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It was suggested that I frame these into a post. I feel that they speak for themselves.

Anonymous said...

I was taken into surgery from ICU with my blood pressure so low that I could have died already. Obviously, they had to send me back to ICU with the plug still in my groin (without doing the surgery) that never stays in very long but they kept it in me for over 24 hours. I have photos of the bruises it caused. Two dinner plates wouldn't cover them up.

They would give NO information to anyone here in Paris about my condition because my family is all in Houston. The one contact I had here to notify my family was not allowed any knowledge execpt that I was "stable" At one point she was not even allowed into ICU to see me even during visiting hours. We could see why later.

She has since become my 'sister' in the event I am unlucky enough to have to go back to that hospital. I am telling you that it was a nightmare. Sue me if you want to but stop trying to kill me.

Anonymous said...

I just sent an email to the "Electronic Frontier Foundation" to find out why they haven't involved themselves and their counsel in this bogus litigation.
Hopefully you will receive help from them.

It seems that Essent Healthcare bringing this to court is only focusing attention to your cause. Had they just left "well enough" alone I would never had heard of this situation but now the whole IT world knows about it.
Congratulations Essent you just stepped in your own "puddle".

Anonymous said...
Doctor Rowland,

I understand your concern, and perspective. When you practiced medicine at PRMC, it was St. Joseph's, the sisters were still here, and it was a more gentele climate. We could make suggestions, and they were considered. One had the feeling that there was a heart beating in administration.

That has changed.

I'm glad your procedure went well and that your experience was good. A lot of staff were made aware of who you are. That's not to say that someone else wouldn't experience the same level of consideration...or is it?

Hopefully they would.


Anonymous said...

I have read and responded to this site ever since it was started. I have never seen any indication of HIPPA violations. Occasionally a former patient or family member commented, but but I have not seen any employee violate this act.

I am very disappointed in the way Essent has handled the hospital and the whole situation with the blog site. It seems they wanted to bring attention to their wonderful company and the raw deal they are getting from the grumblers. Well It worked. I have heard more people talk about this site, and the care they received, since the article was published than before it came out. The truth hurts in more ways than one.

Their reputation was gone before this site ever came to be. I'm so sorry if "the powers that be" think it has damaged their status in the community, but they did that themselves. You can not run a hospital without staff or supplies, which were the first two things they cut into. It only got worse from there.

If we all need a defense fund, then where do I send my contribution? I am very thankful that there was a place for all of us to vent.

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Anonymous said...

I think Frank should run for office... I'd vote for him no matter ehat "his" real name is

Anonymous said...

"Quality is a great business plan. Period." ~~John Lasseter, CEO and founder of Pixar.

'Nuff said.

Anonymous said...

As a nurse I get lots of pt comments about how happy they are with the quality of nursing care that they receive at the hospital. Usually they have a surprised undertone, but none the less they are happy with their care. Unfortunately these happy people are not as publically vocal as the unhappy ones.

Anonymous said...

There is a reason. Being happy with the care is expected. There are a significant number of unhappy people, from staff to patients that do speak out despite the threats.

Why shouldn't the satisfied ones speak up? And specify why. And maybe that will get around as well.

Last I looked, this was a forum for everyone. And like Dux said, "You all know the blog...."

Anonymous said...


If you're getting positive comments from patients, congratulations- you and some other dedicated employees are doing the job you were trained to do, despite the handicaps given you by Essent. May your tribe increase.

That being said, you should know that patients want to be treated well when they're in the hospital. There seem to be enough disgruntled folks out there to give us the impression that PRMC is falling short, either due to the physicians, staff, facilities, equipment, or the company running the joint. Given that staff are trying to do their best, and the docs are performing as they should, we must look at facilities, equipment, and administration. And ultimately, administration must "wear the hat" of responsibility for patient experience, either by providing good equipment, clean, well-stocked facilities, and a staff motivated and encouraged to do their best, and given the tools to do so.

Again, Essent seems to fail here. Their idea of employee motivation is by reverting to Stalinist tactics. Didn't work well for Uncle Joe, doesn't work now. But Hod and his hawk-nosed hatchet man Dick don't realize that.

Anonymous said...

I received from adequate to great care the last few times I was in the hospital but I felt that it came from the caliber of employees not because of or perhaps in spite of administration. There are still many employees that still care about the patient and try to give the best service they can despite being treated like the enemy by Dux & Co.

Anonymous said...

My mother was taken to the ER on Wednesday and released the next day. Upon coming home she complained about the care she received at PRMC. She stated that one nurse came to her room - a very young girl (maybe just out of college?) - came to do her assessment in the morning. My mother told her she would be going home today. The girl then stated, "Well, you won't be needing a bath then" and walked out. My mother said she could not believe there were no toiletries in the room - at all. She was only given a moist towelette to wash her hands with before eating. She also complained that there was something in the air that was giving her a sore throat. Both my sister and my brother - who were taking turns staying with her - began complaining of this as well. My mother has stated that she will NOT go back to PRMC again.

Anonymous said...

who benefits from the behavior exhibited by prmc..just goes to further justify the opinions we already had.. we wondered if and in some cases knew you guys were dirty..but you keep sinking to new lows...

Anonymous said...

LOL! There ya go. Proof that the blog isn't ruining PRMC's rep--PRMC is. If the hospital gave expert care and service there wouldn't be much to post about now, would there, Huddy? If PRMC treated it's employees as, and I quote, "as the most valuable resource" then I suspect there really wouldn't be much at all posted on this blog site.
Now Dux is giving PRMC employees a 'customer service' class. (I read it in the elevator). Too little too late???

Anonymous said...

I'm glad they are bringing the Customer Classes back. I think it is a great idea. I think it really helped before.

It has to work from top to bottom though. It will only work if everyone is working for the same goal.

Too little/to late? Nope. It's never to late for improvements. That class will help. Other establishments in Paris could use the philosophy behind The Customer as well.

Anonymous said...

I guess everyone's too afraid to post about the customer service classes. They might be leaking sensitive hospital buisness!