Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Well, The Dux Are Really Out Of Line.....5/18

You'll find the following comment elsewhere in the blog, but it really highlights a problem. Someone totally unaware of the dynamics of a hospital has just been put in charge of one.

Well, strike one for Dux! Seems the big man wandered into Radiology during the 3-11 shift and saw 2 employees sitting down. He immediately let their boss know, via email, that there were too many employees on 3-11 shift.

Dux, did you take the time to ask them what was going on? It could be the first time they sat down all night!

Did you know that Rad employees know that if the shift turns deadly dull someone is s'posed to "flex time" (i.e., clock out and go home).

Do you even realize that in hospitals it's always a case of feast or famine--and that it can change from one to the other in the wink of an eye? You can be bored out of your mind and then suddenly get blitzed with a dozen stat exams/critical patients. If you send folks home at the first sign of a slow night you can get bit in the backside when that suddenly changes and your other person has clocked out and left and there's no one to call in.

Before you make assinine comments like that you should take the time to get to know the employees, the dept and the shift! Seems Dux is good at counting beans but has no clue how a real hospital works!
If you go to a real efficiency expert, he'll tell you that there are some jobs you can't measure in the traditional manner. You have to either staff for the peak periods, or you have waiting times like Parkland does....but better build a bigger waiting area. (And maybe you can set up a shuttle to Salas's Clinic for the insured/monied patients, 'cause that's the only way you'll see any of their cash.)

You have the option of randomly sampling as well, which will give you a better picture, but that doesn't account for seasonal variations. (Summer is usually slow for inpatient census.) However, this isn't like picking oranges: You can't just hire for the season. Traumas, cold and flu season, pre- and post-holidays, as well as a whole slew of factors effect your staffing needs.

I think we just found why he's bounced around so much on his resume. He doesn't understand.

Meditech has all sorts of trending and historical tools for working out staffing needs. Too bad he's either unwilling or unable to use them. In either case he shouldn't be determining staffing levels that require their use.

It would appear that the Peter Priciple has once again reared its ugly head at PRMC.

These guys make it soooo easy to throw rocks. Stay tuned for the never-before-seen ending....


Anonymous said...

Oh, and talk of current business model.

Announcing no wait times in the ER over the radio.

Wanting ER staff to take a pager during slow times and return when it gets busy.

Sometimes they have to pay for knowledge a person has, instead of the work that they actually do, and it all evens out. Some nights they are busting it, and some aren't so bad.

These people don't seem to get it. But when money is more important than the people in the community and their saftey and when quality is not an issue---then you have the current business model.

Here lies the problem.

nickie said...

Essential Morons.. I mean execs..

Haven't you run the hospital in the ground enough?

Cut your losses and sell us already... You obviously do not have what it takes to "save Essential hospitals"... Common sense.

Maybe you should work on the front lines and fill some of the positions, that you flippantly scale back to save money..

You can lay off 50% of the staff at the hospital, but it won’t change your bottom line, if you do not have the community’s trust or the staff to take care of those that still seek care in that facility.

And it is obvious no one here would spit on you if you were on fire…

Anonymous said...

Could they have been waiting on the processor to develop the films?

God forbid anyone should sit your fat ass behind a desk all day.

Anonymous said...

Glad I shipped out when I did. Dux the Fux needs to ship out STAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I will haul my mother to Hopkins County Memorial or to Clarksville no matter what her condition is.

fac_p said...

There's no waiting for trauma room 2...

Only 12 broken bones per patient in the express lane...

There's a blue-light special on splints in room 9...

Anonymous said...

I really think that this novel approach to medicine should be commented on to the Snooze and to the city council. This is a threat to the community. K-mart closed here and K-mart medicine will close the hospital.

Get A Clue! We don't want you!

Anonymous said...

6:03 AM,

The Snooze (and the editors and publishers) take their marching orders from Essent. They're in bed so deep with Hud that there will be little if any negative news reported. The Snooze is al about tea-and-cookie, sunshine-and-puppies news. No negative stuff for them.......

Anonymous said...

Looks like Esssent has hired another turkey for CEO. And a hypocrite to boot.

Should fit in with Hud and Big Dick really well.

Does anybody hear gurgling coming from belowdecks?

Anonymous said...

Dear 6:03... The snooze isn't the only paper Hud has close to his heart (which must be somewhere around his backside.) The Lowell Sun hasn't told the whole story here in Massachusetts either. They have had people write them to give them the real scoop on this dump but won't acknowlege they even received the tips. I guess they don't believe in investigative reporting. Where is Geraldo when you need him!!! The only time they report anything even remotely bad connected to the hospital is when a Doctor gets slammed by the Board of Registration of Medicine. The hospital administration is barely mentioned when all along they have condoned such bad behaviors by not actively coming down on the people who are truely ruining the places reputation. When you consider that 5 doctors at Nashoba were reprimanded by the Board, Merrimack Valley is being sued by the Nurses Assoc. and ACLU, the Department of Public Health is investigating Nashoba for the fiasco in Radiology, Nashoba asks for a tax abatement (and by the way is approved for it) because they can't afford them though Essent is supposedly so solvent, Essent and the town of Ayer are being sued to halt construction of a new hospital by the citizens, and both have had multiple CEO's, one would think any reporter would begin to put 2 and 2 together and come up with Essent has serious issues...but noooooo. It's all roses here too. Just because it isn't reported fellas doesn't mean is isn't so. The community knows and is staying away from both Nashoba and Merrimack Valley. I'm surprised the CEO'S here haven't taken a page from the Paris book of PR and announced their wait times are non-existent as well. To me that just means the place is so bad no one wants to be treated there. There are no wait times here because the patients are all in a non-Essent ER.

Pissed in Paris said...

Let me clue you in on the Snooze:
Their big investigative piece was when there were violations of the open meetings act.

They have been known to solicit information and then present it to the organization that the whistle was being blown on--for an exclusive story, written by the organization!

They print AP feature filler because they can't dig for stories on their own.

And last, they wouldn't dare upset one of their largest advertisers by printing a controversial story.

Sounds like someone knows who is prostituting their profession....frank

Anonymous said...

The only time I remember ever hearing (about) the SNOOZE was when Big Pakistan President came to town and when Big Knizley was booted!!!!

...and both of those events were orchestrated by Essent....frank

Anonymous said...

There were people in an earlier post asking us to give this guy a chance to prove himself. Well, he just did.

What say ye now?

Anonymous said...

8:55--Get this, since the ER has been losing nurses right and left, they've had to close 4-5 rooms--so much for the no wait. Sometimes there will be people waiting to be seen at 7PM that have been there since 10AM!

Funny how that fact escapes them. One of these days, someone is going to come in, stroking, or with a cloudy hx that will die in the waiting area. Then the hospital will be in for a real lawsuit. One of the contentions will be that the message that was put out in their advertising was false, misleading, and directly caused the death of the patient.

If he had gone to an adequate facility, he would have survived. They so represented themselves as such. Then watch them scurry for cover.