entering this hospital you can clearly see the lack of concern for patients, it's obvious in the appearance of the hospital. It is a very depressing atmosphere and does not appear to be a very clean enviroment.

The last hospital visit I made was to Lewisville Medical Center for the birth of my Granddaughter in December. That hospital is a dream!! Very clean and updated. You just have a great feeling when you walk through the door at Lewisville Medical, unlike the feeling I had yesterday when visiting PRMC.

I found this blog back in May when I was doing an internet research on Paris. I have heard numerous (first hand) horror stories about patient care and mistakes made at PRMC. My husband is one of those stories. Paris is a small town and people talk. The story of my husband's care (lack of it) got around to a local doctor and he actually called our home to personally show his concern and regret for the lack of proper care my husband received during an emergency room visit...We do not personally know the doctor that called our home. The phone call confirms that there are hometown doctors that care, after all they live and work here.

With the wait and treatment my husband received, I could have driven him to Sherman or Dallas and we both agree he would have been better off. Next time with the same emergency I would drive to Sherman or Dallas!

Anonymous said...

What did E$$ent do to Holly?

Anonymous said...

Proof that not all the stories on the blog are "leaked" by employees. People will talk. Being in the hospital is a life event to many people and they talk about it and the talk goes round and round. I can't see where Essent thinks every story that ends up here is from employees. But they do and PRMC employees will pay dearly for it.

Anonymous said...

The tactics of Josef Stalin may have worked in the former Soviet Union of the 1930s, but they cannot, will not, and must not work in Lamar COunty. If they do, then Paris gets what it deserves.

What were his tactics? Mass arrests of so-called "wreckers", that is, folks who spoke out against the regime and its workings. Carloads of NKVD agents (later called KGB) roaming the streets at night, pulling innocent folks from their beds and filling the prisons.

Back then, Stalin used mass arrests, torture, imprisonment, and mass murder to get his way. In this day and age, Essent uses the legal system, SLAPP lawsuits, aggressive soulless (and stone-less) attorneys, and inept judges who know little about the laws being allegedly violated. Either way, the rule of law is being threatened by those who have the biggest stick or bank account.

With Essent's financial track record, perhaps they should channel their shrinking funds into renovating their properties and buying the equipment and hiring the people needed to make their hospitals the facilities they claim they want, instead of tossing cash at greedy lawyers.

I'm beginning to believe Shakespeare was right- "First thing we do, let's kill all the lawyers". I'm NOT advocating murder, mind you, but we may need to fight fire with fire.

Personally, I don't believe Wes Tidwell knows squat about HIPAA laws, unless he does some serious reading in the next few weeks. I'm quite sure the 62nd District judge knows about the same as Tidwell does, but a little knowledge is a dangerous thing, and it could be used by an unscrupulous lawyer to BS a jury or a judge- or even the local fishwrap.

My opininon, FWIW