Wednesday, May 16, 2007

A Message from the Essent Senior VP of Operations.....5/31

frankie boy,

" this is not an anti essent site it is an alternative to the current business model........ "

what business model? you offer nothing. you are just a sick, sorry and disgruntled individual who does nothing, i repeat nothing for the health and well being of the community.

do you even know what a business model is?

why don't you come out from your hole you call the blog? scared huh?
you and the people that support you are just chicken shit....plain and simply. no balls no guts.

post this you fool.


Possibly a larger preoccupation with the blog than I should, but actually I feel that I am very concerned with the health and well-being of the community, a community that could use some defending...from Essent.

And, yes I am familiar with business models.

As for the 'hole you call the blog', it has apparently touched a nerve.... An office door rattling, incoherent rant, is what it has been described as.

But, let's explore why I want to be anonymous--an example: What you did to Holly's family was reprehensible. When power is controlled by small, mean-spirited egomaniacs, then sometimes discretion is the better part of valor. (One could say you were over-qualified there.)

Additionally, I have access to more sources of information, in both personas.

So, to verify the comment, I emailed a copy to Dick. No response. Expected, and here is my take: He mailed it with the hope that I would publish it, blindly, and he would have deniability, just attempting to make him look bad. When I emailed it back, it now has a trail. Simplest solution would have been to deny having sent it...and I wouldn't have published. By not acknowledging, he was attempting to distance himself. Sorry, Dick, your work precedes you....


roadwarrior said...

Frank, I think you got under dickie's thin skin. Notice how he reacts from the safety and security of NashVegas. Also notice how he never mentions the accomplishments of Essent.....mainly because there aren't any worth reporting.

Hey Dickie-boy,

If you're looking for someone with both balls and guts, don't bother looking in the mirror- you have niether quality. You prostituted your integrity long ago hooking up with Hud and his failing company. You and your buddy Huddy have no more concept of how to properly manage a hospital than the legendary Man in the Moon.

Now if you want a personal meeting, please let me know. I'd be happy to swing by NashVegas & have a chat with you and your little pal.

Anonymous said...

What's the matter can dish it out but you can't take it?
How many hospitals do you have to send into bankruptcy before you realize..your number is up?

How many companies do you and your Bud have to run into the ground before you realize, YOU ARE DOING THINGS WRONG?

Going after individuals that call your bluff isn't going to save your ass, it just shows your level of desperation and just how low you sunk...

Anonymous said...

Dearest Hud and Richard,

Welcome to AMERICA.. Remember as AMERICANS, we have inalienable rights.. THE RIGHT TO FREE SPEECH. And no unethical, corrupt hospital management company however, important you think you are, can take that right away..

You two are President and Vice President of a shipwreck and will do whatever you can, to prevent it from getting out. However illegal or unethical your actions are, it seems to escape you, you are not beyond criticism.

You just can't stand that some people from little 'ole Paris called you out, on your mismanagement and dishonesty.

Frank is Paris’ Superhero, for staying on top of your inept business model… anonymous or not when was the last time you stood up for something honorable.. and your wallet doesn’t count, idiots…


Anonymous said...

Hmph! If your house is on fire are you going to gripe about the anonymous person who calls it to your attention (and thereby saving your arse?)
If A$$ent had any brains at all they'd send Frank a bouquet of roses for pointing out their mistakes!!!
And, Dick, learn how to use the shift key! Ya'd think that Dick, shifty person as he is, would KNOW how to use the shift key!

Anonymous said...

This no-balls/no guts, did say something when I was working there. This no-balls/no guts, did tell Andy, and of the staff from my department what was working, and what was not and why.

I stood up for the people of the department, and the community. I did it proffessionally. I saw first hand how the community responded to many of the changes implemented by the Essent crew and their consultants, and reported the outcome of it.

No one wanted to hear it. They only wanted positive feedback.

Well, you might not like the blog--but at least now you see some feedback. If you want to know how to fix it, look at what is wrong.

The employees at your facility where some of your best customers.

Piss of the customers, and loose business


A GRADUATE OF THE CUSTOMER CLASS with various other degrees

P.S. If you think we don't want the hospital to do good--your wrong. Most of us still have family and patients here that we care about. Quality is the issue.

Anonymous said...

The upper management of the hospital, this Hud and Dicky, really don't have a clue. I have lived in Paris all my life, have no connection to the hospital or the medical industry in Paris, and have had friends and relatives in all of the incarnations of the hospital system here, including the old Lamar County Hospital. Since Essent took over, it is beyond the worst I ever thought a hospital could be. Everyone I know that has had experience in the hospital has told me the same thing. There are some good people in some areas of the hospital and we all appreciate the ones that try. They are working with their hands and feet tied behind their backs. What a tragic situation. Sorry management from the gitgo. No kidding.

Anonymous said...

Pretty sorry way to project a corporate image. Just goes with a sorry corporation!

Anonymous said...

Big Dick acted like the little kid who taunted someone, then ran & hid in the house. Talk about no backbone, no clue, and probably no other anatomical clues of manhood either exept for his name.

Dickie, any punk can type an email and taunt someone, it takes someone with the cojones to go & attack personally. Guess what- you come up short. If you won't get your hands dirty, go put your skirt back on.

Anonymous said...

Dick just hides behind his desk...When he opens his mouth it is only to insert his foot...

you are nothing but a balding bully in a suit

Anonymous said...

Well, Well. What do you get when you cross a Dick and a Hudson? A DICK-HUD.

ESSENTially, they are nothing more then two people who couldnt make it in the health care community.

Dickhudux (dick-hud-doo) wanna know when the lawsuit is going to be filed against YOU?

Anonymous said...

Did I miss something?

What about Holly's family? Who did what to whom?

Guess I have been asleep at the stick and missed something.

Anonymous said...

Pretty quiet in NashVegas....wonder if Hud pimp-slapped Dick to shut him up so he can't respond anymore.......or maybe a new fascniation with fingerpainting is occupying his time so he can't come out & rant incoherently.

Were it not for Essent, Dick's next utterance in a business situation would be

"Would you like fries with that?"

Anonymous said...

Well, Dickie, it's been a while since I offered to stop by Nashville and have a discussion about your issues with this blog, but so far all I've heard is roaring silence. Are you afraid to be called out by someone with more huevos than you? Or has your short-sighted handler Hud got you locked up in a closet?

It's like this, Dick- you are a poor excuse for a human being who has no more idea of running a hospital than my 2-year-old granddaughter. From the seclusion of your office, you and your handler pass down decisions that have negatively affected the lives and well-being of every person who chose to use an Essent facility. Your business model is not a model at all- it is borrowed, word for word, from the practices of one Josef Stalin, who didn't suffer different opinions either.

Your handler has already failed with one for-profit venture, and is on the verge of failing with another. Even the moneymen who are backing this venture must be hesitant to lend your handler any more money for another try. Successful businesses GROW, Dick, they don't stay static. Look at how your company has done so far:

Sold one facility after it lost money hand over fist for four of the five years Essent owned it

Spurned by three communities that saw through the smoke & mirrors your handler put up in lieu of facts and truth (remember truth, Dick? That's a quality you, your handler, and your company somehow lack).

In the red with the majority of your facilities

Barely over the break-even point on your so-called flagship facility

Pleas, Dick, tell us how successful the Essent business model is. I personally know of non-profit facilities that ARE in the black, and making more than even PRMC- in fact, I work for one right now in Georgia. I won't name it so you and your handler won't get wild ideas of punishing the Peach State with your failing policies.

Well, Dick? Truth sucks, doesn't it? I'm still open to a face-to-face meeting, and no, I'm not Frank, but I am an ex-Essent employee, and I owe you and Hud one. Be sure to pack lunch- you are in for a long day.