Sunday, June 17, 2007

A History of Dux.....6/29

So, have DDux's and Hud's paths crossed before? Was his stint in TN about run its course?

In perusing Daffy Dux's work experience, and his home page, I noticed two conspicuously absent references (present on home page, not on work experience): Wentzville, MO, and Davenport, IA. Wentzville isn't that large, and only has the former Crossroads Medical Center. The two together have nothing listed in his show-and-tell of organizations he's belonged to (most will give you membership for showing up, or buying a function ticket, or allowing your hospital to be a nursing clinical site.)

New American Healthcare Corp.(June98-Nov99) filed for bankruptcy in 2000, guess they couldn't live without him. In early 2000, guess which hospital was bought by Essent? Yep, Crossroads, formerly Doctors Hospital under New American Healthcare. Preceding that was the sale of Davenport Medical Center, in July of '99. Guess they weren't two of the three he turned around? And the quote of the day:
Commenting on the announcement, Thomas W. Singleton, president and chief executive officer (of NAH), said, "I regret that one of my first official acts is to signal poor financial results. Unfortunately, the Company is experiencing certain operational challenges which have made this announcement necessary. I don't expect to convince anyone that this is not a serious event; however, I assure you that I would not undertake this challenge unless I was confident that we can fix the problems and restore credibility."
Another goodie is one DDux had in his work history:

"Averted pending loss of Medicare certification by CMS and successfully passed multiple Arizona State Department of Health Services inspections and investigations"
That is an unusual statement, but it indicates that they (Phoenix Baptist) had lost their Medicare certification under DDux and had to scramble to reclaim it, the likes of which here would sink the hospital.

That has almost the same ring as the indictments against Columbia/HCA/Healthtrust in 1996-2002, wouldn't you say?


Anonymous said...

As a traveling healthcare employee, I spent a summer on the Navajo reservation last year, working in a hospital that had numerous problems with regulatory agencies. The section heads in lab were barely competent enough to show up to work on time, much less pass CMS inspections. At one time before I got there, the entire lab was shut down, with specimens going to either Window Rock, AZ or Gallup, NM, both 60 miles away. During my tenure, the Micro department was shut down, and all coags were being sent out because they failed inspections outright. These folks were total foulups who wouldn't stand a chance outside of Indian Health Service.

This is not to say the lab at PRMC is that bad- I know those folks, worked with them, and know their dedication to their profession. THey;re only hampered by outdated, failing equipment, the quality of specimens drawn by outside departments (I can talk about ER until the cows come home), and reagent availability. With Essent's policies, I don't think things are going to get any better. If anything, under Duckboy it'll get worse.

Anonymous said...

I think Daffy needs to re-do his website. Employees are not PRMC's most valuable resource. Employees are PRMC's most usuable scapegoats.

Anonymous said...

Anyone with a resume like Duckboy's wouldn't get past the front door of any decent corporation, but then again Essent falls short there.

Anyone who uses such cornball phrases as "Seven Points" or "No BMW" would be better off uttering such phrases as "Would you like fries with that?"

But this is what PRMC and Essent has foisted upon the good people of Lamar County-the court fool in King Hud's court.