Thursday, May 17, 2007

Taking a Page From The Snooze.....5/27

Sounds like there's still thorns on the Essent rose.

Dear 6:03... The snooze isn't the only paper Hud has close to his heart (which must be somewhere around his backside.)

The Lowell Sun hasn't told the whole story here in Massachusetts either. They have had people write them to give them the real scoop on this dump but won't acknowlege they even received the tips. I guess they don't believe in investigative reporting. Where is Geraldo when you need him!!!

The only time they report anything even remotely bad connected to the hospital is when a Doctor gets slammed by the Board of Registration of Medicine. The hospital administration is barely mentioned when all along they have condoned such bad behaviors by not actively coming down on the people who are truely ruining the place's reputation.

When you consider that 5 doctors at Nashoba were reprimanded by the Board, Merrimack Valley is being sued by the Nurses Assoc. and ACLU, the Department of Public Health is investigating Nashoba for the fiasco in Radiology, Nashoba asks for a tax abatement (and by the way is approved for it) because they can't afford them though Essent is supposedly so solvent, Essent and the town of Ayer are being sued to halt construction of a new hospital by the citizens, and both have had multiple CEO's, one would think any reporter would begin to put 2 and 2 together and come up with Essent has serious issues...but noooooo. It's all roses here too.

Just because it isn't reported fellas doesn't mean it isn't so. The community knows and is staying away from both Nashoba and Merrimack Valley. I'm surprised the CEO'S here haven't taken a page from the Paris book of PR and announced their wait times are non-existent as well. To me that just means the place is so bad no one wants to be treated there.

There are no wait times here because the patients are all in a non-Essent ER.

Emerson Hospital ought to thank Essent for their increased census, as Clarksville and others are thanking their stars here. They haven't seen this kind of influx of patients ever!


Anonymous said...

I know of several individuals (including myself) who have written letters to the editor that were critical of the local hospital, and the Snooze wouldn't even think of printing them. Big Dick was accusing us of having no balls, no guts- he musta been referring to Graxiola and company out on the loop (or is it out of the loop? ).

I don't think there's an ounce of journalistic integrity at the Snooze, or in its editorial staff. If this fishwrap really cared about its subscribers, they would be doing some nonbiased pieces of conditions at PRMC. The key word here, campers, is "nonbiased". I don't think Mike Graxiola has a nonbiased bone in his body, and I think little more of his editorial & reporting staff.

It's one thing to report tea & cookie news day after day and constantly P&M about City Hall and the local council, but when it comes to PRMC and what it has become, to them it's a shining city on the hill.

Where did these people get their J-school degrees- from a Wheaties box? The closest they come to cojones is if one of them orders a plate of calf fries.

That's right Mike, I'm calling you and your fishwrap out. Step out & explain yourself, if you have the stones.

Anonymous said...

BTW to our New England brethren who have to suffer thru the nightmare that is E$$ent- hang in there. As long as blogs like this exist that aren't under the corporate thumb and who have the huevos to tell the truth, we're gonna do well in this battle.
Hang tough, y'all (or youse guys to the Yankees ;) )

Anonymous said...

Just last week I was at a doctors appointment in an Emerson Hospital facility and there were 4 other families from Groton, Ma sitting in the waiting room. This wasn't a pediatric office. Isn't NVMC 5 minutes from Groton? I guess the 15 minute additional ride is worth it to many families. No comparison in these two healthcare facilities.

Anonymous said...

Kinda quiet on the northeast Loop neat Mirabeau Square........probably hard to hear down in that bunker.

Anonymous said...

Will someone call the office of the Snooze to see if they're still awake........or even sentient? Not being real Texans even, they're failing to rise to a challenge that was issued- prove themselves to be a newspaper of note, or just another social register in the sticks.

Thier silence speaks volumes.....

Anonymous said...

I'm curious.......where does the staff of the Snooze go for healthcare- local or out-of-town? DO they sit & wait ad infinitum to see a doctor in the local ER, or do they go out of town for quicker service?

They're still quiet out there on the Loop.....must be closed for the summer.