Friday, June 15, 2007

Here We Go Again.....6/17

An email excerpt:

This ought to really be good: Around $2,000,000 for a new Cath lab, $4,000,000 to re-do the x-ray department, a new 3T MRI at about $2,500,000, for a 64-slice CT --$1,000,000 on up, and then all the other movings and updatings and the associated costs....looks like they could put a good $30M into the North Campus...probably with the same results as Crossroads....

I wonder about their real understanding of the community, for without that, they might as well be pounding sand. The community has lost faith in the two hospitals. I say two hospitals, because like it or not, that's how people feel. Essent might own them, but if you ask the people, most will say St Joe and McCuistion. They probably go to Dallas for their major problems, and their local physicians, but ask them (after they've been treated in the ER) where they were St Joe.

And the physicians are still divided along those lines. It's starting to blur, but think about this: they deal with the reality every day. Their patients only see it during hospitalization. The physicans are supposed to be more flexible...where does that put public perception? St Joe and McCuistion....

So, if they want to plug that kind of money into a lost cause, fine. Hud has to do something, since he's lost the last three attempts, and acquisition money has dried up.

But, all things being equal, which would you rather pay: 20% of $23,299 ($4,660) for a Baylor stay, or 20% of $62,281($12,456) at PRMC? (I did find out that these figures are for a regular pacemaker, and matched that of a previous comment.)


Anonymous said...

30M........yep, ya know they're just so excited about dumping that kinda money into Paris THAT'S gonna happen-HAR!

Anonymous said...

Is the Paris News aware of this website? If so, why don't they report some of this information. The public needs to know!!!

Also, I wonder why the out-migration for medical care from Paris residents isn't reported in the local news. Dallas and Tyler are getting a lot of people from Paris and the surrounding area.

Anonymous said...

To the 9:46 poster. You must be new to this blog. No offense intended, but ask yourself this one question: Why isn't The Paris News reporting these stories?

Short answer: Advertising revenue.

If there were any real reporters today in the media, Essent would be on the front page of every paper in this country, and I'm sure a few Attorney General's in several states would have some serious qustions being asked about funding, business practices, Medicare-Medicade billing, etc.

When will some "reporter" step up to the plate and make this happen?

Sadly, probably not in my life.

Anonymous said...

The Snooze report ANYTHING but tea-and-cookie news? Not a chance.....and they don't so much as utter a peep about the negative stuff going on at PRMC either. My guess as to why they don't is that Hud either has the Snooze in their hip pocket, or nobody at the Snooze has a shred of journalistic integrity. It'a all sunshine & puppies in the Snooze.

I've called out the publisher time & again to answer for themselves, and written letters to them concerning this mess, but nary a peep has been uttered from the fishwrap on the Loop.

Perhaps if more people sent letters to these idiots, and pestered them daily to do some stories on the PRMC fiasco, or veven brought outside pressure (read: DMN, KXII, KTEN) to bear, they may act like they have a set and do their job.......for once.

Anonymous said...

I guess it takes someone dying in the ER to motivate the news..... MSN just had a clip, tho you wonder about our journalistic standards if that is the threshold............

And, Frank uses clips from emails all the time. Bet some of those frustrated journalists could get published outside the Snooze!!!!! It'd be better than that AP feature crap they pad with!

What the heck, I'd even do a byline...or not....frank

Anonymous said...

The article on the front page of today's paper makes the new CEO look like a moron. Of course - what do you expect Hud to hire? I wonder if he will stay as long as Knizley or Solerno did?